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Vasra, 05 Dec 2023There are already 1.5TB microsd cards. My phone with 256GB ... moreNobody cares about that... 256GB or 512 is more than enough for a phone, it's a phone, not a data center!

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    • Anonymous
    • 6wN
    • 05 Dec 2023

    Will be good that was smaller 5.9-6.4size also 2models. And not so thick max 8.7mm. may have 5000mah. Many people bought iphone 11q-15for small size

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      • asani099
      • Nue
      • 05 Dec 2023

      aspect ratio is missing

        anon123, 05 Dec 2023people complaining about sd card again and again are fools ... moreThere are already 1.5TB microsd cards. My phone with 256GB internal and 1TB sdcard is already full.

        And that's a 5 year old phone.

        SO this is going backwards in storage space, not forwards.

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          • EmoGro
          • 8sU
          • 05 Dec 2023

          NO flat screen, NO 1" camera sensor, NO IP68... ,NO tanks!

            Anonymous, 05 Dec 2023Why haven't 3.5mm jack and 32bit audiobecause that technology will not return!! ha ha

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              • Furkan
              • pT4
              • 05 Dec 2023

              Anonymous, 05 Dec 2023Xiaomi 14 pro or thisXiaomi easy

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                • RandomPerson
                • 8n4
                • 05 Dec 2023

                Good specs, but the camera design is meh 🤮

                  Naser, 05 Dec 2023Is the screen curved or flat ?Now All phones returning back to Flat....Curved no more ....bye bye

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                    • trinity
                    • TmK
                    • 05 Dec 2023

                    Smartphone of the year !!!
                    Welcome back Oneplus a new beginning

                      David 040882, 05 Dec 2023Cameras are improved, slightly bigger battery, much brighte... moreThe OP11 boasted the most powerful chipset of its time as well, and as expected the OP12 seems like a minor upgrade in the series, primarily in terms of improvements to the camera and screen. It would have been preferable if they had maintained a near-stock experience as before, in my opinion.

                        Anonymous, 05 Dec 2023even Xiaomi decided to abandon the 1" sensor this year... moreYeah, but it surely will be on the 14 Ultra

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                          • Naser
                          • F4a
                          • 05 Dec 2023

                          Is the screen curved or flat ?

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                            • Anonymous
                            • 6kM
                            • 05 Dec 2023

                            Why haven't 3.5mm jack and 32bit audio

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                              • masif7380
                              • XZJ
                              • 05 Dec 2023

                              I’m a big fan of iPhone but after the launch of OnePlus 12 I’m going to be buying OnePlus 12 once it available.

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                                • Anonymous
                                • NMv
                                • 05 Dec 2023

                                David 040882, 05 Dec 2023After all, OnePlus isn't as focused on camera performa... moreeven Xiaomi decided to abandon the 1" sensor this year for the 14 Pro...

                                  HebrangOmarov, 05 Dec 2023Why can't it have 1" sensor. Ugh.After all, OnePlus isn't as focused on camera performance as, say, Oppo or vivo or Xiaomi to include a 1" sensor. At least not yet. Still, judging from the hardware, this should perform quite well in the camera department

                                    Mall, 05 Dec 2023It could be Realme 5 GT pro??What? Bruv what are you talking about, how is this the GT5 Pro? The OnePlus 12 is the OnePlus 12 and the realme GT5 Pro is, you guessed it, the realme GT5 Pro. They have nothing to do with each other, in case that's what you were referring to, I suppose...? That the GT5 Pro would be the global version of the OnePlus 12?

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                                      • Anonymous
                                      • T1w
                                      • 05 Dec 2023

                                      I just realized that despite the bigger screen, it's the same size as the phone in currently using (Samsung A71). Perfect!

                                      looks like OnePlus is truly back to making flagship killers.

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                                        • Prem Shrestha
                                        • BCK
                                        • 05 Dec 2023

                                        Love the OnePlus, I disappointed by the design of camera setup. I am so impressed by the previous Oneplus 9/9Pro design.