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  • the criticiser

very good i love to every body to buy it now , really i am shocked by its unbelivable performance , god bless this company

  • Anonymous

Which phone to buy Samsung m51 or OnePlus nord ?

  • Anonymous

So Indian version has only band 78 for 5g. So if any other band comes to India then this 5g phone can't use 5g network. Noice

  • TechGeek

I think this is a really good phone to buy. Some of my favourite features are:
- Big battery for all day usage
- Fast charging to help keep you topped up
- Snappy processor for games, movies and browsing
- High quality display with a 90Hz refresh rate
- 5G so the phone is ready for global advancements in technology
- Great primary camera ( the rest are cheap space-fillers with low resolution sensors which you probably will not use)

Hope this helped :)

  • Davey jones

Anonymous, 04 Jan 2021I'd go with mi10t or the mi 10 T pro versionI have had both makes mi and Oneplus. Better to go for nord quality and value for money

  • Anonymous

Kejti, 01 Jan 2021I need help: I am thinking about to buy OnePlus Nord or Xia... moreI'd go with mi10t or the mi 10 T pro version

Kejti, 01 Jan 2021I need help: I am thinking about to buy OnePlus Nord or Xia... moreMi 10T cuz its better than the nord in every department except the OS. OxygenOS is straight up better than MIUI in every single way(in my opinion). so if u want performance, get the 10T, but if u want user experience, i would suggest the nord

I purchased oneplus nord from in UAE 12/256gb.(15 sept. 2020). All time network disconnecting, bluetooth connectivity also not good and call also drop sometimes.
I think it's worst phone. Pls oneplus team do something if you can fix these problems by update. If not pls replace my phone. It's big loss of your popularity.
Thank you.

  • Kejti

I need help: I am thinking about to buy OnePlus Nord or Xiaomi Mi 10T?

Thumu, 13 Dec 2020I don't know, so many people has issues with the phone... moreThis phone is full of problems. Camera is average, low light and changing light conditions pictures and video and funny. Bluetooth randomly disconnects. And more importantly 5G doesn't work at all. Here in Sweden 5G is provided by 3 operators, this phone doesn't work with any provider. Same price range options with Sony and Samsung have none of these problems. All this is based on my own Nord phone and other phones recently purchased in my family.

DorothyZbornak, 15 Dec 2020"Never Settle"? Unfortunately this phone forces t... moreThis phone has many problems with 5G and Bluetooth as well. In Sweden, it can't do 5G with any operator despite claiming support for 5G. Randomly bluetooth disconnects and can only be fixed by phone restart.

Mujtaba , 21 Dec 2020Which variant do you have? 12 gb ram or 8gb?how is it overall? I have 12Gb variant but this phone has multiple problems. Camera performance is poor in low light and changing light. Random problems with UI and audio. Bluetooth disconnection issue both with my Samsung watch, Bose speakers and Jabra headset. 5G doesn't work either, although my sim can do 5G data with my friends phone. This phone claims 5G support but isn't really 5G phone.

Over hyped phone, one key thing that sticks out is support for 5G but that's exactly where this phone fails. It many countries and with many operators this phone doesn't work. OnePlus is completely in denial about these problems and has a don't care attitude. But the point is why should you buy a new phone with 5G if it doesn't really work, alternative is to buy another phone without 5G and make it easy on your pocket. And the problems with 5G are not just limited to Nord, OnePlus has similar problems with OnePlus 8/OnePlus 8 Pro. In the same market for 5G capable phones Sony and Samsung are much better options. So the question, really is do you want to buy a 5G phone and not use it? Then you get an average performance phone for a decent amount of money. There are multiple problems with camera also. It doesn't perform well in low light and changing light conditions. I have had random problems with UI and audio also. But look at the alternatives, in same price range competitors are providing better reliable feature set and better brand conscious product.... I think it's a failed phone with a big PR hype. A big thumbs down for OnePlus Nord.

Oneplus Nord or Pixel 4a?

  • Lakepuit

To be honest this is a pretty sensible phone. Nothing too flashy. No hassle over connectivity and battery life which are the two main things I look in a phone. This thing charges pretty quickly. The camera is decent enough but nothing special about it. Gaming experience is good without any lags or sudden crashes. Display is pretty good for a phone in this price range. Been using this for a couple of months and can't complain about it.

  • Santoshi BC

Anonymous, 10 Dec 2020Guys am facing a wired thing..the Bluetooth is keep turning... morePlease restart your phone and if that doesn't help do a factory reset after storing your contacts and your videos on a computer. I think this should solve the problem. Also by any chance have you rooted your phone , because if you have rooted it then it can be a permanent problem. For more solutions you can also write to XDA developers or even a better solution take it to one plus since it is under warranty and get the issue solved by the one plus service personnel

Hope this helps

  • Rahul G

Dear Oneplus (Pete Lau)
Please give us the android 11 version soon. This device the Nord should have come out of the box with the android 11 version. Also please give us 3 updates as you have given for other models of Oneplus devices.
This is a Humble request from a die hard oneplus fan

Mujtaba , 21 Dec 2020Which variant do you have? 12 gb ram or 8gb?how is it overall? I have 12 gb ram
It's powerful and excellent phone and for it's the best mid-range smartphone ever

  • Mujtaba

Anonymous, 27 Nov 2020All these complaints - meanwhile I'm using it for over... moreWhich variant do you have? 12 gb ram or 8gb?how is it overall?

  • Sir Wil

The battery heats up once the camera is on. The clarity of the both rear and front cameras are below par (even oppo reno 3 dwarfs this phone on the camera aspect). I highly regret given the hype on it.