OnePlus One

OnePlus One

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  • AnonD-109383

Nexus 5 killer!!!

  • AnonD-62569

I hope this comes to India soon and is priced around 25k. This phone has a lot of potential!

  • Anonymous

will this phone be available in switzerland ????????

  • Anonymous

too big for me guess will hopefully wait if their gonna make a mini version of this one.

  • AnonD-257066

Its going to be my next phone

  • Anonymous

I am so tired with my iphone 5s. Useless features it have, because u need to turn off most of them just to save battery. Tired of carrying powerbank and its umbillical cord. I will give this one a try. Goodbye apple.

  • Jp

I will buy this for sure.

  • tomar


  • Anonymous

when will this be available?

  • Firebirdrc

Waiting to put my hands on it !!!!