OnePlus 7 Pro

OnePlus 7 Pro

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  • Lee

I choose Sammy S10 + @1TB + 12GB Ram version, Malaysia selling RM3,999 with gifts!

  • Anonymous

Konsern, 06 May 2019In my own opinion, card slot is important, when it comes to safe... moregoogle cloud?

  • Yaneos

I want to see the Xiaomi answer on this one :-) can't wait for it!

  • Account

oneplus is still following the shi**y trend. getting rid of audio jack, edge screen, no card slot .....etc

  • Anonymous

Ufs 3.0 and HDR10+ for $700?

Hope this handset will put some pressure on S10+, I will buy it after 1+ release.

  • Anonymous

A flagship without USB 3.1? Hopefully this piece of she specs is incorrect.

  • Anonymous

Finally a quad HD display in oneplus device !!

  • Konsern

In my own opinion, card slot is important, when it comes to safe keeping of docs or photos.. if the smrtphone will be broken or damage.. you can retreave some file, docs, photos that you saved in the card and also avoid some scandal issue hacked by the repair technician.. just remove the card and your privacy will be safe.

Will it have other memory options??? Like 512 gb...??

  • TheBrianimal

Anonymous, 06 May 2019i know implementing all of these features would make the phone v... moreYour logic on cameras is flawed.
There's a big difference between digital zoom and optical zoom. A lens with a 48mp AND optical zoom will give you considerably better quality on the zoom than a straight 48mp, then zoomed in after the photo is taken. The difference will be tremendous.

  • albarbro

Majesty, 05 May 2019card slotwith 256-GB internal, who's need card slot ?

Majesty, 05 May 2019card slotIP68 dust/water proof , 5g capabilty

  • connor

Majesty, 05 May 2019card slotAgreed. No card slot on a lot of the new phones is really annoying. I'm trying to find a replacement for my S8 but so many phones don't have expandable storage.

  • nomad

Verm, 05 May 2019Additional costs to be ip 68 certifiedlol. even an 80usd phone can be ip certified(doogee s40). goes to say that the certification itself isnt so costly. what might cost much is the "how", building/designing the mechanisms for water resistance. and you know what cost much as well? too much marketing and ads, but of course oneplus needs to decrease it prices so it wont engage in such extensive marketing and ads........ opps spoken to soon! lols.

  • Anonymous

Sharif, 05 May 2019Why Why not use ip 68 water/dust resistance?Ip 68 is useless we need a real warranty

  • Anonymous

i know implementing all of these features would make the phone very expensive, but i think they should add any of these ones to let the phone be a 'pro':
-IP68 rating
-Stereo speaker
-Wireless charging

Also, i think having a 48 mp camera and a 12 mp 2x optical phone is pretty much the same think, the 12 mp at 2x would be a portion of the 48 mp image at 100% scaling in the screen, so no added value in my opinion

card slot

  • majesty

this phone is ok, the finish touch should be stereo speaker

  • majesty

Anonymous, 04 May 2019This phone is very good and powerful. Please add- 1.Always o... more3.5mm jack, what for? wireless earpiece is better