OnePlus 5 may have four color versions, teaser reveals

Vlad, 22 May 2017

Not content with just making waves today regarding the presence of a 3.5mm headset jack (or lack thereof) on its next phone, OnePlus has seemingly outed another teaser. This time around things aren't as cryptic, but that doesn't mean this teaser is (very) straightforward.

Using the number "5" instead of the letter "s" can be thought of as a dead giveaway revealing that this is all about the much-hyped OnePlus 5. So you can take this two ways - either the Chinese company wants to pick one or two colors from those four and is asking for help in that process, or it's revealing all of the choices you'll get when the OnePlus 5 hits the market.

At this point it's impossible to tell which of those explanations is true. But while colors 1, 3, and 4 (black, red, and gold) are pretty obvious and wouldn't be surprising to see in a flagship smartphone in 2017, we're not so sure about No.2. It's certainly different, so much so that it's quite hard to define. Is this a hint that the OnePlus 5 will have a glass back and we'll get a very very reflective paint job too? Only time can tell. Time and upcoming leaks, we assume.


Reader comments

  • Anonymous

It Will have 4 colors because There are 4 color tags

  • AnonD-666047

#2 is this serious? It's so vivid it looks like something Katy Perry would use in her videos LOL. #3 very RED iPhone.

  • Bugunjito

Looks like the color of xiaomi mi6, the version with ceramic body, where there is a reflection of this type...

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