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Subramanian CN, 15 Sep 2020Firstly, even your first statement contradicts you opinion.... moreOh they actually posted my message... it disappeared while I was writing it .

What's with the hostile attitude!?

Like I said I accepted your point of view and responded with my opinions so people that read your comments know that what you are saying is not necessarily everybody's opinion.
That's the reason I responded to your message not to "boost sales of the nord" if that is a secondary effect all the better because it's a great phone and I hope it works out for them so we can see other models in the upcoming years.

With my second point I was trying to be nice, because if you don't own or tried the divice you don't even have a business posting your opinions about it without mentioning that you are not talking from personal experience.

My comment about the plastic frame is actually correct. Again, I was trying to be nice by not actually saying you are totally wrong about that a quick search will give you all the proof you need .

I did not say it was made for those that don't like music I said that the missing jack could be an inconvenience to those that have wired 3.5 mm jack headphone and have to use an adaptor.

Please don't put word's into my mouth.

You can post your view and opinions all you want
but it would be sensible to post those views on something you actually have experience with because people that come and read this comments could make a purchase desicion based on the opinion of a man/woman that does not even own the phone he is commenting about...

Subramanian CN, 15 Sep 2020Check the following page: moreMisspelled, got it and recommend it đź‘Ś

bussyserver, 15 Sep 2020That about Oneplus Nord and non-music lovers is nonsence. I... moreCheck the following page:

That about Oneplus Nord and non-music lovers is nonsence. I don't believe that there are music lovers who listen music over mobile phone speakers. There is no mobile phone existing with enough audio quality speakers for listening of a music.
So, that really don't bother me, sound from a phone speaker..

Nord is a great phone for that price, for sure better than comparable Samsung. Mine is working great, great battery life, excellent photos ( after first update - 10.5.7 ), clean UI, fast and flawless, ideal dimensions.

ps- recomend original sandstone bumper case. Helps a lot with a grip.

PaulMihai, 14 Sep 2020In no way do I try to say you are wrong with your statement... moreFirstly, even your first statement contradicts you opinion. Arguments arise just because you don't admit what others say. But you've admitted that I am not wrong but, you force yourself to argue to boost the sales of Nord. So be it.

Coming to the second statement as to whether I own this device. I need to reply this only if I need your future detailed interesting conversations.

Coming to the point, your personal preferences has nothing to do with mine or with any other person. You have got every right to live the life you want and so is the case with every other person in this world. Moreover, there is nothing wrong if one purchases Nord.

Coming to other points, about the plastic frame. It is definitely not rubber to absorb shocks. If you like OLED, so be it. Whats wrong? The same answer goes well if you don't like music. Your argument do convey a fact that Nord is specially made for those who don't like music. So be it. Let the music lovers choose some other device. To the refresh rate, if you prefer and do like higher refresh rate devices go for it. It is your money and you can do anything with it.

The world reads both of our messages. It is their wish to take it or leave it. I am not forcing anyone to believe what I say. I just share my views. Good luck.

  • Kilerrrr

My OnePlus Nord automatically rebooted ,what's this ?did you know any reason?


Don't buy this one plus nord phone
1.display green dint issues
2.display getting shades
3.battery drains at idle state upto 40%
4.system ui can't respond sensor not responding dark mode(for dark mode we have to change theme)
7.speaker average sound
8.whatsapp not getting ticks many issues

Subramanian CN, 14 Sep 2020An honest final statement about Nord as perceived by me... ... moreIn no way do I try to say you are wrong with your statement just bringing counter arguments to some of your points.

Firstly do you own the phone so I know how in detail should I go in what I hope will be an interesting conversation .

1. My last main phone was an LG G6 I had the Pixel 4a for 3 weeks but changed it for the Nord. The G6 had a qhd Lcd that started having ghosting issues in the last part of it's second year , but that is not the point. While I will not contradict you on which display technology is better I do prefer the Oled tehnology (at least the one employed in the nord) I had never seen an Oled other than my lg tv before but you can't really appreciate those black when whatching netflix or other Tv related stuff. So when I picked up the phone and opened the OnePlus community app in complete darkness I was stunned by the difference between my light bleeding (although very small) G6 and the deep black of the Nord. I assume there is the battery saving factor to be considered I do not know to what extent that goes so I will not add anymore on that.
So in conclusion my personal preference is the Oled tehnology in general thanks to the specific features.

