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OnePlus 7 Pro

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  • Dushan

Can you guess the most suitable sreen protector for oneplus 7 pro.itnees to work finger print scanner well

  • lolobotnoob

Anonymous, 19 Sep 2019how much time this phone's battery take to be fully charged ??15 mins

  • Anonymous

how much time this phone's battery take to be fully charged ??

love my new 7pro !! Switched from Apple Xr a few days ago...Apple is very good...this phone blows away what I had...less expensive too..I haven't used Android for 4 years....Love what OnePlus has done with it! This Phone an update the day I bought it and activated wait...same as Apple does. I'd recommend the 7Pro to any Apple is as good as an iPhone...innovative design too...And it seems faster and smoother...better screen notch is don't realize it until you have a phone without any holes or notches in the screen...super nice... critics slam OnePlus for it's camera...but I like the way it works.... Quality's fine. If you want better...either wait for an update...or go use a camera

My 12GB version reached an Antutu score of 378528 and was showing as 2nd in the Antutu comparison list. Considering the price, this is definitely one of the must-haves.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 16 Sep 2019its out as a public beta moreWhat about the release of stable android 10 for OnePlus 7 pro?

  • Anonymous

Rps , 16 Sep 2019When Android 10 will be available for oneplus 7Pro in India? Any... moreits out as a public beta­ndroid-10-oxygenos-open-beta-1/

  • Rps

When Android 10 will be available for oneplus 7Pro in India? Any update on this ?

  • Chap1

Anonymous, 26 Aug 2019You talking as if youÂ’re using an iPhone Lol. My brother using ... moreSince 2016 apple admition of slowing downs u cant fool anyone anywhere with crapy Iphone performance,it is so laggy and slow down over less than two years,just like Samsung- no one can beat OnEplus( except Sony) in performance terms- as well as new ones the same goes for more than 3 years of usage.

  • Hht95

TAGok, 28 Aug 2019The only reason I compared it to iPhone 8 was due to size. There... moreS10 or s10e

  • Hht95

Sanjeev Shrestha, 04 Sep 2019If you play PUBG, you will love this phoneWhy?

  • Anonymous

overhyped phone ,proped up by one plus community who are frogs in well. pathetic phone, last purchse from one plus

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 26 Aug 2019Nice looking phone but photo quality is really bad if do a simpl... moreGet Gcam my guy

  • Anonymous

Sationix, 29 Aug 2019"3. OnePlus has become expensive phone now, gone the days when y... moreI agree. The day oneplus phones are $100 is when every other flagship is 10x that lol

Dhhd, 08 Sep 2019Kinda too big n no 3.5mm jack!!!! Great phone though. It's disappointing but knowing how much stuff they had to cram in the phone, I'm not too pressed about it

Koko, 08 Sep 2019Use wireless Bluetooth I guessyou can use usb-c to 3.5 mm jack to get the unique sound from an aux jack. but you will not be able to charge the device unless you get an adapter that also has usb-c split with the 3.5 mm jack. they're available on ebay for a couple bucks. I'm very disappointed one plus decided not to include the jack because this phone is great otherwise. they're just being apple sheep

  • Koko

mirko, 07 Sep 2019no head phone jack. thats all.Use wireless Bluetooth I guess

  • Dhhd

Kinda too big n no 3.5mm jack!!!! Great phone though.

  • mirko

no head phone jack. thats all.

  • Anonymous

Solnik, 12 Aug 2019You don't own an iPhone cos there's nothing like customization i... moreLol! So many lols!