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  • Anonymous
  • 0Zw
  • 02 Feb 2023

You update to android 13 F19 brick coming soon for you, go to service

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    • Purushottam
    • X$n
    • 15 Jan 2023

    My battery is draining just like ev scooter on hyper mode in stand by mode for just 3 to 4 hours.

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      • Santosh
      • 7kn
      • 08 Jan 2023

      Jio 5g was launched recently in my area. But Jio 5g is not working in my OnePlus 9 pro 5g phone. It's already working in my friends OnePlus Nord 2 phone. Please suggest if it's available in others same phone.

        the problem for me after update to Android 13 my battery drain very fast just standby 3h or 4h
        it's drained nearly 40% compare to Android 12 just 5%.

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          • Kai
          • 0mc
          • 10 Dec 2022

          Model LE 2123
          I haven't updated to Android 13 yet

            OP9 Pro, 06 Dec 2022Has anyone got the Android 13 official update? My model is ... moreLE 2125 got official update to Android 13 since 1 Dec

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              • Johnny Khin
              • 693
              • 09 Dec 2022

              OP9 Pro, 06 Dec 2022Has anyone got the Android 13 official update? My model is ... moreYes just got official update..

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                • Anonymous
                • Pxj
                • 08 Dec 2022

                Infrared port no have
                Infrared port Should have been installed?

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                  • OP9 Pro
                  • ter
                  • 06 Dec 2022

                  Has anyone got the Android 13 official update? My model is LE 2121 I still haven't received any update so far? Or do we have to do it manually from developer mode. Thank you

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                    • Lido
                    • 7We
                    • 29 Nov 2022

                    Someone of you have use it with 4g/60hz set up? How s the battery performance?

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                      • Lido
                      • 7We
                      • 29 Nov 2022

                      xCSAbo, 14 Nov 2022All well and good, except for a few annoying things - after... moreConsider reset it

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                        • Shahbaz Ali
                        • 6PW
                        • 29 Nov 2022

                        1 Finger print sensor is worse
                        2 Bettery timing is not good
                        3 Hang and heating issues
                        1 Display is good
                        2 Curved screen looks is awesome
                        3 Speaker is louder and provide quality sound

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                          • Danijel M.
                          • 3pt
                          • 26 Nov 2022

                          Battery is the worst and with little capacity for such processor, fast drainage and I just hate this and considering Samsung from now on, I am tired of filling the phone the same day with normal usage, this didn't happen even with huawei mate 20pro.

                            I have switched to OnePlus 9 pro over my x60 pro plus.
                            Pros against x60 pro plus - 1) wireless charging 2) stereo speakers and overall sound quality 3) haptic feedback 4)
                            Cons - 1) very disappointing camera 2) laggy ui performance 3) fingerprint scanner 4) low performance when playing games .4) hitting is higher then Vivo

                              You know, the funny thing is that we (well, I) used to criticize this phone as being expensive, unimpressive, how it "wasn't the OnePlus we used to know", etc.

                              Well, more than one year later and here I am considering buying it as an upgrade from my 7 Pro. Right now it's honestly such a great price for the 12GB RAM model on AliExpress from OnePlus official store.

                              And I have a feeling I'm gonna say the exact same for the 10 Pro when the price drops even more.

                              OnePlus isn't the same anymore, but I have to admit they still give fair, even great, prices for their phones. Especially after an year.

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                                • xCSAbo
                                • pq0
                                • 14 Nov 2022

                                All well and good, except for a few annoying things - after flashing brand new "stable" android 12. First of all, payment with NFC (with Google wallet) does not work. Google's dialer and contacts application is deplorable (it can't sort contacts by last name. The increasingly loud wake-up sound option has disappeared. There is no possibility to adjust the sound in the quick settings (tiles). I can't delete permanently Google Discovery and Google Assistant. The phone's battery drains much faster. The screen refresh is not automatic: it always remains at 120 Hz, even when viewing a simple image.

                                  vtecfightdeck, 08 Nov 2022I have had one for about 6 months now and it has been flawl... moreHighly doubt on the battery life. Mine can't get over a day without a single charge even on basic use (Yes, I tried to tweak it by using the modules, underclocking the chipset and uninstalling all the battery-draining apps). Aside from that, it's an excellent flagship.

                                    Excellent phone. First time I got OnePlus 6t. From then on I always get new OnePlus. In between tried other brands but ultimately reverted back to OnePlus. 9 pro is a perfect phone.

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                                      • vtecfightdeck
                                      • 6Ap
                                      • 08 Nov 2022

                                      K, 21 Oct 2022Not recommended. Utterly dissapointing performance and UI.... moreI have had one for about 6 months now and it has been flawless. No issues, everything works when I need it, good battery life, charges fast, fast charger included in the box(take note Apple and Samsung). Overall a great phone and I dont know what the others are complaining about, they must be either misusing, misconfiguring the phone or just got a lemon.

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                                        • Lumi
                                        • s0m
                                        • 06 Nov 2022

                                        Very good phone. All around perfect phone. Only weakness would be the slightly weak battery but doesn't matter because of 65w and wireless charging