OnePlus 11 to receive 4 major Android updates, 5 years of security patches

Ro, 11 March 2023

OnePlus' president for the Chinese market Li Jie confirmed that the OnePlus 11, Ace 2 and Ace 2V smartphones would receive 4 major Android updates and 5 years of security patches. That means the OnePlus 11 will be eligible for the future Android 17.

OnePlus 11 to receive 4 major Android updates, 5 years of security patches

That puts OnePlus alongside Samsung and Google with the longest support for its flagship models. But keep in mind that the information comes from OnePlus' president of the Chinese arm. So we still need to hear something official from the global OnePlus representatives.

As per Li Jie, this would cost the company CNY 100 million or nearly $15 million to maintain its phones for more than four years post-launch, which sounds like quite the commitment. We will see if this includes the global variants of OnePlus' handsets.

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Reader comments

  • kj Tahmeed
  • 28 Apr 2023
  • 7Pv

even I too have the same experience with galaxy s20 plus sot just 2hr

  • Dan
  • 18 Mar 2023
  • Qy}

I think their consumers are not calling them out enough. We must call their attention every interval that they promised to deliver the updates, both in their social media accounts and their official forums.

  • ViVo
  • 18 Mar 2023
  • g88

How can the S20 go from 10% to 20% in 1 hour with your usage? That's physically impossible unless the battery has severely degraded in the time you've owned it, that means you did NOT look after it at all. Software updates would make sure i...

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