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Hajlorr, 18 Jun 2021For the price of this device right now it is extreme value ... moreThere is the Poco F3, but the main camera doesn't have OIS and the ultrawide angle is half the MP, and it has inferior screen-to body-ratio with a bigger chin.

For the price of this device right now it is extreme value like sd865+ 5g, 120hz edge to edge screen, Awesome camera, design and more for only near 550$ is unseen in today's market

  • ProHeru

Same to Vivo V19

  • Anonymous

Anasswi, 01 Jun 2021Are you facing overheating problemno

  • Freefaller

I was experiencing a problem with my 8T where I would answer a call but couldn't hear the caller although they could hear me. I tried everything possible to fix the problem but to no avail and when I looked at the problem on Google I saw how widespread the problem was. In the end I purchased a Poco F3 which luckily doesn't suffer with any such problem.

  • Manish

After 6month screen screen not working.8t One +become fails mobiles build guailty is very far

  • Anonymous

The split screen function is very great. I also had it on my previous phone. But I can not understand why it does not work with the pre installed watch app.
It would be great to use the stop watch or set up a timer while using YouTube for example.

  • Anasswi

akmarifulhaque, 31 May 2021Nice phone. I have been using it for 6 months. The only pro... moreAre you facing overheating problem

  • Alfas 007

The device is best and excellent. But the unfortunate case is the place where I stay has no oneplus brand at all. By which if I some buy this phone then if this device ever get damaged after 2 or 3 year then in my area there is no spar parts in order to repair it I have to send it to UAE or country which is very expensive.

But somehow I can effort it...

Nice phone. I have been using it for 6 months. The only problem is the camera's flash light, the flash does not take good pictures. Moreover, all in all, the phone is excellent.

  • mr. unknown

worst for gaming especially for pubg i dont know the use of 855+chipset and the damn 12gb ram .for what purpose they are giving this its lagging and heat issue i can give guarantee that u can iron ur dresses

My first and last OnePlus phone. The damn thing did a factory reset on me when I was trying to boot it up. Luckily I was using it as my backup phone and didn't lose anything but there is no way I am going to bother setting it all up again only to have it automatically reset itself in a week or so. I see that others have had this problem. Piece of junk to me now.

  • Anonymous

How about using G-cam in this phone? Has anyone tried g-cam. Does it improve picture quality?

hello, i bought this phone (oneplus 8t) yesterday and after entering my 2 sim cards i did not find the saved sim cards names on contacts app, only there are the device and email options ,and not find the sim card options , what can i do ??? please anyone answers me

  • AJ

Powerful beast at very reasonable price. Love this phone!

  • Anonymous

Joem, 15 Oct 2020Well, both phones are promising, obviously the OnePlus 8T c... morewhich xiaomi phone u are comparing ?

  • Vader

Persian.Jimbooo, 09 Apr 2021Yes it is OK I updated to And battery is not good as before

Anonymous, 08 Apr 2021Exynos is laaaaame!!! Here in Portugal the FE is still 699 ... morecalm yourself, samsung is removing the Exynos 990 from the S20FE and putting in the Snapdragon 865

  • Anonymous

Sm51, 30 Oct 2020How many hours of battery standby?75 h

Anonymous, 31 Mar 20218T (12/256GB) for 445 euros or 8 Pro (8/128GB) for 565 euro... more8t if you like a flat screen and average camera but fastest charging. Great for multimedia use, texting, games...
8 pro if you want curved screen en great camera with fast charging. Great for multimedia, texting, games and photos.
Overall speed will be the same in day to day usage.
This is my personal opinion. Maybe and not sure 1 more mayor update on the 8t in the future. Correct me when wrong.