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  • Anonymous

The camera literaly sucks, it blocks my screen.
Plus the keyboard thingy or whatever is worse, why?
You somehow just tap other keys other than the key your aiming for, example, everytime i type i accidentaly press r instead of e and e instead of r, it also goes with other keys. THIS IS BAD. GET BETTER AT MAKING PHONES

  • Ampong

Eugine, 09 May 2021I want to update this phone to android 10😭Me too

  • also

Anonymous, 30 Mar 2021So this is basically a rebranded Realme C1 and an Oppo A3s ... moreits also the same as oppo a5 2018 and realme 2 (w/ fingerprint) so basically this phone has 4 names its been rebranded 3 times for 2 years

  • Holy f

Whatever, 19 Oct 2020And..if they angry..why they bought that phone???They we're angry after they found out their phone was overprice, oppo tries to sell their phone. (My opinion)

1. boast the phone's camera even tho it's just the megapixel higher, they don't focus on aperture
2. User found out that their phones can't get major android updates, oppo is well known for it, but what about the new users??
3. Bloatwares, bloatwares can also makes your phone sluggish.. user's Wants a clean device.. you know what i mean ..
4. Oppo phones might lag in just a year even tho you bought the mid range device ($200)
5. User found out there's other great alternatives, good specs.. other than oppo obviously...

For my personal opinion, i'm using my oppo A7 and this device was expensive to be snapdragon 450, and other brands came out the same year A7 launched has 600+ series snapdragon chips, and they sell those phones cheaper.. next phone i'll bought was xiaomi. The poco x3 nfc (6+64) which launched last year (2020) was amazingly good value, and fun fact, that phone was cheaper than my oppo device when this was released in 2018, and that phone can even get 3 years major update... Think about that..

  • Eugine

I want to update this phone to android 10😭

  • Anonymous

So this is basically a rebranded Realme C1 and an Oppo A3s with a different name smh

  • AnonD-821125

Sunnd, 19 Feb 2021How come a 2020 phone has android 8.0.that's oppo for you

  • Sunnd

How come a 2020 phone has android 8.0.

  • Anonymous

Edriane, 26 Jan 2021Update this oppo a12e to android 9Very good phone and user friendly

  • Edriane

Update this oppo a12e to android 9

  • Agnes

Please please update my phone in Android 10

  • Izzat

I just want this phone update to android 10

  • Izzatkhai

Pls pls pls update this phone to android 10 😔

  • Vendhar

This is exactly Oppo A3s that was released 2+. years back. At least Oppo please update this to at least Android 9 if you wish to rerelease and clear your old A3s inventory.

  • Oppo a12e user

Need sofware update, it's still running color os 5. Maybe color os 6 or 7, why not?

  • ammar

I bought yesterday, it has a notable delay comparing with the Galaxy S7 edge
the problem would be more clear when using Hotspot, youtube on PC is so slow and all other web applications also

  • syira

bought it for my dad.. i think overall is ok, cant expect much for a below-rm500 phone

but i really hope a12e can be updated to android 10
if this happen, it will be good enough

  • Yeng

I love this phone. Im using it as back up phone. I can play ml and pubg in high graphics without crashing.

  • Whatever

Anonymous, 02 Aug 2020I'm using this phone and it's not that Bad for it... moreAnd..if they angry..why they bought that phone???

  • Gamer

Its like a 2gb RAM Phone. It honestly feels like its not an average phone or 3gb RAM, because apps automatically auto-start EVEN IF YOU MANUALLY TURN AUTO START FOR EACH APP OFF.
I'm talking about gaming, its not just fps drop, most of the time it delays whenever you command your character to look on another way, it delays like 1.50 seconds and that is a big matter. Other 3gb RAM Phones perform on the average while this just stresses me out.