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BMHater12, 02 Jul 2023Pretty cool for the Nord having a codename for a late great... moreExcept it came from the concept of true north.

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    • streetfighter
    • bxd
    • 01 Sep 2023

    edywide, 22 Aug 2023Beware, this phone loses 5G when updating to Android 12. Al... moreThat's false. Mine with A12, 5G & VoLTE working fine.

      Beware, this phone loses 5G when updating to Android 12. Also no VoLTE support.

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        • Unhappy
        • Ib5
        • 11 Aug 2023

        I've had this phone for about a year, it got submerged in water and I needed to get it replaced (same phone received).
        SEVERAL problems already seen after getting my phone replaced, all being the issues I had with my prior phone.
        The settings either changed by themselves or would not saved to what I changed them to, which btw I ended up losing pictures and information from my last phone because the settings didn't stick!
        I'll open up photos, and it won't load... PHOTOS. Game apps, Chrome, etc. I understand they sometimes don't work but photos!?! I opened up Facebook and it opened just find.
        I've had to restart my phone multiple times because the keyboard would get stuck on my screen even after turning off the screen and turning it back on. I'll open up other apps, click the home button and it won't go away I actually have to restart it.

        How is it that I'm having the same issues with a new phone? At first I thought maybe it was an issue with the physical phone itself, but I didn't add anything but photos and Facebook and boom.. same issues so starting to thing it's the system or brand of phone.

        The brightness on the phone changes randomly, I'll be in the same room, same spot, haven't moved and the brightness goes down as if I haven't touched my screen in a while.
        My screen will randomly go black. Volume button won't work at times. I'll hit the power button to turn off my screen and it'll spaz out turning on and off, I pressed it once just to turn the screen off.. the button isn't stuck or anything so wtf?

        I'll take pictures and it's been taking forever just to snap the picture OR it won't even save the first picture I took!

        This phone sucks! Only reason I got it was because it was an "upgrade" option, I wish I never took it because my old phone (the one before the one that got submerged) was actually better than this crap.

        I've had people say it may need an update, no. After each update it just gets worse, like what are you adding to these "updates" to make the phones work even worse than before?! This is ridiculous.

          Pretty cool for the Nord having a codename for a late great Swedish EDM composer

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            • Reyan
            • pWB
            • 25 Jun 2023

            Tehtarik, 16 Apr 2023Im still using this phone i love it no issues still strong ... moreBecause the front camera can record at better resolution in 4k 60fps

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              • Tehtarik
              • tu6
              • 16 Apr 2023

              Im still using this phone i love it no issues still strong n smooth..
              android 11.. i dont want to update the latest version im afraid get any problem like bug or smthing.. but 1 thing thats weird.. main cam cant record 4k 60fps only 30 fps.. while selfie cam can record to 4k 60fps🤔🤔..

                Anonymous, 04 Apr 2023Bought it at launch date still going strong in 2023, i real... moreSimilar thoughts here, only that i bought it at the end of 2020 so I have had it for a little less time than you and for the average usage that I have it is a really good phone, easily lasts me a day even on the heaviest of days. Charging is great as you said but the battery has started to show signs of degradation for me. Barely though.

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                  • 7tP
                  • 04 Apr 2023

                  Bought it at launch date still going strong in 2023, i really like the longevity of this phone, battery is good, charging is fast. Such a shame that it won't get Android 13 update.

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                    • pJM
                    • 29 Mar 2023

                    Dominican, 26 Mar 2023Do not buy this brand of @#$%, they are the last to update ... moreThe Oxygen Updater app from Google Play can grab official updates more quickly than it may show up through the normal update process, but there's only a few months left before the official updates will stop anyway.

                    LineageOS 20 (based on Android 13) is now available for the Nord though, so that could be switched to instead for anyone who already has this phone, but users should make sure they're already on the latest OxygenOS 12 release before switching as that firmware level is needed for the WiFi/Network to work properly.

                    This information is only intended for those who already own it, as I have no desire (or the knowedge) to make any recommendations on whether someone should or shouldn't buy one.

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                      • MSa
                      • 29 Mar 2023

                      I've used it for almost 3 years, upgraded from OnePlus 6 and the disappointment was almost immediate. The build quality was worse, the plastic frame felt much cheaper and the vibration motor was also very lacklustre.

                      Kudos to the display, it was good.

                      Battery was good initially but fell off a cliff around the 2 year mark. It started to struggle staying alive for a full day and often had to bring a charger along for the day. Speaking of charging, it was fast and honestly great, got to 50% within at 15min.

                      It actually survived quite a few drops, ive dropped it to the floor and concrete and for the most part it held up shockingly fine, although it did meet its match after falling on its corner off of a table and then had a display failure after i dropped it onto the concrete around chest height.

                      Camera was alright, although the zoom lens was basically worthless. Front facing wide lens came in handy exactly once, and for that one time i was very greatfull for it, despite its lacklustre quality. Normal selfie lens was also fine, got the job done and was good enough.
                      Also as time went on launching the camera app became slower and slower. I had a bug where it would apply a horrifying filter after snapping a photo, the quality was awful and i had to in the moment just take a screenshot of the viewfinder because the quality was so much better on that. I think after a restart it got fixed (also restarts take bloody forever)

                      Software. This is the reason im not just disappointed but actively angry at this phone and at OnePlus, Each android update made it worse and worse, buggy and buggier. Android 12 was the breaking point where i wanted to ditch it, gmail, banking app, text messages all stopped sending me notifications, the amount of emails i missed because of this damned update. The shelf function also got worse and worse each update, a lot of the time it would just remove widgets like my calendar.

                      This phone made me dislike OnePlus, a phone brand i have loved so far. I wont be buying from them again any time soon. I am really going to miss the alert slider and the old light weight OxygenOS.

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                        • Anonymous
                        • SHi
                        • 28 Mar 2023

                        Anonymous, 08 Mar 2023Does the back camera record 4k 60fps ? As it would be weird... moreJust checked and indeed, back one records max up to 4k 30 while the front one does 4k 60.

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                          • Dominican
                          • BHb
                          • 26 Mar 2023

                          Do not buy this brand of @#$%, they are the last to update them after one spends so much money on it, in my experience it is not worth it.

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                            • Anonymous
                            • 39x
                            • 12 Mar 2023

                            Worst budget phone I've ever owned! Camera quality is poor but worst is the Bluetooth, so weak that audio devices even at arm length don't work well. Operating system is very slow switching on and off although runs moderately well for social medias. WiFi calling doesn't work properly.

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                              • xhp
                              • 08 Mar 2023

                              Does the back camera record 4k 60fps ? As it would be weird if the selfie camera could record 4k 60fps but the back doesn't

                                Anonymous, 25 Feb 2023Yes it can shoot 4k 60 fpsYou are wrong. It only shoots at 30fps at 4k.

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                                  • ucF
                                  • 25 Feb 2023

                                  Anonymous, 28 Jan 2023Wait can the Nord shoot 4K60 video on the main cameraYes it can shoot 4k 60 fps

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                                    • Anonymous
                                    • TSQ
                                    • 23 Feb 2023

                                    Does anyone face this issue when the camera crash when you're trying to capture a photo on your OnePlus nord?

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                                      • H4w
                                      • 02 Feb 2023

                                      Anonymous, 28 Jan 2023Wait can the Nord shoot 4K60 video on the main cameraNope
                                      Only 1080p 30-60fps
                                      And 4k 30fps

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                                        • Anonymous
                                        • XNN
                                        • 28 Jan 2023

                                        Wait can the Nord shoot 4K60 video on the main camera