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Pindi, 30 Jul 2021Tried 1+9R, Nord-CE and now Nord-2. 9R and Nord CE were goo... moreHate to break it to you but BlackBerry has long stopped making new phones, even the BBK ones. They said they're permanently transitioning into the software industry, so it is virtually implausible for them to jump back into the smartphone game. I do miss BlackBerry tho.

This phone is uneventful. I don't know why I should care about this phone.

But then again I don't really care for half of today's mid-range phones. Still happy with my OnePlus 7 Pro.

Anonymous, 30 Jul 2021you are talking about 400eur phone but we are looking at 30... more> specially here in india

There's your problem. Not everyone lives in India.

derpsim1, 27 Jul 2021so you're telling me you want a smartphone that has al... moreMy guy, if you took a look at some of the phones in the past, you would see all those things (except IP rating ofc) included. Some for even less than $200.

Those things aren't even considered premium features in the first place. They could've added it for miniscule amount of money, but they didn't. Their decision was more ideological rather than economical.

  • Luckii

They should have all 5G band frequencies

  • Pindi

Tried 1+9R, Nord-CE and now Nord-2. 9R and Nord CE were good atleast with pure OxygenOS at helm, Now With Nord-2. Oxygen OS is literally killed and all hardwork gone in polishing these many years have gone into vain. Now slowly all 1+ handset will get that crappy color OS with UPGRADE drama of 11.3. OxyenOS 11.3 = Color OS 11.3. Dont trust ? Pic Reno 6 5G and start comparing side by side, you will see, Just theme is Oneplus Launcher and its ColorOS deep inside. So AVOID big time Animation, swappiness, and those goodies of Oxygen OS are just past now. Google dialer that still looks immature for nerds and that settings is again gone few years back. OneUI is only hope, but even that slows down at time on flagship. So short story is stop buying android phones. Go for blackberry if it comes, they have innovation. Else go finding apples.

  • Anonymous

Dudenoway, 29 Jul 2021Nord 2 is way worse than its "competetion 1.5g isn�... moreyou are talking about 400eur phone but we are looking at 300 to 350eur equivalent phones. Thats the case here. The same nord 2(128GB) phone costs only equivalent to 340eur and poco f3 gt(128GB) is only 10eur less compared to nord 2. so f3GT is not cheaper here but almost same to nord 2

people can buy oneplus 9R at about ~450eur here.

you wont believe india is highly competitive and has privilege for getting same phones at less prices (except luxury top end phones like Smsng s series and iphnes)

here in india many still use 4G as main internet source and its really fast and hence having 5G phones matter even if technology has not released yet but we are expecting it to be available in 2022(thats next year not that far).

here mobile internet is cheapest in the world.
in about 12 eur netplan you get 3GB per day for 3 months(thats more than 250GB 4G data at 12eur)

If you are in proper urban city areas in india. the speeds and network coverage is best value than having broadband.

you are right 5G is not released in India but if you ask any indian about buying phone in 2021, 90% will ignore a phone if it dont has 5G. many buy phones with intent of using it for more than 5 years. maybe after 2/3 years they will buy new phones as primary but this will be used as secondary as home phone or be given to parents/relatives or keep as their backup for extra sims. believe me there are many indian who owns legally more than 2 sims.(2 sims is just about normal here)

color OS: dont know why everyone is mad at it.
as long as things are near stock and doesnt affect performance i dont think it makes any difference.

Yes 1 thing i agree on custom roms. custom roms on mtk is really hard to get as mtek dont give their codesource for development. If you dont mind loading custom roms in future then its good or else look for another.

Also cameras i mostly dont care much. maybe other people might need to check if thats their requirement. i only open mostly the front camera that too only for video calls and sometimes selfie.

I dont see why nord 2 is not the best buy specially here in india. Of course people can have their choices and preferences and select other phones. the views expresssed are just as per my own understanding. i personally own a 4G phone and wish to upgrade and this is right now in my list of phones to buy. will wait for some more months to see if any other new phones will get launched.

  • Anonymous

Does it have Always on Display or same situation as with Oneplus 7 Pro?

  • Samie

Does it have Dolby ATMOS inbuilt in it? Pls tell

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 29 Jul 2021____Oppo Find X3 Neo____ D1200 instead Sd865 + no 2x opt... moreNord 2...they doesn't selling it in china...

anyway for 420$ EU version 8/128

so much better than
A52 5G...MI 11 LITE 5G...MI 10T PRO...K40 GAMING...MI 11X...POCO F3
even its better than upcoming A52S 5G

also specs of Nord 2 Equal with Reno 6 Pro 5G
50Mp Imx766 instead 64Mp omnivision

158mm Tall...good
or even lower
its been along time that we didn't see such size from xiaomi & many other makers

  • Anonymous

____Oppo Find X3 Neo____

D1200 instead Sd865 + no 2x optical zoom

other things Equal

Anonymous, 26 Jul 2021Oneplus nord 2 is way better than its so called competition... moreNord 2 is way worse than its "competetion
1.5g isn't released fully in the US and Europe yet ur saying about India. It doesn't even have 5g released
2.cameras on the nord 2 are trash. The oversharpning is horrible compared to others. Plus its the worst imx 766 so far and realme is coming to counter attack with the realme x9 Pro(just read the romours bout its specs) also the 8mp ultrawide is just as average as the competition I sand its macro camera is junk 2mp.also poco f3 gt is not only competetion vanilla poco f3 is too and realme x7 max. Also gcam exist too.
4.currently they haven't fully merged but legit most of it is color os with the oxygen os launcher and walpaper. Also custom rom exist too... And when its fully merged with color os u won't be able to download costum rom cuz it has mtk lol. And then u cry. And thye share the same code database atleast for now.
5.perfomance is also same but op throttles the chips but maybe they didn't this time? For perfomance eits same
6.battery is not affected by 120 hz... Gsmarena debunked those myths several tiem and it was proven that it only affects the battery endurance 2-3 hours(not sot but the endurance test they use) and that's only a few min in real life usage. Clearly u dont have an idea how hrr handling works. Charging is same too 2 W is no difference
7.on top of that sinc ru were comparing the poco f3 gt it's actually quite cheaper. While the poco f3 has an even better with sd 870.the competetion is well cheaper than the nord so compare this with a 400 bucks phone then u speak. Plus poco f3 gt is cheap gaming phone as it has shoulder triggers too

derpsim1, 27 Jul 2021so you're telling me you want a smartphone that has al... moreCough cough poco f3 cough cough

Fd, 20 Jul 2021Yes, and they comes with lots of bloatware for free....U can uninstall the bloatware. Plus custom rom exist too.

Anonymous, 28 Jul 2021In display fingerprintsensor doesn't work very great o... moreI don't like miui it's clunky with a lot of bloat ware.

Mohan, 28 Jul 2021Is One plus node 2 waterproof?No phone is waterproof. Many are water resistant. Many without IP ratings are water resistant, just without certifications because the manufacturer implements the rubber seals to keep water out, but doesn't want to test them because it adds to the price.

If OnePlus keeps this up they might make quite the comeback.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 26 Jul 2021Oneplus nord 2 is way better than its so called competition... moreIn display fingerprintsensor doesn't work very great on mid range devices, but is indeed more luxurious.

Miui isn't that bad it's Just it's not for everyone and you can always disable the adds.

Don't forget the poco f3 GT is about 100 euro cheaper I think that's better value.

  • Anonymous

Nord-2 User, 27 Jul 2021I brought 256gb variant. And from looks and build wise i ha... moreDo you buy new phones every week? Or just telling lies here

For the price this isnt half bad