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OnePlus Nord 2 5G

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  • Anonymous

An average human, 25 Jul 2021Keep in mind this phone is equipped with the fastest mediat... moreIt is of course faster than the SD865

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 26 Jul 2021Oneplus nord 2 is way better than its so called competition... moreNord 2 is the best. Never forget the after sales and support of oneplus. Its good and they actually listen. They recently came into controversy for their cpu throttling and now they will introduce that settings for us to change as needed in future updates.
Dont forget even some big companies like apple has gone into controversies like batterygate and so on. So dont complain oneplus on these small controversies. At least they are listening to the feedback and implementing changes.

Also one strange thing is its actually the best midrange phone available probably only in asian countries(specially India).

Unfortunately for western countries its really priced higher in Europe and UK. In India 128GB with 8GBRAM is only INR 29,999(GBP 292/EUR 341).
The reasons european reviewers may not find this actually value for money because its actually sold there at GBP399(almost 100pound more than India) and EUR 399(almost 50eur more than India). Its sold at higher cost in those western countries(maybe transportation cost and more different 5g bands included for european market). So in India this is really the best value for money mid range phone available right now.

  • Anonymous

Oneplus nord 2 is way better than its so called competition Poco F3 GT due to the following reasons:

1) 5g bands available in Indian phone is not revealed in poco yet. Nord 2 has more bands which means its better (remember they have rectified their mistake of including only 2 bands in earlier 5g phones released in india. Even oneplus 9 pro only has 2 5g bands in indian version)
2) Camera is 50MP but dont forget its OIS. what use is 64MP of poco when there is sometimes blurry image because of slight hand shakes. One best part is the slow motion of 960fps in poco. Of course nord 2 cant do it unfortunately.
3) The best area for fingerprint is "in display" or "back of phone". nord 2 has "in display". poco has side mount. The side mount is only available on one side. so if you are not that handed it always is a problem to use(some one from left handed or right handed always have problems in side mounted fingerprint sensor phones)
4) processor actually has no comparison. both are same.
5) the only thing poco truly is ahead is in battery capacity and charging speed(not that high 65W vs 67W). but take this with a pinch of salt. the 120hz display will take the extra battery for it so even if it will provide slightly more usage it wont be that much as 120hz will take that extra amount of battery compared to 90hz of nord 2.
6) MIUI is never near to oxygen os/color os(cleaner version used in nord 2). one point is oxygen os is now color os but remember its just color os in some areas with almost no bloatware. So its like "color os with no bloatware" or a "cleaner color os". you can find this in any review you see.

To all those confused users. there is no comparison between these phones. its straightforward. if you only want extra battery capacity go for poco or else nord 2 is the best and no questions.

  • Anonymous

the Pixel 6 phones will receive software updates for a total of 5 years.

The OnePlus 10 phones for flagships will receive software updates for a total of 6 years. Good.

The Samsung, Oppo, Xiaomi, Realme
, Huawei and Iphone phones will receive software updates for a total of how many years?

Huawei for 5years Harmony OS-2.
Samsung for 3 years.
Oppo and vivo 3years for flagships.
Xiaomi just 2 years. Bad.


  • Ak

Pranav, 25 Jul 2021amazon showing 16 mp front instead of 32mpNo it is showing 32 mp on Amazon

  • Anonymous

Why u are not mentioned have wifi 6.It has wifi 6

  • Anonymous

Who is, 25 Jul 2021WiFi 8Not available

Anonymous, 24 Jul 2021What is the third camera? The description says its MONOCHRO... moreIt is a monochrome depth sensor. A straight forward cost cutting addition instead of much more expensive Laser AF

  • xxxxxx

which one is better ? 9r or nord 2?

Anonymous, 22 Jul 2021not even basic IP protection is bad too.... Man and why you need to pay 100 more bucks for IP protection if any water proof case for just 5 bucks will do same tricks???
Waste of money.
By the way nowdays every phone can whitstand few raindrops.
And for clumsy people i have no phone apart the talking umbrella.

  • Deepak Kumar

Pranav, 25 Jul 2021amazon showing 16 mp front instead of 32mpAmazon me camera 16 MP aur oneplus pe 32 mp

Alpha, 24 Jul 2021Next "New-gen" phone will have no screen maybe..a... moreYeah, next gen is when the nukes will fall and we will all return to stone age

  • Pranav

amazon showing 16 mp front instead of 32mp

Fd, 20 Jul 2021The whole point of going with MT chipset is to bring price ... moreOk, just because it has a Mediatek chip it should cost 150$? it's the Dimensity 1200, you act like it's the Dimensity 700...
And the Mi 11 Lite 5G costing 399€ like the Nord 2 is a better deal?
Inferior camera sensor, no OIS, buggy MIUI (I know someone who owns the phone so don't try me).

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 23 Jul 2021SAR Value is High no thanks Sar pls the SAR value is still within regulatory limits so you should not have to worry. If it was high enough to do harm, it would not be allowed to be sold

  • Anonymous

sterijuanna, 25 Jul 2021hello boyz, this vs xiaomi redmi note 10 pro, which one do ... moreI do not racomand ciaomi becaz it is bad

  • Tomio

Rimuruu, 24 Jul 2021This or realme GT master explorer edition?Personally for this comparison go for the one you like the looks of the most.
If you care a lot about support and service, Oneplus might be the better option, if not then it really doesn't matter which you pick in terms of hardware across the board

  • Golay

sterijuanna, 25 Jul 2021hello boyz, this vs xiaomi redmi note 10 pro, which one do ... moreoneplus nord 2 is batter

hello boyz, this vs xiaomi redmi note 10 pro, which one do you recommend when it comes to camera?

  • An average human

Keep in mind this phone is equipped with the fastest mediatek chipset. Max 3.0 Ghz clock speed is no joke. Might be even faster than SD865