2. On the refresh screen I do have to contradict you at first I thought it was a cost rising tactic but after changing I do see a difference in day to day task and UI fluidity even coming from the pixel 4a. I do still have some stuff on my old phone so I use it from time to time and I see a noticeable difference. It might be the almost 4 years difference in tehnology or the Os optimization but I do see studders in Lg even when doing something as simple as opening a apps folder.
So this high refresh rate might be overhiped and useless but I'll have to test it on some newer 60hz phones to be sure. For now it does seem to make a difference.

3. While again I will not contradict you on your sience argument as I do not know enough about this particular subject. I do think that a plastic frame will have a better chance at absorbing the shock from a drop than a metal frame saving you some costly bills to replace those glass sides. I do however would have like to see metal sides and plastic back as I dbrand my phone's but you can't have it all.

4. I do not care much for music and as such I do not care much for the headphone jack. The cheapest pair of acceptable bluetooth earbuds is 20$ in my country ( some Xiaomi stuff if I remember correctly ) will do the job just fine for some phone calls and videos. I do however understand how this kill the jack movement can be a huge inconvenience to audiophiles and those who have an expensive pair of wired earphones and have to use the adaptor daily as that will greatly increase the wear and tear on the charging port . What can you do? Apple has deemed the 3.5 mm jack unworthy and all the other follow in their pursuit of ecosistems and more money.

5. Here I strongly deseagre while yes the increase in actual clock speed is an insignificant 1.something % the 765 provides noticeable improvement in other areas such as higher ram speed, size

Subramanian CN, 09 Sep 2020If you need to know better about Nord... 1. It is not a ... moreCorrection, in one of my previous messages...

I have said that the display issues of Nord is nothing but light bleeding issues. I've talked about the refractive index and positioning of edge LED arrays. These are applicable only for LCD displays and not for OLED displays. OLED displays don't require LED lighting from the edges or from the back of the displays. AMOLED displays glow by itself pixel by pixel switching it on/off as per requirement. Hence the display bleeding in Nord is due to hardware/display errors. I am extremely Sorry, for my negligence.

An honest final statement about Nord as perceived by me...

1. Many talk about the goodness of OLED displays. But, my answer is, I always personally prefer IPS LCD over OLED. IPS LCD displays produce realistic colours over OLED displays. For comparison, one might consider Apple iPad displays over OLEDs. There WERE plenty of mobiles with IPS LCD displays which bests today's OLED displays. Another example being Dell Ultra Sharp computer monitors and their S/P series monitors which employs good quality IPS LCD displays. Moreover, IPS LCD displays have greater life span and are more robust and reliable than OLED displays. The QUALITY factor of the LCD displays used, is accountable for good quality images. Moreover, the quality of LEDs used for lighting the displays also plays a significant role. Today, quality is being compromised for cost cutting. Today most of the LCD display mobiles employ LTPS LCD displays. These LTPS displays are cheaper to manufacture and produce weird colours.

2. Coming to the refresh rate, is it really necessary and to whom? Refresh rate is nothing but writing the entire screen again and again pixel by pixel at a particular rate in one second. A 60 Htz refresh rate display refreshes the screen 60 times in one second. Higher the refresh rate, higher the amount of current consumed. Though this refresh rate is controlled by software, the display itself (Hardware) should have the capability to refresh itself without which it will get spoilt. This refresh rate cannot be observed or noticed by normal human beings. Everyone prefers and wants it because it exists. Display lags have nothing to do with refresh rates because it is the Operating System and Hardware that takes the accountability. If a game lags, it is because of the failure of graphics acceleration of the graphics processor or the failure of the processing capability of the processor or due to the poor memory management of the Operating System with their corresponding UI/Skin. Moreover, most of the mobiles do run lot of bloat ware at the background which can also be accounted for this lag. Above all, some hard core gamers prefer high refresh rate for want of fluidity in gameplay. This refresh rate smoothness which is subtle is noticeable only if the frame rate of these games are higher than 60 FPS. If the game employs only 60 FPS there will be no difference between 60 Htz, 90 Htz or higher hertz displays. Assuming a video employs 144 FPS, again, the refresh rate is noticeable only if we play the video in slow motion. To be honest, my eyes aren’t capable to catch the refresh rate differences. Assume catching the flickering of AC incandescent bulbs which flickers 50 times a second. If you can’t catch it, which is lesser than 60 Htz, how can one notice the difference between 60 Htz and 90 Htz displays. Higher the refresh rate higher the cost of the display which amplifies overall cost of the mobile itself. Coming to Nord, this is definitely NOT a gaming device. Then why a 90htz display?

