OnePlus extends software support for its smartphones

Michail, 02 July 2021

Earlier today, OnePlus confirmed its new update policy for its device portfolio. Flagship devices starting with the OnePlus 8 series will now get three major Android OS updates and four years of security updates. This includes T-series and R models too.

OnePlus extends software support for its smartphones

OnePlus Nord and Nord CE devices will get two major OS updates alongside three years of security patches. Nord N series devices are in for one Android OS update and three years of security updates. OnePlus flagships released prior to the OnePlus 8 series will follow the old update policy of two Android OS updates and three years of security updates.

The new post also confirms the unification of the OxygenOS and ColorOS codebase starting with Android 12.



Reader comments

  • Anonymous

Shame that 7 and 7 Pro cannot get Android 12 since they are not much different than the 7T and 7T Pro. But then again, even the 7T and 7T Pro would not enjoy the third OS update as well. This makes me wonder if the 6T would get a third OS update sinc...

  • Anonymous

I bought a 9R. The battery lasts forever. No heat issue whatsoever. Performance is great, camera is great. GPS, reception A+. No call or any issues. Seriously I am picky as hell (used Zenfone 7 Pro, Note 10+ before) but i have no complaints. It'...

  • Ss

I am newly purchased in OnePlus 9 r. Android 12 update in OnePlus 9r and heating problem in this mobile. Battery 🔋 suddenly discharging . Continuously work in OnePlus 9 r 4 to 5 hours in battery. Camera quality is worst . Rear side and front camera....

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