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NIMZ, 04 Sep 2021I guess you must have received a faulty unit or there must ... moreIts a known fact that Oneplus can not handle heating issues, their cooling solution is mediocore at best.
Pro tip: If you really want to have a OP device go for a midrange chipset (TDP no more than 5 watts) and pray for ARM / Qualcomm for low temperature while using for everyday tasks.
I got a OP N10 because it is the only device with an LCD panel and a low mid tier chipset (SD 690, TDP 6w)

Yes. it will get updates till 2023. so expect android 13..


Will oneplus 8pro with oxygen receive color os12,,,,, like USA 🇺🇸 version in2025...


Best phone to buy,,,,, I highly recommend

  • Evil

Sadly my Oneplus 8 pro has lots of problems. It firstly came with a white dot inside the back camera wich disturb pictures, i think some kind of dirt or something.

Next up is useless batterylife, have to recharge several times a day.

And it gets HOT!
Really hot! To the point it is very uncomfortable to handle.
While charging it also get extremely hot.

The screen frequently freeze, often to fow again after about half a minute, or more..
Using the keybord it often jams up, having to wait, and wait for it to show the already written text.

Cameras - fantastic mostly except for the dot of course.
But after about three weeks (somewhere around the first update) they all went grainy.
The superclear pictures i bought the camera for is but a memory.
The only way to photograf anyting moving, even slowly moving is to videorecord it and shoot a pic meanwhile. Then some picturs actually show what is on them (working with animals, pro riding snd competing it is the most important feature for me that fotografing and recording video works).
The fantastic darkphotografing is purly entirely gone 🤷🏼‍♀️

All and all a great phone the first week until all the problems started 🥺
Tried to get the store to change it for a new one or send it to repair (as it was faulty in delivery already with the dot inside of the lens), but they just clamed via email that is probably was dropped 😮
(Certainly was NOT), at least not after i recieved the package.

Not very happy with it sadly.

  • Nataliia

Hi! I have a problem. Hope somebody can help me to solve it.
After updating the phone up to Android 11, the speakers became extremely loud. I already use the lowest level of volume during calls. It's OK. But it's absolutely unbearable using Viber, for example. Sorry for the words game, the lowest level of volume there is so high. I can hear a caller very clear holding the phone around 30-40 centimeters away from the ear. As you can guess, it's impossible to hold the phone right next to the ear. Too loud. It's very inconvenient and annoying. I hadn't such problem while was using Android 10.
Any advice on what could help in these circumstances?

  • nimz

Anonymous, 01 Sep 20218pro cam need fixing with an updatetrue. The camera needs sme work to be done through a software update. needs some upgradation with modes and also selfie camera is too narrow. need to get a slightly wider image capturing capability

  • NIMZ

OnePlus 8 pro, 03 Sep 2021Its curved don't buy it, and is heating much, go for S... moreI guess you must have received a faulty unit or there must be some apps installed which is causing the heating.
Im using 12GB ram 256GB internal model and im really happy with the battery and its charging speeds.

  • OnePlus 8 pro

Real, 02 Sep 2021Please oneplus 8pro users any issure with the curved screen... moreIts curved don't buy it, and is heating much, go for Snapdragon 888 is not heating so much

  • Yabe

Is the display issue fixed with latest update?

  • Real

Please oneplus 8pro users any issure with the curved screen, i like oneplus 8pro but i don't know if the curve screen is too curved or should i go for oneplus 8t. Please guys help me i need a fast responed please oneplus 8pro users thanks..

  • Anonymous

8pro cam need fixing with an update

  • MM 1

I Just order one from china in2020, i hope to download oxygen os and that it will work well

  • Iam

I used p20 pro last 3years and bought this. I am so impressed how fast phone can be, the screen is amazing, cameras are great. Best phone for solid price.

  • Zetl

M, 13 Aug 2021Is this phone have always on display feature?Yep

  • wtever

M, 13 Aug 2021Is this phone have always on display feature?yup

  • wat

Libido, 07 Aug 2021Camera is bad but great battery life.Cameras is bad? Lmao are you joking?!

  • M

Is this phone have always on display feature?

  • Libido

Pribil, 25 Jul 2021Good camera, great phone.Camera is bad but great battery life.

Anonymous, 03 Aug 2021Download Google Messages from play store, set as default me... moreHi Bro/Sis, (lol)

Thanks for the feedback. its amazing. downloaded messages from playstore and its perfectly working. really valuable feedback in regards with the messages querry.
What abt any suggestion for a good music player for the OnePlus 8Pro and any advice on how to capture food mode capturing of pics using camera app. havent been much in to Pro mode in camera so for me thats new.

Thanks in advance