OnePlus and Oppo devices will get Google's Gemini AI

Vlad, 11 April 2024

Update: Oppo has just reached out to us with a clarification regarding its deal with Google for Gemini. Oppo says it's not going to be "Gemini Ultra", as described in the original post below, but more generally, Oppo and OnePlus devices will get "Gemini Models" through a partnership with Google. These will "bring revolutionary AI experiences to mobile devices". The original text of the post follows.

Google's Gemini Large Language Model (LLM), in its Ultra 1.0 iteration, is coming to OnePlus and Oppo phones later this year. The revelation was announced by the companies at Google's Cloud Next 2024 conference.

The Gemini LLM has a few tiers, the smallest one being Nano, which can run on-device and is coming to the Pixel 8 soon, while Ultra is the most capable cloud-based version of it, which powers the Gemini Advanced chatbot. Ultra understands highly complex tasks and context in order to deliver useful replies.

OnePlus and Oppo devices will get Google's Gemini Ultra AI

Aside from Gemini, OnePlus and Oppo phones will also get select Google Cloud AI features, though it's unclear which. Also unclear is how "Gemini Ultra is coming to OnePlus and Oppo phones" is different from using a browser to access Google's Gemini Advanced chatbot.

More details will hopefully come in the next few weeks and months, as this implementation, whatever it ends up being, still feels like it's a bit far off. Recently, OnePlus announced its own version of Google's Magic Eraser would be coming to some of its phones, and with this new announcement it seems like Oppo and OnePlus are ready to try and fully ride the AI hype train.



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Open Gemini -> Go to Settings -> Open "Digital assistants from Google" -> Select Google Assistant.

  • Don
  • 12 Apr 2024
  • IbI

I made the mistake of loading Gemini onto my Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra some weeks ago. After I realized it was virtually useless, I tried to uninstall it. No doing. It has somehow integrated itself into the phone and if I try to get rid of it, all of ...

  • Tech Guy
  • 12 Apr 2024
  • 7j}

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