OnePlus 9's IMX789 sensor detailed in early video, unique dual camera system teased

Peter, 08 March 2021

The first promo video for the Sony IMX789 is already out. In case you missed it, this sensor has been custom designed for the OnePlus 9 phones and their Hasselblad cameras. It has dual native ISO, full-pixel omni-directonal autofocus, it can record 4K video at 120 fps and supports real time HDR video processing.

The sensor will also feature Sony’s Digital Overlap HDR (DOL-HDR). Unlike staggered HDR, DOL is able to capture several exposures simultaneously, which helps remove ghosting caused by moving objects.

The first thing that the video demonstrates is the freeform lens for the ultra wide-angle camera. It suffers from much less distortion – 1% vs. 10-20% for a typical aspheric lens.

The system is actually quite unique as it uses two cameras placed lengthwise along the phone with two prisms redirecting light 90°. The image processing system will stitch the image in real time to create the extra-wide panorama with a 140° field of view.

The IMX789 will have a 16:11 aspect ratio, making it equally adept at shooting 4:3 photos and 16:9 video. 12-bit RAW will be supported for photography and Hasselblad will share its technology for capturing true to life colors.

Freeform lens for low distortion 140º field of view DOL-HDR
Freeform lens for low distortion • 140º field of view • DOL-HDR

OnePlus is bringing some upgrades for the selfie camera as well. The new autofocus system can get a lock 5-10 times faster than a traditional camera, it only needs 1 millisecond. The minimum focus distance has been shortened to 15 cm (6 inches) and the fast reaction times of the AF system allow it to keep a focus lock even as you move your hand.

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Reader comments

  • AMVR

Take a look here. image/video proccesing is our goal: Now a phone can have the same mirrorless performance.

  • Anonymous

Bollocks, look at pixel detail of any phone, they on no way compare to DSLR (yet). Pixel size below 1.2 seems too mushy. 1.4 far better. Most are 0.8 on the 64mp mainstream options. Huawei seem to have best camera still.

  • Anonymous

Phones are easier and cheaper. Not better. Better or more flexible in certain scenarios. But actual quality is typically garbage on a phone on comparison. Especially with how aggressively over the top they are processed now a days

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