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  • Mani
  • CbI
  • 23 Dec 2023

Jphil, 16 Mar 2023I just purchased a used OP8 that still on Android 11. Shoul... moreDoes A11 has 5G support

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    • Miru
    • SsT
    • 29 Nov 2023

    I have this phone since 2020... I was curious back then when the launch of One Plus 8 was advertised to see what this phone can do. I used to have One plus 6. What happen is that on my previous phone the notification started to not show anymore and I need it them for certain apps. Didn't know what more to do from what I already did except to change the phone. Didn't even consider to jump to another brand. For me it was sure that my next phone will be still One Plus. I was crazy about the color of the new phone when I bought it, the turquoise glass. The speed. The pictures. Still today people ask me how do I take such nice shots :) Now is really difficult to choose a new phone. Mine shattered on the back, I accidently dropped on hard floor and all the back is in milion pieces of glass... Phone is still good. I really do not find any issue with it...except the crush. I find it hard to jump to anything else as a phone when I use this one for so long and never dissapointed me. I do not consider too sell it, just to keep it as back up phone if I ever decide to have a new one... Hard call!

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      • zci
      • 8pL
      • 17 Oct 2023

      I have installed Android 13 on my Oneplus 8, and I am more than happy with it.

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        • Anonymous
        • X06
        • 28 Sep 2023

        Jphil, 16 Mar 2023I just purchased a used OP8 that still on Android 11. Shoul... morenoo, but 12 is also no bad, 11 is more good

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          • Dimian
          • 0xB
          • 17 Aug 2023

          Yong Farlight84, 04 Aug 2023Anyone with a green line on screen? No im on android 10 and im happy

            Wajed , 03 Mar 2023My OnePlus 8 not supported 5g network 5G does not work on T-Mobile service, including Mint and Red Pocket.

            It says USB is 3.1 OTG, but the IN2017 (T-Mobile) does not provide video output, even though there is a setting to "Turn Off OTG if unused for 10 minutes". No other OTG settings are provided.

              Anyone with a green line on screen?

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                • Bilal hussain
                • XWA
                • 23 Jun 2023

                I will buy new phone one plus 8 but now in 13 update after update phone is too slow working

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                  • Dik
                  • eVK
                  • 13 Jun 2023

                  Danish07, 08 Jun 2023does it still have x ray filter to see through clothes?Mine does.

                    does it still have x ray filter to see through clothes?

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                      • raj
                      • CbF
                      • 04 Jun 2023

                      low baterry backup

                        How much screen on time are you all getting. I recently swtiched from a realme to oneplus 8 and realme budget phones absolutely kill it with screen time. On the oneplus im getting an average of 5 and a half hour of sot on a full charge. Is it decent considering almost being 3 years old

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                          • Anonymous
                          • 2SD
                          • 20 May 2023

                          I have purchased one plus 8 on 21.02.2021 for Rs. 45000/-. Three weeks before its display shown a green line and went to authorized service centre, thrissur and they assured me if it is a manufacturing mistake it will get replaced. Next day they informed me it is not manufacturing defect. But actually 100% I am sure that it is not my mistake that this problem shown. During my visit in the centre 5 persons approached the center for the same problem and duration is roughly two years. Hence I request all not to buy any products of one plus since most of their phone have this issue and on enquiry I found that it is due to updation. However it is very sad to see issues in a branded phone

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                            • Mrozu
                            • PMM
                            • 25 Mar 2023

                            Jphil, 16 Mar 2023I just purchased a used OP8 that still on Android 11. Shoul... more13 works fine

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                              • Jphil
                              • iba
                              • 16 Mar 2023

                              I just purchased a used OP8 that still on Android 11. Should i update to Android 13?

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                                • vince
                                • DSr
                                • 15 Mar 2023

                                the phone is extremely powerful and does everything i could ever want, with the new update however, the available ram is extended with the 'expandable ram' setting to 15gb and can run very intensive games at 60fps for a long time until the CPU gets to a maximum temp. of 40 degrees Celsius, then the CPU is thermal throttled.

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                                  • Shaon
                                  • 6p}
                                  • 08 Mar 2023

                                  Deemon, 18 Nov 2022i have oxygen 10 nowWhy?

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                                    • Wajed
                                    • CbC
                                    • 03 Mar 2023

                                    My OnePlus 8 not supported 5g network

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                                      • No nick
                                      • asx
                                      • 17 Feb 2023

                                      OP8 works fine on Android 13. No issues, which is a good news after crappy Android 12. Although I prefer A11 when it was OxygenOS. Now it's ColorOS and there's not much difference from Realme phones apart from the slider, I'm afraid. The good news is that after 2 years of use it still is a snappy device with a decent camera, good speakers, a very good screen and in my case a full day lasting battery. Happy.

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                                        • Andrei Stoica
                                        • 3qc
                                        • 29 Jan 2023

                                        The Phone works like the first day but the battery is not good!