OnePlus Nord 2 5G

OnePlus Nord 2 5G

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No IP port. Brands should be pushed to implement it as per eco reason - IP port could change a bunch of remote controllers, and reduce using batteries.

  • Anonymous

Dharani, 22 Jul 2021Due to cost cutting and rise the sales of bluetooth headset... moreHe is asking about Aptx.
Your answer is not justified.

  • Anonymous

kandy, 22 Jul 2021no 3.5 mm headphone jack are you kidding me!!!!! and google... moreGoogle Pixel 4a. LOL!

PKM1, 22 Jul 2021Both are now getting outdated.Not outdated. It's nothing to do with that. That's what manufacturers say but consumers want a slot to connect a reasonably cheap pair of headphones and an sd card slot for additional storage. Yes sd storage is slower in terms of read and write speeds to internal storage but it's okay and people never gave out about it. Likewise sound quality from wired earphones may not be as good as wireless but we all know that the reason for abandoning these features is purely self interest and financially motivated. These manufacturers all have expensive wireless buds with huge profit margin and shorter life cycles than a headphone jack so they make far more money. Also most manufacturers have cloud storage services such as Huawei, Google and Samsung cloud. Same with iCloud. They give a small amount of free storage and then charge. Money, money, money again. These features are not outdated at all.

  • Anonymous

How many 5g bands it will support?

  • MS Sanjay

I'm sad. Because oxygen os is based on colour os. It reflects on camera app, settings app😭😭😭

  • Anonymous

Snake, 22 Jul 2021No stereo speakers at this price point is a let down on oth... moreI saw the online launch event on YouTube and It does have stereo speakers.

  • Shah

How Aptx-HD in a Mediatek processor

  • Dharani

Anonimo, 22 Jul 2021I would like to know if people really play music on their p... moreDue to cost cutting and rise the sales of bluetooth headset, there is no 3.5 mm jack in OnePlus Nord 2.
you can purchase external type C to 3.5 mm jack converter cable available in market for sale.

  • kandy

no 3.5 mm headphone jack are you kidding me!!!!! and google pixel 4a is better than this those who wants compact in size with excellent cameras

Anonymous, 22 Jul 2021I'm disappointed that there's no 3.5mm Jack and n... moreBoth are now getting outdated.

  • Anonymous

It have wifi 6

Nice phone, just launched in India at Rs 27999.

  • Anonymous

I'm disappointed that there's no 3.5mm Jack and no SD card slot.

I would like to know if people really play music on their phone speakers. Mono or stereo does it really matter? Honestly how desperate you must be to use phone speakers for music. Give me the bloody 3.5mm jack and don't bother with stereo speakers. They barely make sense in tablets. Maybe put stereo speakers in phones geared at gaming (I still think it's ridiculous but ok I can't understand) but general use phones need audio jacks not stereo speakers!

  • Oneplus Hater

The only company that makes the consumer think if their flagships are worthy. Front camera on this phone is better than their $1000, 3 months old "flagship". Charging and battery are same, main cam is same. Forget the 9 series.

Anonymous, 21 Jul 2021Actually Samsung is the master of bloatware. I use MIUI and... moreTheir Samsung Pay app always ready to float on top

  • Anonymous

What a pleasant surprise from Oneplus this year. NIce, simple and good looking phone.

If i change my Moto Edge today it would be certainly for this one.

Great job Oneplus

  • Anonymous

nice phone

  • sgtspanky

No jack ... big let down