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  • Anonymous

Headphone jack, microSD card slot and IR blaster please Oneplus!!!!!

  • Hi-Fi Techno India

Is this going to be STEREO speaker Setup like other One Plus ?

  • Dre4

As for me I'll rather wait for the pixel 4a

  • Sunny

AhmedSLL, 10 Jun 2020Well the A71 is a good phone, but won't necessarily make th... moreJust launch it . Under $300 best .i only want good processor and Amoled screen.

  • Anonymous

better buy a xiaomi phone then oneplus garbage.... so they realized after 5 years their phones cost too much.. what happend with settle for less ??

Socks, 10 Jun 2020You really cannot compare this phone to the A51 but what yo... moreWell the A71 is a good phone, but won't necessarily make the Z look terrible, one ui works fine with the sd730, but it's not better then oxygen os, OnePlus had to make a choice between 5G or 4G, they went with the first, I don't like it, but still, that's a feature that matters to many people, and have they gone with the latter, they would've used a much better soc than the 730 (855 maybe), oh and software updates, android 11 is as far as the A71 could get (and that's me being optimistic), and that's not the problem, Samsung is not the fastest when it comes to software updates, with they're flagship devices, with the A series, no comment. And bare in mind we still don't know how OnePlus are going to price this phone, what camera sensors they're going to use, so wether you agree or disagree, don't jump to any conclusions.

You really cannot compare this phone to the A51 but what you can compare it is to the A71, simillar chipset, more battery, bigger screen, OneUI, microSD slot, and It's in stores at the moment. In my opinion it will make the oneplus Z look terrible.

Ashish, 09 Jun 2020With this specification (One Plus Z), Samsung already have ... moreWhat???? These specifications??? Are you comparing the exynos 9611 with the sd765, an average software experience (not that one ui is bad, it's just not optimised with this chip set) with the best ui in the android world, the most advanced fast charging technology (technology not watt numbers) with a 5 year old one? And I'm sure the camera hardware would much better in yhe Z.
As for the A51 5G, which is available in few markets, it's still comes with lower exynos 980 and a 430€ price tag.
With the release of the iPhone SE and the near release of the pixel 4a, the Z will stand no chance if the price exceeds 350-400$, so I don't think OnePlus are stupid to go further.

  • Kali

The listed price of 290 euro is meaningless, that's just a conversion from the price in India. Everywhere else the price will be higher, like $399/£399/€449 minimum.

Why not use one of the many OnePlus Z renders available, instead of the OnePlus 8?

  • Tukur36

Anonymous, 08 Jun 2020I thought oneplus z support 5G?Yes. Oneplus Z is said to be 5G enabled.

  • Ashish

With this specification (One Plus Z), Samsung already have A51. Which is successful and till the date, it's hot seller phone. So, Oneplus Z will come with high price tag, except oneplus lover no one will go for it. As per me, prize should be around 25000/- inr due to above reason.

now what will samsung do ???

i don't think that they will price this under 399$ because of the status of oneplus being already a flagship, but if they really priced it at that, it would be a real champion

  • Dre4

If it turns out to be less than $400, then I think it would be in directly comparison with the pixel 4a and crush the SE

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 08 Jun 2020here we have Realme 6 pro with Sd765g sd765G instead sd720... morecorrect
almost Rebranded from Realme 6 & 6 pro
Amoled replaced Ips
Snap765 replaced Snap720
i also prefer a-side mounted fingerprint that used in Realme 6 series, instead to have indisplay fingerprint, bcuz if i drop my phone & screen of it crack or damage
replacing it will cost me lower
a-side mounted exactly just like indisplay will make the rear design monolight

  • JonnyG

Imagine it will be priced at £399 as £200 gaps between models makes sense (OP8 at £599 and OP8 Pro at £799) and be very similar in specs to the Oppo Find X2 Lite

i hope is less than 400$

  • Anonymous

If they price it right, about 350€, i promise you!! this phone will be a banger!!

  • Krona

Where are the stereo speakers?

  • Anonymous

No way this is going to be 300 pounds