OnePlus Nord CE 5G

OnePlus Nord CE 5G

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  • Anonymous

it has ingress protection ip68 ?

Anonymous, 5 hours agoI can get A52 5g for almost the same price. I don't kn... moreThis is what I'am trying to say. In my Opinion the Orignal OnePlus Nord is way better than this Nord CE. First they removed the Alert Slider which is one core function of OnePlus. Second the glass back is now plastic more the front camera is 16 MP compared to the nord 32 MP. No Stereo speakers, No IP rating. A complete downgrade. Was using the Galaxy A52 there was a issue in my unit so i got refund.

  • Anonymous

I can get A52 5g for almost the same price. I don't know why people are hyped up about this phone. A52 5g has better display(120Hz+super amoled), better camera(everybody knows that Samsung has better image processing+OIS), same processor, same battery, ip rating, same material but better looks(nord ce looks like a phone 2019). So why will anyone buy this shit? For fast charging? It's not even that fast. Oxygen OS is not even that good anymore. It has become a One UI rip off. So why not use One UI anyway? Oneplus never fails to dissapoint me. I should've bought A52 5g instead of waiting for this junk. And now they don't have the black color of A52 5g in stock. I am never trusting Oneplus again in my life

  • Anonymous

FahadMuneeb, 10 Jun 2021I wish it had bigger battery and OIS. Poco F3 beats it out ... moreMIUI not for everyone

  • Anonymous

The OnePlus Nord CE 5G has a 16MP front-facing camera for selfies and video calls, which is pretty average for a phone of this price, and should be good for social-media-worthy snaps.

  • Hari

Speaker Caller ID
incoming caller name or number anouncer using bluetooth headphone is not working . In my mobile Speaker caller id option not showing in my new Nord 5G mobile. Waste mobile . Don't buy these kind of cheap mobile. Buy Samsung mobiles is best

  • Anonymous

Chetan, 11 Jun 2021Does the Oxygen OS in this Phone Loaded with Facebook &... moreI'm looking for the answer too.


  • Anonymous

notafanboy, 9 hours agoOnePlus Nord Cheap (Crap) EditionRealme Q3 Pro Carnival

120Hz, Amoled

234$ in china

Realme Q3 Pro

249$ in china


so why this model have double price tag than these models, even without IP68 & OIS ??!???!?

OnePlus Nord Cheap (Crap) Edition

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 13 hours agoWhy are you comparing this phone to xiaomi phones MIUI is c... morebecause oneplus not very good bang for the bucks anymore.. just greatly overpriced not much value phones anymore...

  • Gecko

Does it have Gorilla glass? Also the does the camera has ois eis ?

  • Aman

Hey gsmarena plz also add how much 5g bands phone have..

  • nokia fan

best NOKIA still. loved it

No alert slider 😱 is it even a OnePlus phone sh#t. Not to mention the cheap SD750G the SD765G on the original Nord is more powerful.

  • Dr t m s

Anonymous, 16 hours ago12 gigs ram on 750G 5G Now that is cursed12 gigs ram on 750 g .that's really cursed rgds

  • Anonymous

Why are you comparing this phone to xiaomi phones MIUI is complete trash why should I buy a phone because of specs and later get completely bad software
Decent specs all-round by the way this is a step in the right direction for one plus

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 11 Jun 2021bad specs.. overpriced.. only 3 cameras lolWhat a great all around smartphone. The only thing it bothers me that it doesn't have OIS, they should have replaced the 2mp depth sensor for the OIS. As long as OnePlus fixes their software problems, they have an amazing phone for the price here

This is literally just a downgraded oppo reno 5 k

  • Anonymous

12 gigs ram on 750G 5G
Now that is cursed

  • Anonymous

I am a frequent traveler to Europe and US.
Indian OnePlus Nord CE 5G has only 78 SA/NSA 5G band.
If I go to USA/Europe, WILL THE PHONE AUTOMATICALLY LINK TO THE 5B BANDS AVAILABLE THERE LIKE 1, 3, 5, 7, 8, 20, 28, 38, 40, 41, 77, 78 SA/NSA?
OR, I have to upload US/EUROPE version of Oxygen OS?
OR, I have to buy 3 phones, one for each continent, namely Asia(India), Europe, America.
Please clarify.