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  • rapnix

i hope this 1+1 will lunch here in middle east...please make it possible

  • AnonD-216659

Please make it available in ksa!

  • AnonD-256887

If this phone has htc sense 6 then it will rock....

  • Lance

Where can I buy these new beast´╝č

  • AnonD-241383

Absolute hardware and software beast. Cant believe it is only $300 but who would buy the 16gig model if the 64gig is only $50 more

  • AnonD-257224


  • Anonymous

hey guyz... why ask for a micro sd card slot? can't you see that it was USB on the Go capable? so why bother to have micro sd card.. I THINK THIS IS A VERY GREAT PHONE!!! I HOPE THIS COULD BE AVAILABLE IN OUR COUNTRY! hohohoho

  • Triggerhappy

This is one badass phone! Please make it available here in the philippines!

Mkii, 23 Apr 2014Please OnePlus don't make world hell. Give as a micro sd ca... moreit's $350 for the 64 gb model ,you cant really complain. the nexus 5 16gb is for $350 so this is still a good deal. it has usb on the go,so put your music,movies etc on and sd card with a reader and connect it to your it that hard to do man

  • Anonymous

Mkii, 23 Apr 2014Please OnePlus don't make world hell. Give as a micro sd ca... moreare you joking or what? 64gb are more then enough

  • nawras

date realeas ???

  • Mkii

Please OnePlus don't make world hell. Give as a micro sd card option..
The HTC M8 looks awesome but the camera sucks. You got it almost there.. just give us the micro sd card slot.
64GB it is not enough, for people like me that are always on the road and wants to carry their music, videos, movies with it. Don't tell me about the cloud as travelling from country to country in Europe you are lucky if you get some "paid" wi-fi spot.

And if you can't give us the micro sd slot please give us a mature explanation why not.

It was going to be almost "one" of the happiest days of my life.. If it just would have a micro sd card slot.

  • AnonD-129352

It looks very good. Hope i will be able to buy One(plus one).

  • AnonD-220609

no need for micro sd card - 64gb is well enough

  • Anonymous

Please review it fast!!!

  • mate

its a s5 with bigger body and different ui
And cheaper

  • Xavier.

There's a micro Sdcard slot.
Check other websites

  • AnonD-256133

No sd card slot..sad..but still flagship killer

  • AnonD-256133

will it be available in India??????
Kickass fon ever seen

  • AnonD-62700

OnePlus One looks set to seriously shake up the mobile market and the likes of Sony, Samsung and HTC will be to sit up and take note.