OnePlus 7 Pro's OLED aces DisplayMate tests

Ro, 29 April 2019

Rumors about the OnePlus 7 Pro's display sound promising and today's tweet from DisplayMate finally gives us some reassurance. It appears that the phone sports an excellent OLED panel, earning the highest test scores.

The phone received A+, putting it side by side with flagships by Samsung and Apple. That's a big achievement for a phone that will cost considerably less than the competition, if the rumors are correct.

Earning such a high score could also mean that the panel is running at 90Hz refresh rate - ideal for gaming and feeling extra smooth when navigating through the menu. Our only concern is the battery life since high-refresh rate screens have trouble preserving juice.

The phone will be launched on May 14 and that's when we will know for sure how good the display really is.



Reader comments


Very nice phone l like

  • Anonymous

I am not expecting the same number of pixels. I expect the same number of pixels in each resolution standard (FHD, QHD, UHD, 2K, 4K, 8K). When it's not the same number, you need to make a new standard. Which they have done, and they call it CinemaWid...

  • Anonymous

How can you expect the same number of pixels in different aspect ratios? It won't be the same

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