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Oppo A12e

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  • Whatever

Anonymous, 02 Aug 2020I'm using this phone and it's not that Bad for it... moreAnd..if they angry..why they bought that phone???

  • Gamer

Its like a 2gb RAM Phone. It honestly feels like its not an average phone or 3gb RAM, because apps automatically auto-start EVEN IF YOU MANUALLY TURN AUTO START FOR EACH APP OFF.
I'm talking about gaming, its not just fps drop, most of the time it delays whenever you command your character to look on another way, it delays like 1.50 seconds and that is a big matter. Other 3gb RAM Phones perform on the average while this just stresses me out.

  • Anonymous

Please give an update to android 9 or 10. Android 8.1.0 is almost 3 years ago. Why can't oppo give an update to this? My huawei y6p already has android 10.

  • AdiBorer

I am happy with the Oppo A12E mobile phone because it is a new thing for me.

Anonymous, 30 Aug 2020Is the camera good at night.? Na the camera 📸 not so good at night and day. It's not good as Samsung Galaxy s8 but it is good for your photos if your not pickie.

  • BradSon

I love this phone even though there are lots of negative comments and feedbacks about it because of its specs. Anyway what is important for me is the RAM and internal storage capacity of it. It serves my needs enough to satisfy me. I know that it's specs is the same with the A3s phone except for the RAM and internal storage and my Google account recognizes it as Oppo CPH 1853, which also identifies as Oppo A3s.

  • Anonymous

2020 phone but with 2018 specs.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 19 Jun 2020Does its camera take good pictures in inside house? Details... moreIs the camera good at night.?

  • Oscar

Super I love this phone,the specs is enough for the price,and very friend you can access all you want.i offer this all my friend relatives and family

  • Nvrmind

This phone should be update to Android 10 and support gyro but yeah . Please oppo uodate this phone please to Android 10

  • Zam

why he came out 2020, but why he can not get Android 9 or Android 10, this is one of the stupid things, he should have got Android 9 or Android 10 but oppo stupid, this is 2020, this phone should be Android 10, so please oppo publisher update to Android 10 because this is 2020 not 2017, stupid right

  • Anonymous

I'm using this phone and it's not that Bad for it's price why so many people are angry. oppo just want to sell cheap phone because some country were online class and doesn't have that much money bruhhhhhhh

  • Urameshi

its just a recycled phone.. wtf oppo

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

Why my smart phone not use to screen mirroring

  • mr bulbol

This is just the Oppo A3sre-released, everything is the same, how shameless oppo.

  • Sajid

they made good performance sets, but according to their specs these mobiles are expensive. because other brands are giving better chipset in their mobile phone instead of oppo price.

It has the similar specs to the late A3s, but it worth the price. I bought it yesterday and give it a try.

i don't believe it,. only snapdragons chipset,. why they didn't put the chipset from international space station

  • Anonymous

Amandep, 16 Jun 2020As long as i am using other phone but this model of oppo is... moreDoes its camera take good pictures in inside house? Details, colours, contrast?
Do they look bad if you zoom in a little bit?