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  • Anonymous
  • PIh
  • 12 hours ago

Xiaomi 13 pro is way better then this . Specially in camera

    My OnePlus 11 does not run apps @ a refresh rate of 120 but at less than 5.

    My 3 yrs. old Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 Pro runs all at 60.

    Care to explain how to fix it.
    Hoping to hear back from you experts.

      Why doesn't this thing come with at least a 3x telephoto lens?!

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        • Rom
        • iwp
        • 02 Jun 2023

        What about the greenline issue. Does this model has the same issue as OP8 8 , 8pro, 9 and 9 pro

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          • Leonardo
          • 0p}
          • 02 Jun 2023

          The camera design is weird! 😂

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            • Anonymous
            • 8vS
            • 01 Jun 2023

            The fate of the smartphones from Oppo and Oneplus in Europe and especially in Germany, however, does not remain open.

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              • Anonymous
              • 8vS
              • 30 May 2023

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                • Praveen Sekar
                • iih
                • 27 May 2023

                I personally don't have any issues with the front facing camera. Agreeing it has the 16 MP camera that OnePlus is using for a long time, it doesn't disappoint us in any way. Battery might be not enough if you're a game player. Else for general media consumption, browsing, and regular usage it is great. Also we have fast charging. So why do you worry?! OnePlus did its best as much as possible. So please stop complaining and starting your phone with gratitude for the price it's offered.

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                  • Jom
                  • S1X
                  • 27 May 2023

                  Mcckonnel , 20 Apr 2023Worst phone ever. Bad camera and battery drainage. Go for G... moreWorst phone ever? Do you own OP11?

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                    • hari ram
                    • uub
                    • 26 May 2023

                    SkyFX, 22 May 2023Does this one support video-out over USB? How is the camera... moreCamera output is way competitive with phones around 60k.. portrait video mode surpasses iPhone's quality and AI

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                      • Anonymous
                      • skJ
                      • 25 May 2023

                      Something all oneplus users should know. Oneplus decreased both performance and battery life with annoying update to android 13. Phone is literally slower than SD 888 chip and battery life is 30-40% worse than before. Oneplus 10 and likely their other phones have this issue.

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                        • Anonymous
                        • XR2
                        • 24 May 2023

                        Any idea about regional lock?

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                          • SkyFX
                          • mcB
                          • 22 May 2023

                          Does this one support video-out over USB? How is the camera? Just a gimmick or it's good?

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                            • Anonymous
                            • Yap
                            • 21 May 2023

                            Juls, 19 May 2023Im super disappointed at this version. I had 7Pro for many ... morei agree. the front camera is very bad.

                              Does anybody know how can one add the options like 'power off', ' reboot', 'volume up' and 'volume down' under assistive ball menu in additional setting? Also, it will be really helpful to know the tricks to activate 'attentive display' feature like that of Moto flagships.

                              Apart from the above, the phone is really butter smooth and super fast in both wifi and 5G mode. Glad to have such a beauty at a very reasonable price here in India.

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                                • Anonymous
                                • Q{T
                                • 20 May 2023

                                Mcckonnel , 20 Apr 2023Worst phone ever. Bad camera and battery drainage. Go for G... moreWhat should u expect from them ? Their camera will stay always average. It's nothing new. If u want cameras then go for Samsung and iPhone etc.

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                                  • Juls
                                  • KLT
                                  • 19 May 2023

                                  Im super disappointed at this version. I had 7Pro for many years and the camera was excellent. I just got the oneplus11 and the frontal camera is terrible bad, I cant believe how awful it is, all pictures have pixels. I wish I could return it and get another brand. Its a surprise for me since the 7pro had an amazing camera.

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                                    • Anonymous
                                    • IWQ
                                    • 18 May 2023

                                    It's a fast phone. 5g signal could've better. I'm not feeling the Fingerprint reader never reads properly. Camera is good not for moving subjects it can't get a proper shot like hands movement some blur movement ruin the shot must retake. The oneplus buds pro 2 is loud and spatial audio works nicely with the phone but not with 3rd party mp3 music player. It will not play or just pause or skip the mp3 music. Price value is much more affordable than Samsung S23 ultra or apple iphone 14 Pro. Screen is great QHD. Though it's not the latest WQHD. Battery is good for 1Hz to 120Hz refresh rate. Battery last longer. Not feeling the curve screen prefer flat... can't get the screen protector to stick properly like some old Samsung phones.

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                                      • Anonymous
                                      • s8a
                                      • 15 May 2023

                                      All I can say it's buttery smooth. I'm loving it. Nice phone

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                                        • Abhishek J
                                        • upi
                                        • 14 May 2023

                                        Using OnePlus 11 for last 2 months - phone is too smooth, performance is just superb. Fast, snappy and lag free. Great for professionals on the go and even for content creators. And I am receiving monthly security patch updates too. Very happy!