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MobileMan, 14 hours ago@Subramaniam Cn & @Greenery - Firstly Greenery , you h... moreThanks for admitting the realities. But, I don't believe in the number values you specify every time in your posts. I believe only my eyes and brain, which is nothing but the perceived quality I experience with the cameras, processor, and everything else. All these numbers are just marketing gimmicks. A simple VGA camera of an old Sony camcorder records better videos than today's 48mp cameras. Another example is, when a 12mp camera of Google's Pixel captures better photos than a 48 and 64mp cameras, don't you think it is weird to measure performance with numbers. Lets consider another example with respect to processors. The performance of the processor Snapdragon 665 falls behind 660 which is inversely proportional to their associated numbers. Now, I let your brain do the rest. Quality is something which is divine and which is inexpressible by numbers.

MobileMan, 14 hours ago@Subramaniam Cn & @Greenery - Firstly Greenery , you h... moreThanks for admitting the realities.

  • Prime

Samsung are the best of all.

  • Imran

I'm facing a big issue with nord, proximity sensor is not working and many customers are facing this problem .and not smooth as much as I thought .now I m changing to another brand .so I will suggest to people for not taking Nord

  • Sudip

What is the LTE-A CA Carrier Aggregation combination support type spec? it is 2CA or 3CA or 4CA or 5CA ?

  • MobileMan

@Subramaniam Cn & @Greenery - Firstly Greenery , you have mentioned what I have mentioned as Nords camera capability that's its a good camera GCAm makes it close to IMX 686 & gives Samsung GW1 even Close Shave , but overall it still falls ( 6/10 ) times , IMX &GW1 still has more pixel peep details ( I am saying 100% Crop / Zoom ) , since its sensor is 1/2.25" vs 1/1.72" ( IMX 686 is marginally bigger then GW1 ) , luckily this has OIS and it helps in night to equally compete with this sensors but the difference is still there as its cam. its very close to OP8. Yes the Screen is not top notch ( If i compare other mobile amoled screens - Colour shifts etc. ) , & if we disregard factors like Contrast , Punchy COlours & Sunlight Brightness IPS LCD lives longer then AMOLED any day ( Its meant for rought use unlike AMOLED as I said in 3 years in present tech. you might have colour shift even with black themes ) , eitherway indoors IPS LCD can be seen properly

  • Yash

Its not as smooth as OnePlus other devices....some applications like YouTube, phone etc are not smooth at all. These applications are hitching and not feeling like a 90hz. I have a bad experience with oneplus nord

greenery, 23 hours agoIf your main focus is camera, nord is passable at best. Tho... moreIf your main importance is camera why do you want to take the long route. Instead of going for GCam mod and tinkering with it, just go for Pixel 4a, if you haven't bought Nord yet.

  • greenery

MobileMan, 23 Sep 2020@Deadmanwade - Ok See Nords camera is Quite Good for Daylig... moreIf your main focus is camera, nord is passable at best. Tho the camera improved significantly once i installed a ported Gcam mod. Back primary camera becomes great with Gcam even in low loght, back UW is passable at best, back macro is still trash regardless if stock or Gcam mod. For front, primary is good especially with Gcam, while UW still lacks significant detail especially in low light scenarios. I noticed a hint of beautification filter in their stock camera app, even if you set beautification to 0, that's why i rarely used the stock camera app. Performance is great with the phone, a few hiccups when scrolling every now and then but barely noticeable.

PaulMihai, 24 Sep 2020There are a lot more things added from the form factor to t... moreAs I have already said, flagship aesthetics doesn't come cheap.

MobileMan, 24 Sep 2020@Subramaniam Cn - Nord is good tech , IPS LCD is preferr... moreMy previous post is not about Nord, but it is about Android devices in general. As far as OLED displays are concerned, I just shared my beliefs. I can't change or stop upcoming technologies. If you are interested, you can know more about IPS LCDs and OLEDs from www. I hope you would admit that a good IPS LCD display is always better than a mediocre OLED display.

As far as Nord is concerned, you have admitted that you are making compromises on behalf of OnePlus. Camera and Display are two most important components of a mobile with which buying decisions are taken by SOME consumers. But, Nord has failed to play it properly here. Above all, there is nothing noteworthy in Nord which can differentiate itself from its competitors other than its UI which again falls behind stock Android in terms of performance.

Coming to 5G, it is an upcoming technology in most of the countries. Moreover, there are only few processors which can support this. Hence, it is not worthier to count Nord's capability on this front.

Anonymous, 22 Sep 2020In a previous post, you said that stock android is basic t... moreThere are a lot more things added from the form factor to the materials to ip rating. If they would have put it at 500$ I could look the other way in terms of software.

Subramanian CN, 22 Sep 2020My dear friend, do you believe that Pixel 4a is priced lowe... moreThat is why I was laughing at the end ... Of course they will not price that below 600.

