Redmi K20 Pro vs. OnePlus 7

09 Sept 2019

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  • Ro_Han

OnePlus7 is far far better then that Redmi Shit! K20pro's Camera cnt even beat OP6T Camera how can we compare K20Pro with OnePlus7. Its totally Waste of Money to buy K20Pro after OP7. neither Interface nor performance is matchable to OP7.

  • Orange97

Instead of K20 Pro, they should have used Mi 9 to battle against OP7.
K20 Pro isn't a flagship.

stinkfist, 10 Sep 2019Thats not a valid reason. Only Xiaomi makes cheap phones with fl... moreIt is about comparing around the same prices... we have Xiaomi, Oppo, and Honor which delivers cheap phones at good performance

Crazy or what? OP7 is way better, even on paper. K20 doesnÂ’t even have OIS, which is a bummer.

I have been using OnePlus since 3T. Now I'm on OP6. I will not upgrade to another OnePlus as they removed the headphone jack and offer nothing wired as an option since.
I can't be bothered with bt-headphones. Just another thing to charge and think about when they will run out of juice.
No thanks.
I think my next upgrade will be Mi 9t/9t pro. I will miss Oxygen OS as i still think that this is absolutely the best version of Android out there, but I have few Redmi phones around and with Pcoo launcher of Nova installed + removed standard Mi apps, Redmi/Xiaomi becomes a very good affordable device!

  • Anonymous

s4f786, 13 Sep 2019I recently bought the k20 pro 8gb/256gb model and even though pr... moreThe never regretted changing my S6 for a Note 3 back then. S6 has got really terrible RAM management for a flagship and heat up easily. In fact I don't feel that much drop in performance changing flagship to a midrange other than the camera quality.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 13 Sep 2019But the mi 9t phones have almost the same bandwithes as every fl... moreThis is what I meant. All the extra band from oneplus probably only catered to the niche 5%of the carrier.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 11 Sep 2019It's a joke compared to oneplus, but that joke cover most of the... moreBut the mi 9t phones have almost the same bandwithes as every flagship out there

I recently bought the k20 pro 8gb/256gb model and even though previously I've had flagship Samsung (s6/s7/s8+), I know I'm giving up some premium features but the price to performance ratio is well worth it at this price point.

stinkfist, 12 Sep 2019Maybe you are that person that wants millions of unnecessary app... moreMIUI is minimalistic? God, you really do smoke weed aren't you? I also once used Xiaomi with MIUI. But since Xiaomi launched the A series with Android One, I sold my MIUI Xiaomi. So much better having a totally stock Android with no bloatware and custom UI.

YUKI93, 10 Sep 2019Lol, joke of the century! Definitely the best comedy I've ever s... moreMaybe you are that person that wants millions of unnecessary apps in your phone that you can't really multitask anymore. If you check benchmarks on multitasking you clearly see that the phones that comes with the most bloatware like Samsung has the lowest result on multitasking. I on the other hand prefer minimum apps and minimalistic UI in an affordable package, reason why I stick to Xiaomi in this case.

Easy for you to hate when you not even like Xiaomi's phones. I suggest you go to another forum were you actually can give reasonables suggestions instead of hating.

  • Anonymous

lujgeck, 11 Sep 2019they are the same price, there is like 20$ of difference if you ... more$100 difference in my country.

Anonymous, 12 Sep 2019lol this is a joke, water proofing depends very much on design r... moreI know this type of thinking is what lead to our current state of affairs with phones: companies nickel and dimeing consumers, and ignorant masses allowing them.

You should put your money to a higher standard, and don't allow Planned Obselensce to continue to plague your purchase. Vote with your wallet.

Companies want nothing more than to sell you a mid-range phone at a flagship price. It's possible, and it happens, don't let them. Either pay good value for your device, or pay high price for flagships that deserve your money. And this is where ingress protection starts.

It's idiotic for you to think that one of the flagship features these days (and for the past few years) isn't water proofing. It's ignorant to say it isn't, or an outright lie.

  • Anonymous

Bobcat091, 11 Sep 2019No offense you should have compared for liked phones of similar ... moreThere is no right or wrong. One can compare spec to spec, or similar or close price range. And for consumer, most of the time they are more likely to compare phones that are within their budget. If i have $500 budget.

  • Anonymous

Kangal, 12 Sep 2019Since 2016. They took out feature of Super-Duper Fast Charging,... morelol this is a joke, water proofing depends very much on design rather than being high end or mid end. By what you are saying, all the foldable fold are mid-range. So samsung just came out with a 2000USD mid-range phone!

Waterproofing may be a consideration, but definitely NOT a criteria.

Anonymous, 11 Sep 2019Since when is waterproof part of the criteria to be flagship? By... moreSince 2016.
They took out feature of Super-Duper Fast Charging, just by hot-swapping the batteries. Samsung was the first out of the gate with the Galaxy S7 having IP67 approved, even though, their early S6 variants were made water resistant too (low IP67 grade) without having the certification. Other flagships from LG, Sony, Motorola already the feature. Apple followed them the same year with the iPhone 7. Google followed them shortly with the Pixel 2. Huawei and HTC followed them the next year with Mate 9 and U11. ZTE had to cancel the Axon8 due to legal troubles with the US, but months after resolution, they too had to have waterproofing feature on their flagship device. Even the Windows Phone flagship from HP got the feature.

Since then, low-end phones and midrange phones have never added waterproofing to their devices, but they have removed User Access to Remove the Battery. And remember, this is a big feature that they're removing without any compensation. So it is unequivocal to say that a Flagship Device needs Water Resistance.... OR it needs to have a Removable Battery.

You cannot consider the "whole phone package" by ignoring this critical feature. That's disingenuous not just to enthusiasts, but to the general public that were subject to hundreds of millions of dollars of advertising for the feature of water resistance.

PS: Xiaomi hasn't made any IP67 phones, neither has ASUS, despite their High-end phones like the RoG Phone/Zenfone and the Mi/Mi Mix range of phones.

  • ivan

Redmi is just better in real life:

1. Much better design (especially red or blue)
2. No notch = nicer screen overall
3. Motorised pop-up camera
4. Bigger battery
5. Cheaper
6. Has 3.5 mm headphone jack

  • Anonymous

Boldy, 10 Sep 2019The 7 pro has a wider f/1.6 aperture, an actually useful 3x zoom... moreUltrawide camera is far more useful than OIS. besides EIS these days is pretty good.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 10 Sep 2019MUI and much lower build quality are reasons to stay away.The same miui beats Op7 Pro in speed tests.

  • Bobcat091

No offense you should have compared for liked phones of similar features and specs. The K20 pro vs OnePlus 7 pro. Do right and do again 🙄