3. According to Material Science, a hard material sandwiched between two soft materials makes the product stronger but, whereas a soft material between two hard materials makes the product weaker. This is the reason why Nord is brittle. A GOOD plastic back like Google's Pixel 4a would've served the purpose.

4. Counting on 3.5 mm jack, why people still prefer them is a very excellent question. Today, most of the consumers handles ear phones roughly which makes its life span shorter. Since a 3.5 mm ear phone is cheaper than a USB ear phone, most of the consumers would always prefer a 3.5 mm ear phone over USB ear phone. Moreover, plugging a 3.5mm ear phone is simpler than plugging a USB earphone (which has to be handled with care) since, an ear phone is a device which is plugged and unplugged many times in a day, more than any other USB device. Above all, a wired ear phone always produce better sound quality than a Bluetooth earphone. Though some might argue that there are good quality Bluetooth earphones, they are not pocket friendly. USB to 3.5 mm adaptor is just a compromise made by manufacturers and they provide one with their device. If they can provide an adaptor why can’t they provide a 3.5 mm jack.

5. Coming to the processor, 765G processing capabilities are more or less equal to 730G's. The only difference being 765G is 5G capable which makes the processor costlier. What is the use of a 5G mobile when the technology hasn’t arrived yet. It simply makes the device costlier and manufacturers are forced to compete to make their device superior which increases the cost of the device. A 5G variant of the mobile could have been introduced in selected 5G enabled countries.

6. To discuss on the camera front, every manufacturer know that a quad Bayer camera is nothing but gimmicks, the reason why Sony, Apple and Google don’t employ them in their devices. A simple 24mp or a 12mp Sony camera can do wonders. Moreover, the addition of a mediocre macro and depth sensing cameras just murders the overall quality of the device.

Issues like light bleeding of the display, speaker getting hot during audio playback, plastic sandwiched body, omission of 3.5mm jack, mediocre macro and depth sensing cameras are nothing but errors of Design and Product Management of the company.

Irrespective of the above facts, I honestly admit that their OxygenOS-UI is really good and which is the only Good thing in Nord. There is a rumour that their future budget devices would employ bloat wares. If it is so, it would be nothing but an approach to murder OxygenOS-UI by OnePlus.

Oneplus nord 12gb ram 5g or oneplus 8 12gb ram 5g? want to use it for more than 2 year and what about the performance,display and camera which one is better?

1. Built quality - instead of glass back they should have put plastic back since the frame is plastic and they could have reduce the weight.
2. Display - its GOOD enough with oled 90hz refresh rate.
3. Chip set - SD765g with adreno 620 is very good combination for a midrange phone.
4. Camera - in this price main camara and selfie camera is perfect
5. Battery: its good enough and 30w warp charger can give 60-70% charge within 30 min
6. Speaker: its just okay.
Note: people are still not going in next level. They are still asking for a memory card option , 3.5 mm jack. Oh come on use adopter for that and cloud for memory.

  • Anonymous

Macron camera is still not good please solve

Anonymous, 12 Sep 2020So do u really expect ois and an aluminium frame at this pr... moreIt has ois

Udi, 12 Sep 2020Thanks for your review. Overall doesn't sound like the... moreI think you should base your decision on more professional reviews.

