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OnePlus 9 Pro

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  • Anonymous

Alajos, 19 Sep 2021Buy a pixel. I'll trade my 9 pro in for one. Photos are bad.If you can wait another month, wait for the pixel 6 it should have amazing photography

  • Rushil R

Stunning 120Hz AMOLED display
Uber-fast wired charging
Excellent performance
Good cameras
Sub-par battery life
Telephoto lens could do with some tweaks
high pixel density, high refresh rate, great camera and most important, water resistant which is important at such price range. only down side is 4500 mah Battery otherwise all is great.

  • Alajos

as, 10 Sep 2021i want to buy one plus 9 pro..... i need a good camera pho... moreBuy a pixel. I'll trade my 9 pro in for one. Photos are bad.

  • Mr Racist

Wheres the hot girl that was in the OnePlus 6T review video?

  • Anonymous

Can you suggest which phone is best, budget below 25000

PaulF, 13 Sep 2021I strongly recommend against buying the 9 Pro. The phone I... moresample size of 1

I strongly recommend against buying the 9 Pro. The phone I purchased directly from their website was defective. After some period of inactivity, 8 to 10 hours, the phone function fails. Incoming our outgoing calls dont work, but all other functions work fine (hence, not a cel tower connectivity issue). I have sent the phone back to the One Plus repair center in Texas twice, and they have failed to correct the problem. Now, despite my effort to cooperate with them, they will not issue a refund for a product that was defective out of the box.

  • Anonymous

Does anyone know when 16 ram and 18 ram / 128 rom and 256 rom model of oneplus 10 Pro will be available?

  • as

i want to buy one plus 9 pro.....
i need a good camera phone.
Should I buy this phone or any other phone like this?
iphone 11 or any?
Please give me suggestion who are already using one plus 9 pro.

I don't know what the problem is with my brand new 9 pro smartphone 03.08.21, but without any games the battery is 11% in 4 p. m. Ok, emails, viber, but without video and photos .... Great disappointment compared to my old Mi 10 Pro, which has the same battery.

  • Holo

Should i go for 9 pro or 9?i do gaming alot and watch movies sometimes.Is the plastic frame a big problem?

  • Anonymous

limecheesecake, 04 Sep 2021No, its ultrawide lens does have a 140-degree FoV.sorry buy by looking at DXO mark's comparison, it seems xiomi 11 ulra is the one with 140 degree fov, since oneplus 9 pro got the narrowest angle out of itself, samsumg s21 ultra and xiaomi 11 ultra.
Just eyeballing those photos, one can infer that oneplus 9 series ultrawide lens is equivalent to somewhere like 110 degree fov.

Anonymous, 02 Sep 2021This manufacturer previously promote that this phone has 14... moreNo, its ultrawide lens does have a 140-degree FoV.

  • Anonymous

gabbu, 18 Aug 2021any one facing heating issue in this mobile.. m planning to buySave ur money

  • Anonymous

This manufacturer previously promote that this phone has 140degree ultrawide camera.
I would like to ask where is it now?
Is that they lie to consumers again?

  • funni user

Fun Fact: Pewdiepie is actually using a Oneplus 9 pro

  • jaxjkm7

worst phone ever from OnePlus. i always been Proud OnePlus user but this is my last and final OnePlus Device. i am using 9 Pro and its getting hot without any heavy usage. its even can't bare normal morning sunlight.

  • Kuba

using the phone for few months, my screen goes green sometimes, need restart to fix it. my battery life is getting worse and worse. conclusion is the screen is poor quality and wont survive 1 or 2 years, no way. Battery i guess first is bad design, bad software, and fast charging also wears the battery quicker. Thats my first and probably last OP. Thank god i have my old samsung S20 in a drawer. 1+ yeard old samsung is just like new.

Best android flagship of 2021, change my mind

  • Anonymous

Oneplus 9 RT.

870 processor.
5G bands support 12 : 2, 5, 25, 41, 66, 71, 260, 261 SA/NSA/Sub6/mmWave and Speed : ?? Gbits.
6 inch display.
Wi-Fi 6e.
5000 mAh.
120 watts.
Price :