Opera Mini for iPhone is an approval away from the AppStore

23 March, 2010

Opera Mini for iPhone was first demoed at this year's MWC and now it's only a step away from its launch. The application is obviously ready and has just been submitted to the Apple AppStore. Once it's approved, you'll be able enjoy it on your iPhone for free.

First tests of the web browser revealed that it's up to six times faster than iPhone's own browser, the Safari. That's because Opera Mini servers compress data by up to 90 percent before they serve the mobile web browser the pages.

Crunching data means lower monthly bills as a second advantage of the Opera Mini web browser, which by the way is used on over 50 million phones worldwide.

And here is a short video preview of the Opera Mini for iPhone. Sneak a peek.

Now, it's up to Apple to decide if the Opera Mini for iPhone will make it to the AppStore. We'll see about within a week or two. Opera has even posted a countup timer to check out how long it tool. We'll keep you posted how it goes.