OnePlus' Ladies First contest is blasted as sexist

12 August, 2014

So OnePlus' phone, the One, is definitely receiving a lot of love on the internet for its top shelf specs at a fairly low price, so there are plenty of people waiting on line to buy one. Well OnePlus thought that it would generate some hype for its maiden handset by conducting a giveaway contest. However, the campaign is putting the phone manufacturer under some fire.

The campaign, entitled "Ladies First" encourages women to send selfies of themselves to OnePlus for a chance to win a free OnePlus One smartphone. Seems like a harmless contest, right?

Well this is where it gets problematic: it's the language that OnePlus used that has gotten them in trouble:

"Ladies, no nudity please."

Seems like a risque joke on OnePlus' part, however, the implications of the comment are what's getting the manufacturer in trouble. They are implying that women are just jumping at the opportunity to get naked for a free cell phone, at least that's what some angry people are saying on the internet.

The blowback was severe enough for OnePlus to cancel the contest altogether, and the original thread where users were voicing their anger has been pulled.

You can chalk this up as a PR snafu for the OnePlus team. Looks like whoever was in charge of heading up the contest copy is going to be in trouble.

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Reader comments

Ok I know this is old but you were being unreasonable. A new company doesn't have all the factories and stuff to mass manufacturer a new phone for the over million customers it attracted. Especially when they only planned to sell 50000 phones.

Angry naked men force naked women out of "get a free phone for a selfie" contest? Wow! Seriously, I believe this situation is weird. Both the contest (with a pretty standard limitation, by the way, its just weird they want to give their p...

  • lol

Thats what exectly woyluld happen if not the warning message, I bet my hand some drunk hoockers would send some naked pictures for sure

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