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  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 17 hours agowhich phone preferred, among oneplus nord and xiaomi redmi ... moreOneplus nord

The name OxygenOS shouldn't be read as Oxygen Operating System. OxygenOS is just an User Interface - UI over Android Operating System. It is just a Launcher/Skin provided by OnePlus. Competing devices from other brands has their own Launchers/Skins provided by the respective manufacturers.

Just to add to my comment below....

Things the Nord did right:

1. Midrange processor to cut cost
2. 90hz bright screen
3. Non-curved screen - A curved screen is utterly useless
4. Acceptable fast charging
5. Removing IP Rating to reduce cost
6. Screen size is OK but can be smaller - To distinguish 8/8+

Things the Nord did wrong:

1. Questionable build / Plastic frame
2. Inferior camera performance (how can you mess up the color?)
3. Using gimmick cameras for marketing
4. Twin selfie camera
5. Mono speakers
6. Average battery life / Battery optimization problems
7. Overpriced -- Price does not justify the features or lack of it
8. Looking like a Realme clone - Unimaginative design team

You can fix all these problems with Nord 2. If you really want to beat all the bigger and more popular phone manufacturers out there.

  • Anonymous

Subramanian CN, 10 hours agoWhen designing a phone, manufacturers forget about rivals a... moreVery well said. The staff and leadership at OnePlus should read this post.

OnePlus had the perfect opportunity for a reboot or a rebirth but they blew it. Instead of TRULY reinventing themselves, they came out with an expensive plastic phone with features not proportional to its price. Because of what? "Brand equity" and the supposed superiority of their OS? How many users will actually know the difference of their "fluid" OS. Most people simply want to run their games without lagging or hanging. Most customers don't care if their OS is as fast as Pixel or as slow as Xiaomi as long as the apps and games work.

Instead of coming up with new aesthetics, they basically came up with a Teal-colored Realme clone. Why do you need a documentary featuring the design of the phone when it's a simple copycat of their sister company's phones? Save the budget for marketing and spend it on people who can actually come up with a new, fresh design for your new line of phones.

I haven't seen a phone this featured in countless blogs, vlogs and review websites. Obviously their strategy is to overwhelm the customer base with social media and online exposure. This, instead of coming up with a truly one of a kind phone.

You want to make something new?

1. Wide-angle selfie camera. Everyone has had a hard time taking groupfies with many people so why not use a single wide angled camera with AF? If it's a solo shot, the person can simply place the phone closer or crop the photo.

2. If Pixel 3a and 4a decided they can live with single camera BUT on a solidly made phone, you can come up with a phone with 2 usable cameras that take good photos. 1 main camera with OIS, AF and a bright lens and big sensor. Plus another ultra wide angle camera with AF. Both should be optimized for night shots to set them apart from competition. They could have copied Sony by integrating two 12MP cameras with big Sony sensors. Instead of standing out against the competition, they simply copied the gimmicks of other mid-level companies.

3. There is absolutely no excuse to exclude the 3.5mm audio jack and this is the worst mistake they have done. Assuming they want to capture the customer base of Realme/Xiaomi/Oppo/Vivo and even Samsung/Google/Apple, why would you take this out of a middle range phone? These people wouldn't have wireless earbuds.

4. Is a stereo speaker too difficult to ask? You are charging premium dollars for a midrange phone. Why skimp on this?

5. Why make a "new" phone that looks and feels like your Realme brothers? Why not copy the simple and minimalist but sturdy/solid design and feel of the Pixel phones or the Poco F1? It's the Pixel that you want to beat right? Did you even study the kind of people that buy a Pixel phone? They don't want a cheap plasticky phone.

6. Why downgrade the quality of your cameras? The LEAST you could have done was to make it at par with the OnePlus 8. Are you scared to lose the sales of your OP8 phones?

7. Battery life has always been a champion of midrange phones. If your battery optimization has a problem, then put a bigger battery on it! Same company but you can't implement the same optimization as the 8 and 8+? Why?

8. Why insist on a in-display fingerprint scanner? Rear or side scanners are faster and more accurate. And they can lower the price. People can live with rear/side scanners better than they can WITHOUT A HEADPHONE JACK.

