OnePlus Nord N100

OnePlus Nord N100

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  • ir blaster

Put the infrared and trust me lots of people will buy

  • Anonymous

Oppo A53 US & EU market version

YUKI93, 27 Oct 2020I can see this being a competitor for the Nokia 3.4.Nokia doesn't have ac Wifi.

  • Anonymous

Everyone is coming out with a $200 phone, grim future, but the oneplus brand is enough to have someone pick this over a realme 7?

I can see this being a competitor for the Nokia 3.4.

  • Android us

Nokia 3.4 anyone? It's only 130 pounds same processor.

  • Anonymous

No NFC. No chance.

  • Anonymous

Now that Carl Pei is gone, the company lost it´s way.....

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 26 Oct 2020This is basically a Nokia 3.4 with higher battery , little ... moreEvent the Moto E7 plus is better at least is cheaper..

  • RL David

OnePlus Nord N100 To See Arrived In Philippines On November

Rosso, 26 Oct 2020OnePlus is becoming Apple of android phonesIn the worst possible way:p

  • Anonymous

goodluck trying to compete with xiaomi / realme under 200 dollars... this phone not worth even 100$.... have their lost their minds ?????!!

  • Anonymous

Redmi 9 eats this garbage, better performance, higher ppi etc.. who in their right minds gonna pay this price because it says oneplus on the back? they are insane.. no wonder Carl left the company lol....

  • Anonymous

This phone is the proof how OnePlus stealed money from customers.
They said always, no space for headphone jack, micro SD too slow for the phone...

What the fun has happened then they decided to bring those "Ancient" techs back....

Let them no lie while asking answers...
Thruth is They can't sell phones or freaky headsets...
As I said always, all of techcompanies are Liar Bithes...

Now you see with your own eyes, how dishonest they are!

  • Kang Parkir

Stop making 6+ inch phone with 720p display,it make people blind, at least make the screen size 5.8 inch or lower

6.52 inch display 720p and snapdragon460 wtf is this shit phone oneplus?

720x1600 + IPS LCD + 60hz for this price ? did oneplus loses their minds or what ..

  • Anonymous

This is basically a Nokia 3.4 with higher battery , little overpriced.

The latest:
OnePlus Orphan.

  • Anonymous

This is the one which they'll have to drop to Xiaomi prices