OnePlus Nord CE4

OnePlus Nord CE4

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Now this looks like a great budget option.

Specs same as the OnePlus Ace V3.

This is what OnePlus is good at, budget and mid range.

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    • Anonymous
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    • 24 Mar 2024

    Hopefully this one actually goes into international sale (unlike CE3) because I think it could be a pretty popular option.

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      • 0ppaiHunter69
      • tui
      • 24 Mar 2024

      It's been a while since I seen an SD card slot on this kind of phone, good stuff

        justasmile, 23 Mar 2024At least it has a MicroSD slot, don’t complain.I'm not complaining, I just replied to the other comment. In fact I want to buy this phone. Think before you click you presumptuous dude. 😐

          Sam, 23 Mar 2024Sd 7+ gen 3 is like underclocked weak processor compare to ... moreWhy are you complaining about a plastic build, is your phone being more durable a problem to you?

            Kyukoman, 23 Mar 2024It's hybrid slot and no headphone jackAt least it has a MicroSD slot, don’t complain.

              Goodfelow, 23 Mar 2024It has hit all the right boxes it has a good processor, 12g... moreIt's hybrid slot and no headphone jack

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                • Goodfelow
                • XRL
                • 23 Mar 2024

                It has hit all the right boxes it has a good processor, 12gb ram, dual sim and a dedicated sd card slot. Last but not the least the price.

                  Btw articles said this will get the 7 gen 3, not the 7+ gen 3 (big difference). IDK why gsmarena says its 7+ gen 3 here, as only the ace 3v (which will probably be rebranded as nord 3 soon) will get it

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                    • Minu
                    • XSt
                    • 23 Mar 2024

                    ThatOneWeabo, 22 Mar 2024meizu is that you?Same ODM, no surprise

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                      • Sam
                      • Kxb
                      • 23 Mar 2024

                      Sd 7+ gen 3 is like underclocked weak processor compare to 7+ gen 2 if u see the clock speed for cpu cores and all they all fooling would have given 7+gen 2 or dimensity 8100,8200 but design looks better slightly different compare to regular Nord series but no 3.5 mm audio jack, no alert slider, plastic build lets see the pricing should be around 23-25k... more than that be overpriced not worth it

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                        • Anonymous
                        • CbG
                        • 23 Mar 2024

                        ColorOs 14 Snapdragon 7+gen 3 😀😀😁😂😂
                        It's already teased in it have oxygenOs 7 get 3 lpddr4x Ram type

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                          • Frncsgrphy
                          • I@H
                          • 22 Mar 2024

                          Oppo realme and oneplus favorite's the 8MP ultrawide even on their higher midrange devices that they also cant give on their higher entry level and lower midrange devices

                            meizu is that you?

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                              • PanRT
                              • Mrm
                              • 22 Mar 2024

                              Stoon, 22 Mar 2024NO it's really UFS 4.0 !Oneplus likes to lie, see 12R say UFS 4.0 but Use 3.1 with Snap 8 Gen 2 on all storage.

                                Well well well, now OnePlus trying to imitate the xiaomi concept, isn't usual for them to applying INFRARED PORT

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                                  • txE
                                  • 22 Mar 2024

                                  Raufie, 22 Mar 2024Surprisingly 7+ gen 3 is more powerful than 8+ gen 1 :)Considering it's just a downclocked version of 8s Gen 3, which is faster than 8+ Gen 1, it's nothing surprising tbh.

                                    7+ gen 3?
                                    Don’t tell me this is a typo…

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                                      • Abdullah Fatah
                                      • 3W%
                                      • 22 Mar 2024

                                      I like this kind of mobile with super fast charger.

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                                        • Stoon
                                        • fqR
                                        • 22 Mar 2024

                                        [deleted post]NO it's really UFS 4.0 !