OnePlus 5 India pricing leaked

Enrique, 09 June 2017

We are closer to the June 20 announcement of the OnePlus 5 and there is still a bunch we don’t know about the handset just yet. Earlier today, OnePlus teased the camera setup of the phone, confirming previous leaked images. Also, yesterday, we got an idea of what the OnePlus 5 might be costing in the European market.

Today there’s new information about what the OnePlus 5 could possibly cost in India. True-Tech reports that a reliable sourced sent in a table of the alleged retail pricing of the OnePlus 5 for the Indian market. The table lists a 6GB/64GB model at INR 32,999 (~$513) while the 8GB/128GB model is supposed to cost INR 37,999 (~$591).


Some will argue that anyone could have taken a screen shot of an excel table and sent it in, are they aren't wrong. Though, these numbers aren’t entirely implausible. Given yesterday’s number of EUR 550 for the Finnish market, we are seeing the Indian price above $500 as well. This only solidifies the fact that the OnePlus 5 might be the company’s most expensive handset yet.

This also claims that the OnePlus 5 will be available in both memory configurations for the Indian market. Will we get to see 8GB models in western markets? It’s highly unlikely since the only other smartphone that has 6GB here in the States is also a OnePlus device. It doesn’t need to bring 8GB out here to compete.

What do you think of these prices? Would you be ready to slap down your credit cards now or would you rather wait to hear something more from the announcement?

Thanks for sending this in, Hari!



Reader comments

  • lovly
  • 13 Jun 2017
  • A0e

Well, last time, there were also a lot of rumors about different versions with ram. Then there was only 1 model out. Got a model 3 for myself straight away when it came out, never used the full 64gb, since i make backups :-). As for pricing: 469...

  • AnonD-345001
  • 12 Jun 2017
  • RJ7

That Amoled display that your Oneplus uses is from the Samsung R&D btw.. haha. Oneplus can start charging big bucks once they have real R&D going on in the background and not just software talks.

  • AnonD-202167
  • 11 Jun 2017
  • YPe

one plus is better than samsung lg etc etc. in few fields it lacks. like display and camera. otherwise its a flagship killer for sure. and with one plus 5 it will get better

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