  • MobileMan

@Subramaniam Cn - Nord is good tech , IPS LCD is preferred if one wants to enjoy colours all time , but if one wants to enjoy Black Themes sAMOLED is better. sAmoled is still work in progress & the screen you get now Burn - In or Lose Colour ideally after 2 Years ( Earlier it was months , 3 Years if you use quite Judiciously ( I mean with Black Themes , Wallpaper etc. ) discounting Manuf. defects. Only Sammy Screens are good. LG is now mass manuf. OLED TV & they might expand to Mobiles ( Last experience was bad ) & Sony is also there , BOE is work in progress.( Samsung totally rules OLED Mobile Market )

Anyways @deadmanwade - Yes , OP Nord is good if you want Upper Mid Tier Performance , its Software is excellent & there are few lags & its like System Wide Nova Launcher , Plus many other settings & Bloat Free Apps ( Ok Zukerberg Sleeping inside ) , 90Hz Amoled Panel , thats why Mr. Pei said it was difficult decision to make Nord ( As only camera & Screen to some extent is difference between this & 8 , 8 Pro , 8T , rest software expereince is near same , camera is also close to OP8 ) I am not sure of 5G in India as it supports few Bands (Sd themself called 750 to be complete 5G which is on Sam. F42 ( Correct me here on model name )). Camera i have already said its a little compromise to competition ( If you are ok with that & you want 5G go with Nord ) , but do note 5G Band support is not 100% Guaranteed on Nord. (India Only)

Subramanian CN, 17 Sep 2020Nord could have made the mark, if it had the following spec... moreAn update...

A mobile with the specifications I dealt with in an old post here, is definitely not an entry level device but a mid range device and has got everything a mobile wants, though, it can't play heavy games. But, it can handle all other tasks like a flagship mobile with ease IF ITS UI IS CLUTTER FREE.. Though, it'll not have luxurious looks, I believe that there are plenty of optimists who would respect its specifications and simplicity. This is the why and where Pixel 4a wins.

Counting on gaming aspects, PROFESSIONAL HARDCORE GAMERS would always prefer XBox, Play Station or a high end Computer to play games.

Per a rumour, I hope that Samsung is going to release their Galaxy F41 with the camera specifications I dealt with, but with sAMOLED, with their old Exynos 9611 processor and with their bloated UI, though their UI is not as bloated as Chinese UIs. For example, it becomes difficult to even consider the long list of bloatware apps in Realme devices because there are about 200+ apps which are hidden in them. The same is the case with other Chinese brands. Please check for yourself from the following page...

Coming to displays, OLED's life span is lesser than LCD's life span. If the quality of an OLED display is inferior, you might have pixel burn issues within an year or two depending on usage, meaning it is not reliable. High quality OLED displays employed by Apple and Samsung S20 devices have greater life span but are very costlier than OLED displays of budget devices. Hence, it is better for budget devices to go for a Good IPS LCD display comparable to Apple's iPad instead of budget OLEDs. These high quality IPS LCDs costs less than the cost of budget OLEDs and are highly reliable than budget OLEDs. Though I agree that the future is OLED, I still believe and like IPS LCDs for its natural pleasing colours it produces.

To end up, one shouldn't expect flagship aesthetics in a budget device. But, one can expect it to be a real performer like Pixel 4a. Flagship aesthetics doesn't come cheap. Those who are interested in device's aesthetics should spend more to go for real flagships (though flagship devices too have bloatwares) or spend less to go for imitated flagships, like, bloated Chinese devices though some of them are priced as high as real flagships, with which the real meaning of "FLAGSHIP" becomes questionable. To my belief, I can't admit a flagship to be called a flagship, if it is messed up with bloatwares, which questions the real meaning and purpose of Android, the highly customisable Operating System/User Interface in the world. In any case, manufacturers and Google should allow consumers to choose or delete any apps (including preinstalled ones) in any devices. Isn't it a ethical bargain ?

  • Makoto tomote imasu

Multiple times the red dots with two circling white dots, happened three Times
What to do. Just bought it today

  • Deadmanwade

MobileMan, 23 Sep 2020@Deadmanwade - Ok See Nords camera is Quite Good for Daylig... moreThanks for the honest feedback. I'm in the market hunting for my next phone. I thought Nord would be it coz they say oneplus OS is close to stock android. But I am having second thoughts because the camera seem to be underwhelming. It even lacks telephoto lens. My 2nd option was x3 superzoom coz it got zoom lens but im not a fan of IPS even if it got high refresh rate. Also x3 superzoom lacks 5g capabilities. So yeah still don't know what to purchase. K30 ultra has everything I need but it runs on CN rom and I lack the skills in reflashing or whatever techy people do to clean the system of chinaware.

  • MobileMan

@Deadmanwade - Ok See Nords camera is Quite Good for Daylight ( Close to OnePlus 8 Main Cam. as its same hardware ) , Contrast & Dynamic Range is quite good , it holds to Foilage & Video mode is also Good ( This all after updates , earlier it was bad ) , Seflie is Good in Daylight ( But hold it steady ) , UWSelfie is low quality but you have the option , At Nighttime , Performance drops ,though OIS can help in Market or Bus Street Photography for capturing Lights ( Unless you don't PixelPeep) , you need NightScape always On , as for Street Light Photos (DIm Scenes ) eg. Its acceptable but little bit off then even likes of POCO X2 ( Thanks to bigger sensor , POCO wins in night shots to Nord 6/10 times atleast.) , it has more details. Its Camera pales in comparison both Day & Night to Realme X2 Pro ( Dont go far See GSMArena review ) as its in same price range , or Redmi K30 ( In Most situations ) , this is all due to large sensor. Its only OIS which help take things Close , but then Realme has Telephoto.

  • Deadmanwade

Is Nord any good in camera department? Would I enjoy this taking night shots with this phone?

  • Anonymous

PaulMihai, 22 Sep 2020Pixel 5 looks really interesting if has everything the nord... moreIn a previous post, you said that stock android is basic to you and Nord has got everything you need. But, now you say that you prefer Pixel 5 (stock Android) over Nord. What happened ?