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  • Ginto dxb

See so much negatives about this phone ..I have been using it from last 02 months and so far no issues ..Brought it from Amazon UK and got in a week ..The camera is good ..performance is fast ..The price range in good and 03 years of software update

  • Anonymous

Salman Alex, 13 Sep 2021I just bought this Oneplus 9 (12/256 China) device yesterda... moreOneplus device in China not use OxygenOS, they use ColorOS.

I just bought this Oneplus 9 (12/256 China) device yesterday (12-Sep-21).
Hope It'll be a good journey with it :)

  • schris14

Hello. Does the one plus 9 support reverse wireless charging?? If yes, which versions (I have read somethings about indian and chinese versions not supporting wireless charging and thus reverse wireless charging). Moreover, what is the average time it lasts without a charging and how is the camera??

  • Mrcrunch08

This was a decent phone new although battery life always was subpar and after they throttled the phone it is now slower than my old galaxy S9 in chrome and other browsers. It is slower in every catagory now when compared to the OnePlus 8 I had before it. The plastic frame is a joke and being throttled to performance on par with a 4 year old plus phone is pathetic. OnePlus has been slow to remove the throttle or do anything about the terrible battery life. The Samsung s12 with a much smaller battery should not be out lasting this phone.

upgraded from my A50 to this, no regrets

  • Dlo

Save your money, wish I had seen all the issues related to updates and I would have taken a pass. Accepted their update and my phone is garbage now. Telus and OnePlus blaming each other but in all fairness it was the update from OnePlus that the problem began. Support people are useless and I'm done with these people. Ordering my Google 6 today.

Anonymous, 26 Aug 2021Thanks for your review! I almost bought this but the gmail ... moreYou will not find such snappy phone with ultra fast charging in this price (current market price)

I bought one 2 weeks age and found no issues

  • Anonymous

ebrowndo2, 20 Aug 2021I ran my business off of the Huawei Mate 20 Pro for two and... moreThanks for your review! I almost bought this but the gmail bug is a dealbreaker. I looked up the bug on the OnePlus forum and there have been dozens of users complaining about it for months and zero response from OnePlus. Huge red flag!

  • Max

Hi, is the LE2110 variant Global Rom and works in Romania in the Vodafone network? Or only in China? I noticed it's a little thinner, why? Thanks.

  • ebrowndo2

I ran my business off of the Huawei Mate 20 Pro for two and a half years, and never had an issue ( I put the phone through a full wash cycle in my first month ) . The phone eventually cracked, and the Canadian Government now frownes on Huawei.

The OnePlus 9 came highly reccommended from a friend. I purchased one in June 2021. The presentation and branding is stunning. Thats where it stops.

The phone feels like its made of plastic. I dropped it once from about a meter up and the screen bubbled. There is a bug in the software which prevents gmail push notifications, so I had to install a third party email software, and the pictures are embarrasilngly poor.

The sound quality and fit of the ear buds is wonderful.

All in all this is a really low quality phone. I have upgraded to the Mi 11 Ultra, and it does what I would expect a smart phone to do.

I have the oneplus9 8gb 128rom it has the Snapdragon 888 and it is a delight as you know I also have the oneplus8t and this 9 has the same fast charge as the 8t at 65w but they were fixed to be able to reduce the charging time that is now that same fast charge It is more efficient and faster this phone is a high-end full its smoothness in daily use it is wonderful to use this cell the photos are very good really not the best but they are good in everything for selfies they are very good in video not to mention and the screen looks brutal has hdr10 certification and all the ones you have to have to consume multimedia content with all its characteristics

Nice mobile with Stunning features.

  • V

SashTH, 28 Jul 2021I never use OnePlus mobiles, I'm looking for a phone w... moreCamera specific , compared to samsung and mi the in built camera modes are very few. The night mode is excellent. For normal pics there seems be noise when zooming is done after clicking the pic

I never use OnePlus mobiles, I'm looking for a phone with good camera, so for the users of this phone can you please tell me the performance and quality of the photos, is this mobile worth buying? Thanks in advance.

Hashir , 23 Jul 2021Tell me about the battery performance and camera performance It's in the review. Please read.

  • Hashir

Tell me about the battery performance and camera performance

  • Ashish

IP68, Only in T-Mobile Mobile Version..😂😂
Nice 👍

  • Anonymous

Par, 06 Jul 2021Want to buy good camera phone Google pixel 4a 5g or OneP... moreOf course pixel, the OnePlus battery is terrible, sd888 overheating.

Par, 06 Jul 2021Want to buy good camera phone Google pixel 4a 5g or OneP... moreI'd say the Pixel 4a 5G, it has better camera software and longer software support, the OnePlus 9 has better camera hardware but the software is still a little bit behind, a GCam port could fix the OnePlus' camera performance (not in third party apps), and custom ROMs for the longer software support.