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  • 17 Jan 2023

Gundyr, 17 Jan 2023What is the difficulty to add simple function such as radio... moreIt is a modern phone; no one in developed countries listen to the radio or use SD cards anymore.

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    • Gundyr
    • XDv
    • 17 Jan 2023

    What is the difficulty to add simple function such as radio or sd support on this flagship??

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      • Bavan
      • gDf
      • 16 Jan 2023

      No Wi-Fi 7 be.
      No LTE-A cat 24.
      No carrier accrication.
      No IP 67/68 and MTC.
      What kind of flagship or upgrade it is anyone please explain me.

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        • 16 Jan 2023

        FlagshipsSuck, 15 Jan 2023Some warnings (OnePlus 10 Pro owner): The OnePlus 10 Pro... moreI agree with 2, 5, 6 and 12
        For 2, I encounter it with VPN apps, which I also encounter in other Android devices, It never happens on iOS, I don't know the reason.
        Camera is far from a flagship
        And for 6, just use the cover in the box, almost all phones are like this these days.
        For 12 although I agree with you the numbers are not right. 500 vs 700(or 750). That 1800 is auto and oneplus is at a little higher than 800. Disappointing but enough for me(and almost every user)
        About updating, you should local update your phone, I'm currently on oos13 with December security. Battery on this one has been really good, didn't have the night battery draining problem.
        And snapback to reality, almost no flagship has 3.5mm jack, microSD.
        But just compare their current price with other flagships, s22 plus or iphone 13 is 250 to 300 bucks more experience, so for someone who's not that into camera for phone like me I would be completely good with what they offer.(especially in my country that Samsung s series use their own SOCs)

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          • doomblaz
          • 0x$
          • 15 Jan 2023

          what about Bluetooth aptX? not supporting? strange...

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            • oslikoff
            • mbx
            • 15 Jan 2023

            Ha-ha-ha! and now it's for $799!!!!!!!!!!
            Welcome to the 'Nothing world"!!!!!!!

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              • mv8
              • 15 Jan 2023

              Price in west will be higher then 10 pro ?

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                • 15 Jan 2023

                Anonymous, 13 Jan 2023NOTHING outstanding about camerai kinda like the idea of a 48mm with a decent sensor

                  Some warnings (OnePlus 10 Pro owner):

                  The OnePlus 10 Pro I got for free from my work. It is easily the worst phone I have ever used.

                  1. Battery drains 20% per night if I do not plug it in. Otherwise it never lasts a full day ever.
                  2. Aggressive app killing means even if I ALLOW apps to run in background and disable optimization it STILL kills the apps and prevents notifications.
                  3. Half my touches are not registered on the phone due to horribly low touch polling rate.
                  4. Over-throttling in basically every single game due to utterly terrible cooling.
                  5. The worst camera performance I have ever seen on a flagship. Night photography is literally impossible, in even daytime you will get blur unless you and the subject are perfectly still. Telephoto has no AF and is NEVER in focus above 3.2x zoom. Colors are oversaturated even with their "Hasselbad Color" nonsense. Video performance is the worst I've seen also, everything looks like mud.
                  6. Phone feels slippery and awkward to hold, you absolutely need a textured case to hold it.
                  7. I have got like 2 system updates (global) in 6 months only... for my Xiaomi I have got about 6.
                  8. If you need the phone repaired, you will pay Apple tier prices because these guys think they are Apple.
                  9. Speakers are horrible and no 3.5mm jack.
                  10. No MicroSD
                  11. no eSIM
                  12. Screen brightness is absolutely TERRIBLE, 500nits ONLY on average and most other phones go up to 1800 nits now. The screen is always dull/dim.

                  Honestly I would avoid this brand like the plague. For the price they are asking, you can get a Xiaomi with so much better performance and none of this OxygenOS UI garbage. You could even get another brand like Scamdung (which is terrible but still better). This brand is literally a meme and I fell for it. I will never take from them again.

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                    • AnonD-834088
                    • iLV
                    • 15 Jan 2023

                    safin asa, 15 Jan 2023HEY you make many phones manufacturer sad. Then did you hav... moreRadio,jack,SD card,which part is confusing you fella 😱👈

                      AnonD-834088, 08 Jan 2023No Card Slot, No Jack,No RADIO,meh,good luck with that one ,😱😡HEY you make many phones manufacturer sad. Then did you have any phone recommendations?

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                        • AnonD-834088
                        • iLV
                        • 14 Jan 2023

                        Anonymous, 14 Jan 2023Another spam from marketing fanboy. Is pointless huge inter... more👍 egnor him, he's not the full ticket,he doesn't work for a living,and doesn't know everyones needs are different,you get them all the time in here 😱👍

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                          • pIu
                          • 14 Jan 2023

                          E4 display ... :/

                          Look at this

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                            • OnePlus no more
                            • JF3
                            • 14 Jan 2023

                            Hit me up when you get rid of unusable color os masked as oxygen os!!!

                              Anonymous, 14 Jan 2023Another spam from marketing fanboy. Is pointless huge inter... moreI said 'almost'. Read properly lol

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                                • y{j
                                • 14 Jan 2023

                                Jemlim, 14 Jan 2023then move on, its 2022 not 2018. almost no one ever needs a... moreAnother spam from marketing fanboy. Is pointless huge internal is using QLC, you say no one using jackphone and microsd? Hahaha an ignorant marketing fanboy.

                                  Oneplus 11 usb2.0, next 0neplus usb 1.0?🤔

                                    fafa, 13 Jan 2023USB 2.0 Never Settle, btwThis is probably to keep the price down.

                                      AnonD-834088, 13 Jan 2023Trolling,TC a look in the mirror fella,your trolling all re... morethen move on, its 2022 not 2018. almost no one ever needs a headphone jack or microSD (if the phone has a 256gb variant)

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                                        • fafa
                                        • kC%
                                        • 13 Jan 2023

                                        USB 2.0
                                        Never Settle, btw