OnePlus 6's face unlock gets fooled by a photo

Peter, 30 May 2018

Ever since Apple did it, everyone jumped on the “Face Unlock” bandwagon. Except, unlike Apple, most just rely on the selfie camera and no additional hardware for a proper biometric authentication. And that just doesn't offer the same level of security.

@rik demonstrated that a OnePlus 6 will happily unlock with just a photograph of a face. Even a black & white photo worked! The phone was trained on Rik’s face.

Well, there’s a reason that Apple jammed an entire Kinect in the iPhone X. And why Samsung and a few others use iris scanners. If you need a secure way to lock your OnePlus 6, stick with the fingerprint reader.

Strangely, the OnePlus 5T doesn’t seem to be fooled by photos, whether printed or on a digital screen.



Reader comments

Which mean it is still face unlocking

  • Eyzerman

You arw ignorant...what google impelemented was just a 2mp front camera...that takes a picture of a face...which could be easily fooled by a photo...iphones front camera is not a a normal camera it is a kinetic camera which is a company apple bought ...

stop crying OPfan. :P

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