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  • Basu
  • YPe
  • 20 Sep 2022

Highly alert it's world no 1 worse mobile never use this brand. I´m totally damage my cash. Within 3months i face lots of felt. on second day while i use\open navigator its too much heated. Now a days app are not working properly. No more apps on this device to protect file or folder. No any folder function on app. Youtube not open. App store not function properly. No one ready to bye on second hand market. I pay $275 . Worth less investment on this cell phone. Be alert.

    Great camera, beautiful display and body. That's it. You can't really customize it in any way. Dislike the pages that are displayed necessitating the "close all" tab to be utilized so the privacy screen is useless because someone can still view what you viewed. Fonts, tow with one ugly one called Never Settle, can't make the photo albums any bigger, photos transfer into small, postage size images that are worthless. No option given in the camera setting to chose what megapixel to shoot either.

    As soon as I can afford it, I will be going back to a Samsung Galaxy. Oneplus also has the worst customer service department ever.

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      • Anonymous
      • dQU
      • 03 Sep 2022

      Prasad, 31 Aug 2022I've no idea how to keep this in words, I've been... moreIf you didn't backed up your data them you don't have priceless data but some random mumbo jumbo.

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        • Prasad
        • 7kp
        • 31 Aug 2022

        I've no idea how to keep this in words, I've been using Nord since two years now. Yesterday that is Aug 30, 2022 OnePlus Nord disabled the fingerprint itself and asked me for the pattern which I've not changed for a long-time and it isn't getting opened, I've tried for multiple times and it kept saying that the pattern I entered is incorrect. Now, I'm being told that all the data will be lost as the service center people are forcing me to opt factory data reset. Can anyone even imagine how it feels like to not be able to access your on phone by entering the regular password through which you get access to everyday on a casual evening?
        I've priceless data in it, the fact that I have not backed it up makes it even more priceless. So un-casual an experience.

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          • Prasad
          • 7kp
          • 31 Aug 2022

          I'm not getting words to

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            • hrosty
            • SHp
            • 19 Aug 2022

            Had the phone for around a year now, It's good I don't really have any major complaints. Only thing that bothers me is a screen burn in where the clock, battery and signal icons are and I kinda feel like One Plus screwed the camera with the last updated, but I usually use manual anyways. Just too much skin smoothing.

              T4techdroid , 17 May 2022Its not.oneplus fault, If you drop a device with AMOLED , ... moreActually let me correct you there, P-OLED panels are flexible and aren't able to shatter, phones with that display type are much more durable regarding the internal display.

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                • Wajahat Khan
                • XRL
                • 29 Jul 2022

                I am using this phone since last 6 months, amazing phone, camera, battery, speed, video recording quality, everything is excellent, its design is very beautiful and slim, calling quality is also good, I just received 12.1 oxygen update and phone interface has been changed and beautiful, I am fully satisfied with this amazing phone. Every phone has minor problems that should be ignored. Thanks

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                  • sreekanth
                  • XV{
                  • 24 Jul 2022

                  Very worst phone i had brought two years but still not single update successful
                  lot of complaints while using this phone

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                    • Rstuff
                    • 0ZY
                    • 23 Jul 2022

                    I wouldn't want to say this but for me Oneplus nord is the worst phone i have ever bought. Nothing works right. And
                    When i bought the phone it already had tons of issues.

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                      • Manoj
                      • y2g
                      • 15 Jul 2022

                      Worst mobile, had never seen a mobile phone like this. I bought a oneplus Nord 12GB 256GB, its too slowwww, gets hang every now and then. Thank you

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                        • Divyansh
                        • HsK
                        • 14 Jul 2022

                        Seriously it's my worst mistake that i bought Nord!
                        Bought the 256-12 version (in India) it's been 1.4year since i bought this and tbh after a month or so i have regret about it everyday! The screen is shit its something to do with the Indian version of phone only but it's just too bad the customer support says that's it's not fixable we have weird green blue tint and from a few months the whole screen has purple tint allover, the software is buggy, the camera image quality had been degraded, there are absolutely no animation in the UI thus making it feel too hard and bad, every new update adds more bugs with no resolution from OnePlus, after the last update my phone turns off and sticks in bootloop for a few minutes anytime anywhere, all over expirence using the phone is too bad, the main thing is screen ! OnePlus promoted it too much "amoled amoled" litrally ? You just have faulty screens on all your Indian nords devices it's no use. I had the option to buy Google pixel 4a but chooses to go for Nord because it was better on every aspect on spec-sheet but i wish I had gone for 4a. And to those people who think that i should switch to another then there's no option i belong to a middle class Indian family somehow got myself a 30,000₹ phone i just can't do it ! That's what makes me feel more sorry and dissappointed that i really paid 30k for this headache phone! Even thought of selling it off but the thing is noones gonna buy it ! Because it's a dumb fuck stupid phone with litrally a god damn factory fitted faulty screen ! The screen replacement costs 10k even if someone gets it i heard that even the new screens have same issue so it's no help stilll exceptionally if this gets fixed then the bugs the camera quality is gonna entertain the fact that's uts absolutely a shitty device !!!! I'm soo frustrated by this it's absolutely my worst decision, i really paid 30k for this ahhhhhh I'm crying.

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                          • Sharon
                          • g4D
                          • 08 Jul 2022

                          Tz Rakib. , 27 Apr 2022Never Buy Oneplus Nord, I bought a oneplus Nord 12GB 256GB,... moreI agree, I am 2 months from being able to upgrade, can't wait. Thinking about going back to my Samsung with a broken screen, it would be an improvement over the One+ Nord. The new upgrade only made it worse.

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                            • DAS
                            • vwf
                            • 06 Jul 2022

                            SA466, 05 Jul 2022Does this phone really have 4k60 on the front camera but on... moreYes, only 60FPS 4K in front camera

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                              • SA466
                              • p1Z
                              • 05 Jul 2022

                              Does this phone really have 4k60 on the front camera but only 4k30 on the back camera?

                                ASG, 10 Jun 2022how can switch off the beauty effect of the front camera?? ... moreRight close to the flash there is a button for face

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                                  • Anonymous
                                  • sSM
                                  • 12 Jun 2022

                                  I had bought one plus nord on on 25.10.2020 with one plus care extension for two years. In the month of January 2022, I sent my mobile for servicing since there was issue with display. even after servicing, the problem existed. since I had slight set back I accepted the mobile. last week the display did not work and i sent the mobile for service. one of the service personnel asked me to remit a sum of Rs.10000/- plus since the warranty expired. without verifying the warranty details, the service personnel from Bangalore talked to me in an unpolite manner and disconnected the line during conversation. my mobile is in warranty till 24.10.2022. the quality of the service personnel has to be improved.

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                                    • ASG
                                    • Fvc
                                    • 10 Jun 2022

                                    how can switch off the beauty effect of the front camera?? please, help!

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                                      • K2407
                                      • X%X
                                      • 04 Jun 2022

                                      T4techdroid , 17 May 2022Its not.oneplus fault, If you drop a device with AMOLED , ... moreI once dropped my phone, it has super-AMOLED screen. But only outer glass was cracked. My under display was fine. I changed the outer glass & I still use this phone. It's a samsung. Not all AMOLED or OLED are same.

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                                        • Anonymous
                                        • 7tQ
                                        • 31 May 2022

                                        Karl20, 12 Jan 2022Last Oneplus I'll ever have.... I've had Oneplus... moreMy phone is not connecting with the service provider frequently. I have to power off the phone and then switch it on to get connected again. What is the solution to this problem?