OnePlus Nord tear-up: watch Carl Pei assemble the phone by hand

Peter, 07 August 2020

Carl Pei, co-founder of OnePlus, rolled his sleeves up and assembled a OnePlus Nord piece by piece. Many of these tasks are performed by machines at the factory, but the exec demonstrated the assembly process by hand and showed great familiarity with every component in the process.

Watch the video below. Pei points out interesting details, like the copper heat pipe, which wicks heat away from the chipset, and explains the functions of the three ribbon cables that connect the motherboard with the secondary board at the bottom.

He makes it seem easy, but the final design is the product of a few hectic months of development. You can learn more about how the Nord came to be from the four part New Beginnings documentary that follows the OnePlus team as they rush to complete the design.


Reader comments

  • Horse
  • 04 Feb 2021
  • 6v0

a finger print on this phone The co-founder wanted to try something different, so instead of tearing down the phone, he assembled one piece by piece.

Agree. I kind of love to see this kind of marketing where they show how the assembly process or the inside of the phones. The problem with oneplus nord is... Oneplus Nord itself. The phone doesn't really life up to the hype. If they didn'...

  • MrDong
  • 09 Aug 2020
  • xZI

Doesn't mean that we will be interested to buy one. Unfortunately it failed the durability test.

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