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Really nyc phone 👍👍

  • Hr

Anonymous, 26 Nov 2020my fone problem is auto restart.can any one solve this?Ita motherboard issue

  • Anonymous

any solution.
my fone first freez then restart.

  • GPP YT

Anonymous, 26 Nov 2020my fone problem is auto restart.can any one solve this?hard reset

  • Anonymous

my fone problem is auto restart.can any one solve this?

  • evander

This phone has a Telephoto lens and not a Wide Angle secondary camera. The slo-mo stats aren't accurate as well. Please make changes.

  • im a kid 9 year old

im a kid 9 year old i own this phone and this runs fortnite at 30 fps that was insane but int he gaming mode it was having some gliches but the phone is wasome

  • JD

mohak, 01 Jul 2020OnePlus 5 does not support dual SIM dual 4G standby, meanin... moreI have used both SIM slot with both 4G SIMS. No issue at all

  • techster69

Why does it say Slo Mo @480fps ???? It cant go beyond 120, it can barely do 120fps

Rakesh, 06 Aug 2020Water proofNot at all

  • Anonymous

I wonder if its still available in the market...anyone knows?

  • AK47

Ive had my OnePlus 5 since September 2017 and has been a great phone ever since Slick and Reliable. Never had any issues and after nearly 3 years of everyday heavy use, It performs better than my wife's iPhone 11. I'm sure I still have another year left of use before it gets slow due to hardware failures or software upgrades and then I will go for whatever OnePlus has in the market. I'm a believer in the brand and will be with them for as long as they manufacture products this good.

  • tanu

i have used samsung and blackberry phones earlier . i bought my first one plus phone in 2017 just after launch of one plus 5 . trust me guys one plus phone is the best phone i have ever used . it has everything you need . if you like fastest response with out any hinge then this phone is must for you . one plus always giving updated to its users. never face any hanging issue in last 3 years , waana update it with one plus 8 but really it work like butter . i luv it

  • crazy gamer

has good battery better than iPhone 8 & 8+

  • Rakesh

Water proof

  • CJ

Sold because microphone was so poor, hardware level issues

Ran, 03 Jun 2020Now its Android 10Is there any jelly effect on android 10?

  • WildCat

Best goddamned phone I've ever had! Still using it, and working just fine!

Is there any jelly effect on android 10?

  • techster69

It says OnePlus 5 can record 720p@480fps???
I've been using it for 2 years, it can't go beyond 720p@120fps