The frame does not feel cheap at all in fact it fooled many experienced reviewers into thinking it was metal, but people like they always do accused oneplus of paying those reviewers to say that. Yes it is indeed less durable that metal... but at this price point and considering all the other things this phone has it's absolutely normal to have plastic instead of metal.

Display quality is good, not great but good, like everything in this phone other than the software. The display is smooth and there is no sign of lags or stutters but i guess it depends on what you have installed on your phone and what you have running in the background. As long as you keep all the apps instaled from play store and don't have stuff constantly running in the background eating battery life and resources( battery indicator apps, notification apps for example) i'm sure you will not encounter those lags and stutter that this "reviewer" is talking about.
The brightness of the display is great as long as you keep it in auto it can almost double it's max brightness( 323 nits if you max it out manually 756 if you keep it in auto ) and it will be great to use outdoor and you will absolutely be able to see what is on the screen. I guess our "reviewer" did not know that ;)).
Yes it probably is not the same display as on the 200 to 300$ more expensive phones. Nord has settings to change colour reproduction to your absolute liking. So if you don't like colour accuracy you can change it to suit your need ( i have mine on vivid i like the bright colours) i guess this is another thing our "reviewer" did not consider.

Speaker-- well it's just good nothing to write home about it get significantly louder than my other phone. I can't speak about the base and sounding of the vocals it's not my strong suit, so in this case, I will not argue the review.
I don't need max volume on the phone as i said it gets pretty loud so i can't confirm or deny the heating issues either.

Network- nothing to say here either it does what is supposed to.

Battery: - is good/great for me i get 7-8 most of it streaming netflix/youtube and some gaming (clash royale ) but it can easily get up to 10 if you are an average user.
Charging is fast 100% in aprox 1h, 60-70% in 30 min

Cameras- Well the main sensor is good in daylight and in nightscape. Macro and depth are next to useless they just added them for marketing purposes. The wide is good enough it could be better.
Selfie cameras I really don't know, I never used them other than to set face to unlock. I would have liked just one instead of 2, it makes that punch hole look ugly.

And finally the best part of this phone that puts it above so many others the software.
The optimization and support for this phone is only surpassed by apple (google does not count they don't have any added extra features so in my opinion, they have to put no effort in optimizing and updating the software) it the 2 weeks i had this phone i already received 2 updates that aim to fix any complains the community raised and mostly succeeded in fixing them. So i believe that only the software with the 3 years support adds 100+$ to the value of this phone .

And others are just preferences I use wireless anyway there are many good and cheap truly wireless buds and i just can't get back to having a wire attached again.

Micro Sd i really don't see the point of that anymore with all the cloud base storage to transfer stuff and the huge 128GB space on the phone ( i had a 32 Gb phone before and i barely managed to reach it's limit )

You could wait for the 8t but I'm not sure it will be wort that 200-300$ extra over this phone, but it's absolutely your choice.

  • Anonymous

MKA RASEL, 11 Sep 2020No Aluminum frame, No Headphone jack, No Telephoto lense. N... moreSo do u really expect ois and an aluminium frame at this price point?

  • Udi

This is my honest re, 10 Sep 2020Built quality:- the front and back glass feels good I wish ... moreThanks for your review. Overall doesn't sound like the kind of phone worth investing in. I think I'll wait for the oneplus 8t and pay a little extra.

Anonymous, 11 Sep 2020And yet the vast majority of phones survive the bend test. ... moreNot to mention that half of the phones that failed had a metal construction too. Take the HTC One m9 or iphone 6 full metal body but it bent. So a big guy putting all his force into a phone does not represent a viable real life structural benchmark.

Anonymous, 11 Sep 2020And yet the vast majority of phones survive the bend test. ... moreYep they do, they are made of metal. There is no denying that the frame is weaker it's normal to be like that is plastic instead of metal, but from that to say the phone is structurally compromised and it will bend in real life use is a long shot at best. I come from a metal and glass phone had a full metal before that and other than the other 2 having that nice cold feeling in the morning I could not tell the difference.

  • Anonymous

PaulMihai, 11 Sep 2020Oh come on just stop with the display issues spam, i have t... moreAnd yet the vast majority of phones survive the bend test. Fancy that.