OnePlus Sandstone Case for iPhone 6/6s launched

George, 01 December, 2015

Ever felt like your iPhone 6s is missing that Flagship Killer vibe only a OnePlus 2 could carry? Well, OnePlus has a solution for you ready to ship for the holiday season.

The OnePlus Sandstone Case is now available with a texture matching the company's signature sandpaper smartphone backs. It is said to fit both the iPhone 6s and last year's iPhone 6, but so far no model is available for the Plus-sized iPhones.

The case measures 138.7 x 70.2 x 10.5mm, meaning it adds 50% to the smartphone's thickness, but the upside is that the camera will be nicely protected. The case weighs a hefty 20g too, and putting it on the iPhone 6s (already quite heavy thanks to the 3D Touch) will make for a chunky 163-gram 4.7-inch phone - not the best weight-to-screen ratio.

OnePlus Sandstone Case for the iPhone 6s

There's another spin to the story, too. OnePlus is also bundling a physical invite for a OnePlus X. Some of those invites could be for the Ceramic limited edition version, and the company also hinted at free devices.

Either way, the case is available right now, and is reasonably priced at $20/20/16. Find out why you'd want one in the video below.



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  • AnonD-464705

It depends on how much consumer's pocket friendly the company is... Mi cares for your pocket; where as the other one thinks you should not have enough cash to buy an actual apple to eat ! ! ! Thus there logo: only take a bite, don't eat the entire ...

  • AnonD-464705

I meant the extremely economic iPhone with an RAM capacity to admire in day and age ;-)

  • AnonD-467404

xiaomi and apple use same foxcon to manufacture their phones. with almost save design and build quality. but look at the price difference ?. can you show any other reason for a manufacture with 12% smartphone market share enjoying 94% profits ?.