Redmi K20 Pro vs. OnePlus 7

GSMArena team, 09 Sept 2019.


Both the OnePlus 7 and the Redmi K20 Pro come with fairly standard packaging. Both include a fast charger, a data cable and a case.

OnePlus 7 vs. Redmi K20 Pro review

The OnePlus 7 comes with a 20W Warp Charge compatible charger while the Redmi K20 Pro comes with a 18W Quick Charge 4.0 compatible charger. However, the Redmi K20 Pro does support up to 27W charging and Xiaomi sells a compatible charger on its website. OnePlus also has a faster 30W charger but it's only compatible with the OnePlus 7 Pro and the now discontinued OnePlus 6T McLaren Edition.

Both packages have a case bundled in. The OnePlus 7 has a standard clear silicone case, which should be fine for most people. However, the Redmi K20 Pro comes with a nicer hard plastic case, which is very thin and barely feels like you have anything applied to the phone while also offering decent protection. We definitely prefer Redmi K20 Pro case, even over the optional silicone cases that Xiaomi sells on its website.

OnePlus 7 vs. Redmi K20 Pro review

Neither the OnePlus 7 nor the Redmi K20 Pro come with any earphones in the package. The OnePlus 7 also lacks a USB-C to 3.5mm adapter in the box, which is a rather unfortunate omission. The Redmi K20 Pro doesn't need one because it still retains a headphone jack.

Winner: Redmi K20 Pro. Both phones have similar packaging but the Redmi K20 Pro has a nicer case bundled in. The OnePlus 7 packaging also lacks a headphone adapter, which is frustrating since it doesn't have a headphone jack.


Both, the OnePlus 7 and the Redmi K20 Pro are modern, attractive-looking devices and one could easily sway one way or the other.

OnePlus 7 vs. Redmi K20 Pro review

The OnePlus 7 design is largely a rehash of the OnePlus 6T but that isn't really a bad thing, as even nearly a year later it still looks fresh. The OnePlus 7 has a notched design with a small teardrop notch and a thin chin at the bottom. Along the sides are the volume buttons, a power button and the highly useful alert slider on the right. A sizable camera bump sticks out the back of the phone.

OnePlus 7 vs. Redmi K20 Pro review

The OnePlus 7 primarily comes in Mirror Grey. Select markets also get the significantly nicer looking Nebula Blue and Red.

The Redmi K20 Pro design is ever so slightly more modern. There is no notch, so the display looks even more immersive. The camera has been tucked away inside a popup unit at the top, which rises with red LED color accents on either side. While that does look a bit gimmicky, the LEDs also shine through the top of the front camera for notifications, which is clever. Along the sides, the Redmi K20 Pro has a more traditional key layout and on the back the triple camera array has a far more subtle bump.

OnePlus 7 vs. Redmi K20 Pro review

Like the OnePlus 7, the Redmi K20 Pro also comes in three colors. The Flame Red and Glacier Blue colors, however, are a bit of an acquired taste, as they have a flaming pattern etched into the back that reflects light differently as you move the phone around. The Carbon Black with a subtle carbon-fiber pattern looks a bit more grown-up, for lack of a better term.

OnePlus 7 vs. Redmi K20 Pro reviewRedmi K20 Pro (left) next to its twin Mi9T Pro

As these phones are basically trying to be flagship devices, appearances matter. Both phones look reasonably good in the hand, with the OnePlus 7 looking a tad bit more sophisticated but the Redmi K20 Pro having a more wow-factor, thanks to its notch-less design and popup camera.

Both phones also feel very good in hand. Neither is particularly big but again, you may disagree on that if you have smaller hands. The shape, size and overall weight of the Redmi K20 Pro feels excellent in hand with a very satisfying grip that just makes you want to use this phone without any case. The OnePlus 7 feels thinner and lighter, which some may value more, but it does feel less substantial in hand.

OnePlus 7 vs. Redmi K20 Pro review

When it comes to build quality, both phones are made out of glass and aluminum. However, the OnePlus 7 does have weather sealing, even if OnePlus doesn't advertise it as such. In comparison, the Redmi K20 Pro isn't as well isolated from the elements and likely won't survive an accidental dip in a pool or a bath, especially with an open camera module at the top. The OnePlus 7 also uses Gorilla Glass 6 while the Redmi K20 Pro has the older Gorilla Glass 5.

Winner: OnePlus 7. While looks are subjective, the OnePlus 7 definitely has a more durable and insulated design.

Reader comments

  • Ro_Han

OnePlus7 is far far better then that Redmi Shit! K20pro's Camera cnt even beat OP6T Camera how can we compare K20Pro with OnePlus7. Its totally Waste of Money to buy K20Pro after OP7. neither Interface nor performance is matchable to OP7.

  • Orange97

Instead of K20 Pro, they should have used Mi 9 to battle against OP7. K20 Pro isn't a flagship.

It is about comparing around the same prices... we have Xiaomi, Oppo, and Honor which delivers cheap phones at good performance