Opera Mini 5.1 final version pops up in the Android market

14 July, 2010

The Android version of the world's most popular mobile browser, Opera Mini has just received an update. So far Droid owners only had access to the beta version of Opera Mini 5, but now they are getting an updated feature pack and the chance to enjoy a final version at the same time.

The optimized Opera Mini engine allows cutting on mobile traffic usage by as much as 90 percent, which should improve speed and decrease data charges at the same time. The latest 5.1 version is also designed to consume less system resources, being more suitable to low-end and mid-range handsets, where hardware constraints are stronger.

Finally the Opera Mini 5.1 now gives the Android users the option to select it as the default browser. The Norwegian company hopes to match its success with the iPhone, who got its first official version not long ago. In the 24 hours following its release to the App Store, Opera mini registered over 1 million downloads topping the charts in every single country, where the Apple application store is available.

Android users, you can now head for the Android market and give the new version a try or follow this link from your smartphone and get Opera Mini 5.1 directly from the developers webpage.



Reader comments

  • Anonymous
  • 17 Jul 2010
  • nEa

Oh for got sake stop harping on about what Opera Mini claims or does not claim to do.. that means jack all ! It is what it is, if it does not have the features of the better browsers its failed, if it does not exceed on the other browsers main featu...

  • Terry C
  • 17 Jul 2010
  • nEa

I can confirm the multi touch zoom does NOT provide a continual liner zooming feature (such as the default android browser). Detection of the two fingered gesture only goes as far as switching between two fixed zoom levels. A much to close view or th...

  • raghvan
  • 16 Jul 2010
  • vwe

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