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  • JF3
  • 08 Jan 2023

Even of it were for free I won't be getting it. They destroyed the OnePlus brand with unusable, buggy as hell oxygen like color os software!!!

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    • Rm88
    • IbI
    • 08 Jan 2023

    Why can't manufacturers unlock the wireless network bands on their phones. If I understand the technology correctly, the capability is built into the chipset (Snapdragon 8 v2). Therefore the most advanced chip should have access to everything that exists in the world, right now, and in the near future.
    One example from my region (USA), LTE band 71/5G band 71; LTE band 66 is missing from many phones, too.
    I know that 600mhz is a niche frequency for a phone but the SIM Card should be able to sort through what connection the service is capable of receiving. And if you travel the world, being able to connect to everything anywhere is always nice.

    I assume that it comes down to the government radio frequency regulations; typically most of the world has a pretty good understanding on what frequency is used for what types of RF communications. I believe there's 3 zones. So a phone should be able to activate the zone it is in based on GPS or cell tower data.

    I can always dream lol.

      No digital sim/ esim support 👎

        Villain222, 06 Jan 2023The camera is what keeps one plus from being a big player. ... moreit's a long time ago that's why both of these companies stopped innovating and every year you get 5% performance that nobody asks for instead of improving other features like the battery.
        I don't want to repeat conspiracy theories, but for many years the only company that threatened these giants was Huawei, no wonder someone lobbied for the US to impose sanctions on it sad.

          ckhapabon, 07 Jan 2023this phone or wait for galaxy s23?You can wait only Galaxy s23 will cost ~1000 EUR it's your decision whether you're willing to pay that much for the extra features Galaxy offers

            Furkan, 07 Jan 2023S23 is way betterAnd it costs 1/3 the price more.
            It's all about the price, if it will be for 550 EUR, it's a good price, if over 600 in real , it's better to pay extra for another phone.
            But that's just our opinion, some people don't want to pay extra and then they'll make a different decision

              Kwe Toba , 07 Jan 2023This phone is not Ip dust and water resistant So it makes no sense to buy it, simple.
              Anyway, for me the decisive factor is the lack of wireless charging and the dark 800 nit screen is a poor result.
              The camera will still be bad so there is no point in changing to this model if someone has a previous OnePlus

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                • AnonD-834088
                • iLV
                • 08 Jan 2023

                No Card Slot, No Jack,No RADIO,meh,good luck with that one ,😱😡

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                  • Hello
                  • 8XR
                  • 08 Jan 2023

                  When producers understand that selfie camera 1080p 30fps is unacceptable is 2023!! Shame on you !

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                    • Vinto
                    • tA$
                    • 08 Jan 2023

                    If it really for 550 euros I think it's a good deal...

                      letsgoppl, 04 Jan 2023I always laugh when i see expected price, in this case 550 ... moreSome countries have +20% tax added to the price so in europe it starts 699e and 512gb model is 899e.

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                        • Kwe Toba
                        • Hxp
                        • 07 Jan 2023

                        This phone is not Ip dust and water resistant

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                          • Furkan
                          • pT4
                          • 07 Jan 2023

                          ckhapabon, 07 Jan 2023this phone or wait for galaxy s23?S23 is way better

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                            • pXn
                            • 07 Jan 2023

                            ckhapabon, 07 Jan 2023this phone or wait for galaxy s23?Good question, OnePlus phones are smoother I think but Galaxies have more features. If you prefer a more vanilla experience get the OnePlus, if you want a lot of features like Dex, a Stylus, Galaxy Apps get the Samsung.

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                              • fgbrth
                              • JyJ
                              • 07 Jan 2023

                              I hope Lineage OS will be soon on this phone

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                                • ckhapabon
                                • JKM
                                • 07 Jan 2023

                                this phone or wait for galaxy s23?

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                                  • Pleasant
                                  • m7H
                                  • 07 Jan 2023

                                  "Flagship killer"

                                  At the same time also has USB Type-C 2.0, OTG lol

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                                    • 0Uq
                                    • 07 Jan 2023

                                    AnonD-731363, 07 Jan 2023If the price will be right maybe i will buy. Pure android e... moreIf you think OxygenOS 13 will provide a close to stock Android experience, you will be utterly disappointed.

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                                      • AnonD-731363
                                      • SH3
                                      • 07 Jan 2023

                                      If the price will be right maybe i will buy. Pure android experience at its best i mean oxygen OS is close to stock android and i can grab new device from my carrier within next 2 months.

                                        Are there going to be many similarities between this OnePlus 11 and the next Oppo Find X6 Pro?