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OnePlus 7 Pro

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  • RB

The best phone i have ever used.. before i was using google pixel 3. Great upgrade except camera. I noticed these
things :-
1.90 hz refresh rate-Superb feeling
2. Performance - Always king 1+
3. Back camera - nice camera & superb video quality
4. Selfie cam - not good but its okay. Bcoz i don't take selfies
5. Battery - Good battery backup for me. it last 1 day
6. Charging - superb. 30w fast charging

My phone from 2019
the best thing that i was bought it in my life
it deserve each bound i paid it
full view without notch or hole ...& high refresh rate
feel safe cause the front cam is down !!
still better than 1+8 for me
it's my elegant phone that i was have ever
hope it still survive with me without any accidents !

  • Ddraig

Well it is a great phone, just keep in mind there is no sd card slot

Anonymous, 04 Aug 2020Is it still worth it to buy this as a midrange in 2020 for $499?Still worthy dude.

  • Anonymous

Is it still worth it to buy this as a midrange in 2020 for $499?

My experience using this phone
1. Great display vivid
2. Great performance
3. Smooth as silk
4. Nice frosted glass finish at back
5. Quite nice camera but not on par with Samsung or Apple
6. Haptic feedback is better almost like Apple . But not close.
7. Battery life is ok for 1 day usage. If u a hardcore need charge twice a day. I only hope OnePlus pack 5000 mah for great battery life....
8. The UI is clean and simplicity. Almost like stock Android with no bloatware.
9. Android 10 improve battery life and performance of this device.
10. Weird thing only on lock screen the display produce weired colour when became deem or dark. That's all....

Slammy, 19 Jul 2020Like what ? Green tint in dark mode

  • Dream

My phone when i have a waiting number beside any call the first call ended automatically i don't know why????

  • Slammy

Batya, 18 Jul 2020It has display issues Like what ?

Grasshopper, 17 Jul 20207 Pro or 7T Pro?7T Pro. It has a better processor.

Basant, 14 Jul 2020Why avoid 7tIt has display issues

  • Grasshopper

7 Pro or 7T Pro?

  • Basant

Pollen Khan, 02 Jun 2020Just go with 7pro . Try to avoid 7t....Why avoid 7t

  • Dark eye

One plus 7 pro heat and screen hang some time application not open

  • Ultrasonic

Why is oneplus 7 pro the best overall

  • Ultrasonic

Always go for oneplus 7 pro because that's the best overall

OP7 Pro vs 7T, 30 May 2020Please suggest me best mobile between OP7t and OP7 Pro in 2... moreOneplus 7t has a green tint on the display try to avoid it

  • Anonymous

Is the curved screen of oneplus 7 pro very sensitive to minute drops like s8 plus or is it better? Has anyone faced a problem where a specific part of the screen stops working because the phone had a fall from certain height?

Levi, 12 May 2020is it okay for gaming? if not, can you recommend me gaming ... moreGo for galaxy note 9

  • AAAKAhamed

One of the best phone