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OnePlus One

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  • bunty27

hit India quickly....waiting.....excited

  • AnonD-249598

I want to buy this phone if it's available in India

  • AnonD-249598

then go and buy Samsung products and praise them in their pages

  • kloaking

The first thing it call my attention was dimensions, it's bigger than the z1 but they once show a photo of a Z1 saying the oneplus was under it, that says to me that mostly of the rumors and reviews of the camera so far are fake, still the phone looks great and have great hardware as well.

  • babak

the 64gb is my taste.even the logo is beautiful, i change my mind from nubia x6 to one plus one, hope it release soon

  • AnonD-179703

Shut Up and Take My Money

  • AnonD-26236

Your move nexus.

  • AnonD-229974

Waiting for reviews and torture test.

  • Anonymous

How about MHL/TV out feature support on this ?

  • AnonD-109383

Nexus 5 killer!!!

  • AnonD-62569

I hope this comes to India soon and is priced around 25k. This phone has a lot of potential!

  • Anonymous

will this phone be available in switzerland ????????

  • Anonymous

too big for me guess will hopefully wait if their gonna make a mini version of this one.

  • AnonD-257066

Its going to be my next phone

  • Anonymous

I am so tired with my iphone 5s. Useless features it have, because u need to turn off most of them just to save battery. Tired of carrying powerbank and its umbillical cord. I will give this one a try. Goodbye apple.

  • Jp

I will buy this for sure.

  • tomar


  • Anonymous

when will this be available?

  • Firebirdrc

Waiting to put my hands on it !!!!