OnePlus 6 shines on Geekbench a week ahead of launch

Yordan, 08 May 2018

Next week we’ll see the long-awaited OnePlus 6 with a notch on the display at its official unveiling. A unit of the phone was just tested on Geekbench and this gives us some new information, as well as confirming older rumors.

OnePlus 6 will come with model number A6003, backing the trend of OnePlus 3 being A300X and OnePlus 5 being A500X. It will also come with Qualcomm Snapdragon 845, but that’s no surprise since the company already confirmed the chipset.

OnePlus 6 shines on Geekbench week ahead of launch

The OnePlus 6 will arrive with the latest Android Oreo 8.1. Back in December, a staff member said it was too risky to switch to the program for faster updates, so hopefully, the company fixed the issue in the past six months. The OnePlus A6003 has 8 GB RAM, but most likely there will be a cheaper 6 GB version.

We compared the Geekbench results with other Snapdragon 845 phones we already tested (along with the predecessor OnePlus 5T), and we have to say the scores look promising. We will be at the official event in London, so stay around for latest info and hands-on impressions when the time comes.

GeekBench 4.1 (multi-core)

Higher is better

  • Xiaomi Mi MIx 2S
  • OnePlus 6
  • Sony Xperia XZ2
  • Samsung Galaxy S9+ (Snapdragon)
  • OnePlus 5T

GeekBench 4.1 (single-core)

Higher is better

  • Xiaomi Mi MIx 2S
  • Sony Xperia XZ2
  • OnePlus 6
  • Samsung Galaxy S9+ (Snapdragon)
  • OnePlus 5T

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Reader comments

  • Akorzzar

I personally got a higher score on the CPU score. Multicore:9055 Singlecore: 2460 Proof:

I don't care for Oppo's UI either. Most of the Chinese skins are iOS knockoffs. Fact is, I wouldn't believe OP's benchmark scores b/c of how they very recently were caught benchmark cheating. Xiaomi has nothing to do with it.

MIUI looks like iOS? Have you seen Oppo's UI? Also it doesn't matter if it looks like iOS, you think people pick Android over iOS because they don't like it's theme? You seem well informed, so you already know there's much more differences in bot...

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