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Last well-designed OnePlus phone (despite being an iPhone clone), all the successors are giraffes with more mediocre build quality and inflated price tags. Sad to see that almost every brand is going towards that direction.

  • Wahid50

My fone always freez & restarting
What i do???

Heads Up - I've used this phone on the AT&T network since I got in 2017. Just beautiful. Flawless updates and performance. Some time late evening on 8/23 this week, some minion at AT&T changed something about AT&T's network system information about this particular phone model and after four years the system is suspending it from the network. I had it reactivated with a new SIM at one of their corporate stores in Dallas yesterday, 8/27, and it worked for about 90 minutes and then I got a text from AT&T saying it wouldn't work and I would need to upgrade my phone. AT&T's arguing that this is a 3G, not a 4G, phone and they want it eliminated because they're shutting down their 3G network in 2/2022. So rude! No notice, and they just suspended my access until I get a more updated phone.

  • EMF

The OnePlus 5 is the best phone I've ever had. Unlike other phones it hasn't got any slower from the day I bought it. The only issue is that the battery life isn't great now and I have to charge it at least once during the day. It's a pity that the battery isn't easier to change and that OnePlus are no longer giving at least security updates but maybe the EU right to repair legislation might change this for tech in the future.

  • Jacob

Been using since 2017, still runs really well and won't be upgrading for a few more years at least!

  • Atif

Ayesha , 07 Jul 2021It is out of stock I want one Try ebay. Im using one and had it for a good few years and it still runs smoothly. Great little phone.

  • Ayesha

It is out of stock I want one

  • Manish Rathore

Nine, 05 Jun 2021Does this phone support 5G wifi?Yes

  • Bestin

Novice , 19 Jun 2021Is it worth buying a used op 5 now considering 2021 app upd... moreBuy it and slap Lineage OS on it. You'll be perfectly fine...

  • Ryu

What should i go for now, pocco f1 or OnePlus?

  • Novice

Is it worth buying a used op 5 now considering 2021 app updates under 8k INR?

  • Anonymous

The answer is Yes, the phone supports wifi 5, wifi 5GHz, aka Wi-Fi 802.11 ac

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 05 Jun 2021No, it is released in 2017, I don't think there are an... moreSo, turns out "5G Wifi" is actually a thing - nothing to do with 5G, but with 5Ghz Wifi.
First thought of a miss use of wifi as a synonym for internet (btw don't do that) - but the question was actually about wifi support ...

  • Anonymous

Nine, 05 Jun 2021Does this phone support 5G wifi?No, it is released in 2017, I don't think there are any phone with 5G that time

  • Nine

Does this phone support 5G wifi?

  • Anonymous

still beast

  • Geez

FlarosOverfield, 09 Jan 2021Doesn't update to android 10, love fake pages.It can go on Oxygen 10 but u have to download Oxygen updater

  • Anton

Before I had oneplus 5 and now I have xiaomi mi 9t pro and I can say that oneplus was better than xiaomi. Xiaomi randomly freezes for 3-5 min and then restarts, in cold weather xiaomi' s battery dies everytime you go out. And the miui compare to oxygen os is a step back. Xiaomi is cheaper but I better pay more and get a reliable product. My next phone obviously will be oneplus again.

  • Deep

Anonymous, 13 Feb 2021Using since June 2017..still great..only problem is after 1... moreInstall last open beta andriod 9

  • DeeP

APS, 07 Mar 2021Shift to linage os buddy i am getting 6 hour sot earlier it... moreGo to official website nd download last open beta 9 android version or install it via recover mode(do must clear wipe caches+ reset setting)