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  • Euk
  • D1h
  • 24 Dec 2022

Indian techy, 10 Oct 2022Brought oneplus one during launch after 7 years .... moreYeah dude, still using mine daily. Love it, I just wish the latest ones were just as capable and durable

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    • Indian techy
    • Dk@
    • 10 Oct 2022

    Brought oneplus one during launch after 7 years ...still running better than my 30000 rupees phone.I can switch custom ROM using TWRP

    Best phone for those who need a non killable phone .
    Like Toyotas.
    Only one plus models camera till 10 pro is very bad ..latest oneplus phones hasslebad camera is bad :-))

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      • 7k4
      • 13 Aug 2022

      I had bought a device and it was under warrenty because of it was unrepairable then they had given me expired voucher. Not able to buy anything from it.
      Highly unprofessional and they are cheating over it.
      Very poor services

        I've flashed mine using the old Bacon Root Toolkit so it runs stock LineageOS 18.1 (Android 11) with the Mind The Gapps for the Google Play Store.

        OnePlus largely has storage issues with their stock OS, many people complaining on YouTube and LTT even did a video on it recently. This does not apply to LineageOS, working like a dream 8 years after release.

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          • happy91
          • pYS
          • 06 Nov 2021

          this is the best phone for modding of all time, the ROM options are very large and it can even run android 10 smoothly (haven't tried android 11 yet) Mine shipped with ColorOS and I loved it sooo much, then I flashed CM11, then OxygenOS 2.1.4. What I'm saying here is that you can basically flash whatever you want onto it

            Got it in May, 2015. My second smartphone in life. 6 beautiful years. Have problem with storage space; although i have used only 5 GB of 64 GB, storage shows full. Some bug that can only been fixed by factory reset. But battery isnt reliable any more so I was forced to buy a new phone. After 2 years of constant searching and endless reviews somehow I made a decision and went for Motorola G100. Wanted a LCD, cleaner OS and a slower charging; OnePlus only had N200 but with slow processor and terrible cameras. G100 has a HUGE shoes to fill and it probably wont. I will not throw my OnePlus One; will still use it as a backup.

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              • rKf
              • 20 Aug 2021

              How to close live offscreen video games

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                • Bloodless
                • g8V
                • 14 Jul 2021

                It's hell of a phone :) I love it. Still using it as main device. Lineage OS 18.1 (Android 11) works smooth. Only the camera is weak for 2021.

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                  • Gargamel
                  • a4r
                  • 05 Jul 2021

                  Jess, 27 Jun 2021My dad bought One plus one in 2015 September. He passed awa... moreSoryy for your loss brother.
                  Take care

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                    • Jess
                    • 7t{
                    • 27 Jun 2021

                    My dad bought One plus one in 2015 September. He passed away in 2016. Before he passed away he told my mother to pass this phone to me. I was 16yrs then.
                    It's 6yrs today and I'm using the same phone. I have an emotional connect and the fact that this phone has been my first phone and continuing to be makes me not wanna replace it. This phone has features that has surpassed great phones released much later. The only issue I faced was battery life. Apart from it, I love it, it's too good and I would do anything to keep it safe with me:)

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                      • Crowbar
                      • 3d6
                      • 14 Jun 2021

                      I have this phone based on an invitation since October 2014. It is one of the best phones I ever owned, maybe a bit better than the Nexus series.
                      The only bad part about it (and Android phones in general) is the horrific OEM support.
                      With Cyanogen OS and after that Lineage OS I was able to keep the phone current and it is still very responsive.
                      I decided to stop updating it at Android 10, but that is still 5 releases later than what OnePlus provided.
                      I think this is the only real advantage Apple has over any Android phone: that you need to tinker with the phone to keep it updated.

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                        • HBn
                        • 03 Jun 2021

                        joe nodden, 29 Jan 2021Idk why you posted that 3 times but you really should say f... moreI agree...

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                          • Dyqan.Taxi
                          • mcF
                          • 03 May 2021

                          Very good phone

                            If you are interested can flash lineageos 18.1 android 11 on this phone using it and working great

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                              • ankit
                              • vGv
                              • 02 Mar 2021

                              using it as secondary standby phone. Still going good after 5 years. Battery needs replacement. Running on LOS 17.1.

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                                • UserAndDev
                                • gqL
                                • 24 Feb 2021

                                Very good specs, very cheap build quality, Like very very cheap build quality.

                                  AnonD-821125, 08 Feb 2021you're not making any sense, garbage or not it's ... moreNo actually it isn't.

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                                    • AnonD-821125
                                    • fIS
                                    • 08 Feb 2021

                                    joe nodden, 29 Jan 2021Idk why you posted that 3 times but you really should say f... moreyou're not making any sense, garbage or not it's still 5nm

                                      ASUSBOY9823, 30 Jan 2021What about the snapdragon 888What do you think I was referring to.

                                        joe nodden, 29 Jan 2021Idk why you posted that 3 times but you really should say f... moreWhat about the snapdragon 888