OnePlus 11 Limited Jupiter Rock Edition announced

Yordan, 29 March 2023

The OnePlus 11 arrived in early December, followed by a global release in February. The phone was launched in two colors, Black and Green, and today it gets a third option that is by far the best-looking of the three.

OnePlus 11 arrives in Limited Jupiter Rock Edition

The unique edition is called Jupiter Rock and is designed after the surface of the biggest planet in our Solar System. Each unit has a different pattern, developed with a material that OnePlus calls “3D microcrystalline rock” with a fine sparkle under as the light hits it.

OnePlus 11 arrives in Limited Jupiter Rock Edition

Research and development of the panel took over 1 year, and the material goes through 9 complex processes before it becomes a back panel on a OnePlus 11 smartphone. The company said production is so complicated, efficiency is just 25%, compared with the green glass panel, where yield is 50%.

OnePlus 11 arrives in Limited Jupiter Rock Edition

OnePlus called the feeling of the new panel “as cool and skin-friendly as the jade (stone) that has been under the spring water for thousands of years”. Jupiter might be a gas planet, but the design and material are based on a microlite rock; thus OnePlus concocted the name “Jupiter Rock”.

OnePlus 11 Jupiter Rock retail box OnePlus 11 Jupiter Rock retail box

The OnePlus 11 Jupiter Rock is the very same well-rounded phone with little to complain about on the inside. This variant comes with 16GB RAM and 512GB storage and has the same price as its Green or Black variants - CNY 4,899 ($710/€655). Pre-orders are live in China, with the first sale scheduled for April 3.

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Reader comments

Oh, the inner part is definitely solid, because gravity and pressure.

Jupiter's core composition is still being debated by the scientic community, since there is a possibility of a solid inner core. But if OnePlus really wants to make it Jupiter-colored, I agree with the Jupiter Gas Edition. Lol

  • Uncle Bob
  • 31 Mar 2023
  • KZK

I know OnePlus hasn't been the same flagship killer brand for several years by now, but seeing how they're doing this gimmicky nonsense is really disheartening.

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