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I have had this phone for a year now, and it's solid but has a few flaws. First, the design is epic, featuring a metal frame glass front and glass back design.

The charging is blazing fast. Goes from 0% to 100% in about 20 minutes. But mostly I soft charge from 10%.

The hardware is powerful with an upper midrange processor, UFS 3.1 flagship storage chip, and impressive cameras with DOL-HDR support.

Unfortunately, the software is lacking. As someone who moved from Samsung, I always feel like I'm walking around with a speed-limited supercar.

When I bought it, the Operating System was pure OnePlus-ish, but subsequent updates rendered the phone another OPPO. You can't tell them apart.

Another thing is the display, despite being AMOLED, is subpar. I notice blue hues when the screen is off but facing bright light.

Also, it tends to be charcoal gray when in non-lit areas. AMOLEDS are known for deep blacks, and it can't come close to the AMOLED screen I had on my A7 2016.

All in all, I hope it survives five years before my next upgrade.

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    • Mukul
    • X%7
    • 16 Feb 2024

    Anonymous, 10 Jan 2024Does it have green line issue?Yes! But service center fix it

      This phone rapid charging is amazing. Bought a used version for dual sim availability. I don't see any difference in performance like screen quality, stereo, and features. Although android 13 is now available over the air with android 14 the final version. It's pretty smooth and Dual sim makes me feel like a spy.

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        • Aleji
        • 6uf
        • 22 Jan 2024

        Beware, display is week

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          • Anonymous
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          • 10 Jan 2024

          Does it have green line issue?

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            • skillz
            • fvx
            • 23 Dec 2023

            Anonymous, 15 Dec 2023Android 14 available?yes

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              • Anonymous
              • 6kA
              • 15 Dec 2023

              Android 14 available?

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                • Abhi
                • CbI
                • 19 Jul 2023

                No use waste product type headphones unbleto connect

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                  • okhello
                  • pa6
                  • 22 Jun 2023

                  sheikh.jaber.nurani, 20 May 2023I bought this phone and i am totally dissatisfied. 01. If... morethat's a lie! that never happens
                  1. mine is good.
                  2. it doesn't do those.
                  3. It lasts long

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                    • Surendra Prajapat
                    • CbF
                    • 02 Jun 2023

                    Got Android 13.1

                      I bought this phone and i am totally dissatisfied.
                      01. If you switch on cellular data, Battery won't last more than 2/3 hours.
                      02. Sensor and phone lock is very week. During call (after receiving from other side), display/light will be automatically on. I put this display off by switching power button. It will happen several times in a 2/3 minutes call.
                      03. When i kept my mobile in pocket (password protected), it automatically made a call or appeared in sos mode.

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                        • Anonymous
                        • dMn
                        • 07 Mar 2023

                        Speedevs, 25 Jan 2023The problem with this phone is the battery fast issue , I g... morebruh really, i use mobile data nonstop and modern phones use less battery on data, this gets bad battery life because gigantic powerful snap 888

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                          • ABC
                          • X@2
                          • 24 Feb 2023

                          If I buy this near about 24000 rupee or 290$.. is that a good deal?

                          *Phone is 11 month old
                          *No major issue
                          *Friend phone so I can trust it.

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                            • Speedevs
                            • Nu6
                            • 25 Jan 2023

                            The problem with this phone is the battery fast issue , I got the oneplus 9rt dark version , just NOTE , your battery won't last more than 2 hours if your the kind of person that use "celluar data" on your phone .

                            In speed wise , it is fast , like very fast , can vouch for that , but in terms of battery , maybe like 2 - 3 hours , but in 30 minutes your phone is fully charge , and also the "Camera" , do not support "very close snapping" like if your finger is close to the camera , it will become blur , got to be like some distance to see the image clearly . so only Dis about this phone

                            Performance : GOOD (oxygen os 13)
                            Battery : MEH
                            Charging speed : insane 30 minutes ,and optimize charging available

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                              • Anonymous
                              • LBa
                              • 15 Dec 2022

                              so my mom has this phone it is not that bad of a flagship although I am not a fan of the camera

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                                • Ashikur Rahman
                                • X{X
                                • 14 Dec 2022

                                SREEJITH , 14 Oct 2022Is this device support wireless charger No.

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                                  • Accteezy
                                  • I@H
                                  • 16 Nov 2022

                                  Is this color os or oxygen os, i think OnePlus 9 series are color os not oxygen os

                                    I wanna see this released outside of China and India

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                                      • KgV
                                      • 21 Oct 2022

                                      does the 5g work in ph (globe)

                                        Mobilenoob, 19 Jun 2022Should I get the oneplus 9RT or Should I look at Xiaomi 11T... moreI'm where you are now. I will be going with the OnePlus 9RT because its user interface is more refined. Xiaomi 11T Pro is great on the display and sound quality. But it feels like a brick in the hands.