OnePlus is basically asking people to shun away Pixel and Iphone SE for a more expensive version of a Realme phone with OxygenOS. If this isn't stupidity, I don't know what is.


When designing a phone, manufacturers forget about rivals and finally blame ultimate consumers. Some consumers are price conscious, some are quality conscious and some are both. There was a day when marketing did the trick. But now, consumers are thoroughly educated and informed. I'll not say that there are too many rivals but, I'd definitely say that there are too many variants. What consumers expected from OnePlus is a good budget device with the specs of Pixel 4a though Pixel 4a is not a budget device but a midrange device. There aren't consumers who complain about the plastic build of Realme C3 because it is priced accordingly. Hence, the question is not about plastic but, it is about price to quality ratio. Though every manufacturer know that it is not the pixel count that makes a camera do wonders, they still prefer high mega pixel cameras, the exception being Apple and SONY mobiles. Instead, if they focus on camera software like Google, even a simple 12MP camera can do wonders. I truly accept that OnePlus UI is extremely good but, the fact is that, it is still based on Android OS. OnePlus UI can do the trick only if it becomes a full fledged Operating System in itself like iOS. The equation is simple. Being a flagship manufacturer for all these years, if OnePlus doesn't wish to give up their pride to manufacture a phone with simple specs and appearances they shouldn't enter the segment without which their credibility is lost. Though I definitely accept that there can't be a device which can fulfill every expectation of every consumer, there can be one which can ethically designate its quality, performance and price.

  • Anonymous

asa, 21 hours agofor build quality, i m warping a skin, so no problem with p... moreRead the reviews, Nord's camera sucks. Not the usual OnePlus quality.

Does it have IP rating?

  • Anonymous

Dhanush M Ambli, 03 Aug 2020Hi Guys, I have S9 and I'm looking for second phone pl... morei phone 11

  • Anonymous

which phone preferred, among oneplus nord and xiaomi redmi note 9 pro max

5g but no wifi 6. what were those idiots thinking

  • Ravi

Please suggest which one is better one plus nord or Reno 4 pro?

  • asa

for build quality, i m warping a skin, so no problem with plastic frame. For the useless cameras, i am not gonna use it anyway. Nord already had good reputation with main camera , so that will be enough. Beside, i choose this because it run oxygen os and has 90Hz hdr oled screen at a pretty great price. Overall, i choose this because it is a oneplus phone.

  • Anonymous

Dhanush M Ambli, 03 Aug 2020Hi Guys, I have S9 and I'm looking for second phone pl... moreWhat do you mean by second phone? Like a backup phone? And what would you be looking for in a second phone?

think easily

OnePlus nord use 5g chip which cost extra 8 to 10,000 Rs. in india 5g will come in next 2 or 3 years

so, why Indian give extra 10,000 gor 5g even 5g is not ready here it is better to launch OnePlus nord LTE version with Sd 835, 845 for Indian customer and price is decreased to 4 to 5000 easily..

  • AndriOS

In where I live, oneplus 6t is available for only $10 more than Nord. Which one should I get?

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 03 Aug 2020Al least having a metal frame for $450, I don't think ... moreBut it doesn’t have a metal frame!
Check it out on jerryrigeverything

  • Anonymous

With the 4A and the pictures it takes, you immediately realise how useless and irrelevant these multiple cameras on the Nord (or for that matter on any phone) are.

These companies have just been pushing senseless tech and features that mean very little when the sensor and software are sub-par.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 03 Aug 2020Could have been a great phone at that price IF: 1. They ... moreAl least having a metal frame for $450, I don't think that's asking too much.

Ofcourse pixel 4a it even cheaper by 120$

  • Anonymous

Could have been a great phone at that price IF:

1. They did away with dual selfie cameras in favor of the wide angled lens.
2. Brought back the Audio Jack.
3. Remove the 2 gimmick cameras but add AF to the wide angled camera.
4. Better build quality which won't break when bended.
5. Cameras that don't produce anemic looking photos. (see reviews from other sites)

Or sell the phone as it is but USD100-150 less. Fingerprint scanner can be on the back or side.

Software alone will not justify the price tag. I hope Oneplus learns their lesson with a massive flop so they can do things right with Nord 2.