OnePlus 7T Pro might have a different shade of blue

Vlad, 07 October 2019

It's rather odd that OnePlus has already made the 7T official, but so far there isn't a OnePlus 7T Pro, although that's all probably going to change at the company's next event, which is taking place on October 10. It basically teased as much earlier today, and now a well known Twitter leakster has shared an image depicting what will be one of the differences between the 7T Pro and the 7 Pro. Have a look for yourself.

Yes, we're talking about a different shade of blue. It's unclear if the new blue will match the OnePlus 7T's Glacier Blue colorway, we'll have to wait and see. Aside from the hue, the OnePlus 7T Pro has so far been rumored to sport the Snapdragon 855+ chipset, like the 7T, as well as a slightly larger battery than the 7 Pro. There might also be other improvements, which should all be revealed in just over two days, so stay tuned for that. And in the meantime, why not go and take a look at our review of the OnePlus 7T?


Reader comments

YES! Phone colors ARE NOT important at all! If somebody wants to customize their phone’s exterior - do it yourself and for extra money! Don’t make OEMs put these extra money for unwanted (by other people) colors in the price of smartphones!

  • CallMeJoker
  • 08 Oct 2019
  • YQS

Since there are no major groundbreaking innovation or feature is there to talk about this phone.

  • Love the Community
  • 08 Oct 2019
  • Fv4

Realme X2 Pro has a headphone jack while this wasn't. CHECKMATE!

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