Oppo A5 (AX5)

Oppo A5 (AX5)

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  • Boga

OPPO need upgrade it security features especially the face lock and also add light to front camera

  • umer

Ghattia phone, too poor security.
Face lock open even someone not match, fingerprint not recognized even I have register my fingerprint

Amy, 21 May 2020Best phone I have ever had! Excellent phone for a reasonabl... moreThanks🙏

If you can't login in Oppo Id solution tries to search in google. 👉👉oppo Id sign in 💪

  • Amy

Best phone I have ever had! Excellent phone for a reasonable price :-)

  • AX5 owner

Niko apa, 28 Oct 2019Who have bought this phone is it goodI bought two, (after my HTC One M7 finally gave up sound). for my son and I. We liked them so much I bought one for my wife when she needed one. I would highly recommend this high spec phone at entry level pricing.

One exception to that recommendation, if you want to run a custom ROM it's not supported by Lineage OS.

  • Anonymous

Niko apa, 28 Oct 2019Who have bought this phone is it goodI have an Oppo A5. It's one of the best phones I used until now.

Niko apa, 28 Oct 2019Who have bought this phone is it goodNo it's not and especially the version with the Chinese version, get a xiaomi or a newer version from oppo like F5 or any device getting the ColorOS 6.

  • Niko apa

Adham Gamal, 09 Oct 2019around 2.5 hours maximum Who have bought this phone is it good

A very poor camera, the only perk is the battery. Pubg only runs on HDR not higher, the sound is ok but the Chinese version of the phone is very restrictive so I can't even receive the push notifications properly unless I open the app.

Anonymous, 10 May 2019Hello fndss please tell me ur oppo mobile how much time tak... morearound 2.5 hours maximum

  • ,,.

Worst Camera I have ever experienced


third parthy app not support my phone like olx

  • puso

Lia, 19 May 2019I can't log in to Oppo IDdid you manage to login,i just bought the fone and im having a problem

  • Santu

When will oppo A5 received colors os6 & Android P?

  • Sk

Raazshar, 20 Jan 2019There is no restart option in this smartphone why ?There is after receiving the colors os5.2.1

  • Lia

I can't log in to Oppo ID

My mother's handphone:

For some reason, when we installed a third party SMS app(tried with at least 3 to 4 app), we couldn't receive many of her messages(hospital, banking sms, personal, etc.). Not too sure about phone calls.

I suspect Oppo is blocking and possibly, intercepting people's SMSes. Or if not, there's some issue in their software that's causing this issue. Not sure if this issue appears only on this model or on other models.

When we contacted Oppo Singapore, they just gave some very standard apology message.

Conclusion: don't get this model. If you want to get Oppo, make sure the other models don't have this issue.

  • Abon

Plz add quick charge and on the torch while video call with rear camera...torch work only in front camera

  • Anonymous

Hello fndss I buy oppo A5 mobile phone and mobile cost is 13000 and battery is 4250mh.
But when I charge my oppo mobile phone then he takes min4hrs above