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OnePlus 9 Pro

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  • bbecker1983

Disappointed is a word I'd use, I was hopeful they'd use the 64mp 1.0um for omnivision along with the bigger ultra wide. The 3.3x should be more than 8mp, at least 12mp 1.0um

  • T

Anonymous, 24 Mar 2021Why would you buy 1+ 9 pro, then the price is similar with ... moreIn europe there is no soc888 version of s21u, that's why I will take 1+9

  • Anonymous

Nothing spectacular!

this is my favorite phone but I expected at least auto focus front camera and better battely life

24bit audio for a flagship? What a joke.

  • Anonymous

Why would you buy 1+ 9 pro, then the price is similar with Samsung Galaxy S21 ultra or iPhone 12 pro max.
This company now is a joke.

  • Qwerty

Will wait for the T version of both phones if ever. LOL Will not buy into the hype thing. Software updates are needed and should be tested along the way before buying one, that's what a witty consumer would do - don't think hypebeast would do those things. LOL

  • JJ

David Rez, 23 Mar 2021Why the hell OnePlus doesn't launch Pro versions with ... moreI am totally agree with you

  • NotAFanOfAnyBrand

Considering the amount of publicity the company gave over the Hasselblad branding on its camera, the performance was not that convincing. Well I have seen at least 3/4 videos and the performance is not on par with s21 ultra or even iphone 12 pro max. It surely gives focus on real color options but its based on preference.
As Zack said in Jerryrigeverything " Branding does nothing to improve the camera performance it's mere publicity."

But unless your goal is to get the absolute best of the best in phone cameras then that shouldn't put you off -- the OnePlus 9 Pro is a beautiful phone that ticks almost every box we'd expect of a flagship in 2021.

  • Anonymous

David Rez, 23 Mar 2021Why the hell OnePlus doesn't launch Pro versions with ... moren
nanagdad fu%3 hours ago
Not a fan of flat displays so I'll skip this one just like 8t & oneplus 9 despite being great phones but flat is a major deal breaker which I cannot compromise, wish they had flat & curved options for the same phone just like there optio...

David Rez, 23 Mar 2021Why the hell OnePlus doesn't launch Pro versions with ... morenah, edgy sceen is better, great for gestures and for looks.. and now it's also only slightly curved, so it's not a problem a time to quit discussing it like we don't moan about replaceable battery.
Battery will be likely fantastic, given 3G score of INSANE 35hours. Rest is for later tweaks.
SD card must come in model 10 and model 9T, what a wasted opportunity -- they could middle finger Samsung S21 with this. I see 256GB is not enough for some.

  • Anonymous

The night shots were bad, even the 2019 Huawei P30 Pro can beat it.

  • Anonymous

If i bought this phone on their official website (united state) is the phone will came unlocked?

  • Anonymous

Where's the reverse wireless charging

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 23 Mar 2021not even 90 hours endurance battery life.. 1000 usd for thi... morenotice how most snapdragon 888 phones this year have worse bettery life than their 865 predecessors?

  • kuwait91

i want to buy this phone before i watch live event they talk for 30min+ on camera and how did they make it with hasselblade i saw review on youtube and i saw that camera is good but not for 1069$ on this price i go with s21 ultra
1-super fast charging / wireless too
2-better camera but not competitive with s21 ultra or iphone 12 max
1-high price
2-from oneplus7 pro 256gb Internal storage only are you series? do you think its time to upgrade 512gb ? how i will take 8k video when my storage is full this is not make any sense
i love oxgenOS but for this price i go with s21 ultra maybe later i come back if they going real with cameras like s21

  • Anonymous

not even 90 hours endurance battery life.. 1000 usd for this ? wow.... they have lost their minds

  • Biondo

Every single thing in this phone is perfect except for the glass. They used gorilla glass 5 on a 2021 flagship, nonsense. If my phone falls i need to be sure it's not going to have a cracked screen since nowadays a display with a fingerprint scanner costs 1/4 of the phone's price. Like come on they could've put the gorilla glass victus there

Why the hell OnePlus doesn't launch Pro versions with flat screen?
What in the name of god makes the manufactures create these damned awful annoying curved screens...?!
So we get the regular version with the flat screen but unfortunately it doesn't support water and dust resistance.
I'm very disappointed!

  • Anonymous

It's a disappointment