Oppo A5 (AX5)

Oppo A5 (AX5)

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  • Jaeger

Does it have heat sink because my oppo a
A71 always heat up when gaming

  • Spark

R u thinking this mobile doesn't receiving signal fastly but showing singals are full.....

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 06 Apr 2019lenovo k9 note or with other name(k5 note'2018') with same ... morehttps://m.gsmarena.com/compare.php3?idPhone1=9259&idPhone2=9226

  • Anonymous

lenovo k9 note or with other name(k5 note'2018') with same specs, smaller screen, notch less/hole less
3gb/32gb 97$
4gb/64gb 114$

  • Anonymous

My phone does not starts after charging

  • Anga

Raazshar, 20 Jan 2019There is no restart option in this smartphone why ?Bruh if u wanna restart option on a5 Then that item will have to be updated.

  • Hunny

Update phone and get restart option

  • Anonymous

finger and facelock not working

  • Ali

Raazshar, 20 Jan 2019There is no restart option in this smartphone why ?Update your phone

  • Sally

Raazshar, 20 Jan 2019There is no restart option in this smartphone why ?I also agreed him post

There is no restart option in this smartphone why ?

  • Anonymous

Any 1 knows how to use oppo A5 with x96 mini android box. How to use wifi desplay?

  • Anonymous

- A, 05 Nov 2018Hoping I can get this phone!! Oh.. And does it have a finge... moreyes it has one

  • Arun

DAVO, 25 Oct 2018Amazing phone, no fingerprint, however face unlock is very ... moreI was about to complain about the notch stating that interferes with apps, but your comment helped 👍

  • Lalith raj

I have been using this oppo a5 along with Samsung s9 as my other phone.even with it's dual camera the images are very bad quality and I don't want to even speak about the front cam . I am even not happy with it's processor. I has a 435 processor which is very old and can lag a lot with today's apps . Not a good phone . Battery wise it's very GOOD but oppo should include a fast charger cause it takes 4-5hrs for full charge

  • Sanjeev

Am using this OPPO A5 32GM Red Variant phone from last 8 Days and happy with its performance so far.
Bought this phone in Mumbai Market with good amount of deal on Festive occasion of Diwali.
Here are pros and cons of this variant
1. Big screen, good looking with great grip
2. Temper glass and transparent covers comes with box. No need to spend extra money.
3. Lots of new features like Assist Ball, Night mode,
4. For average users battery may last for 42 hours (which includes calls, whatsapp, facebook, youtube and without playing game).
5. Un-lock using Finger and Face recognition
1. For charging mobile it took 6 hours so i replaced the charger now it take 4 hours. Still lot of time.
2. Stock Applications missing setups. For Example - Music app there is no setup, for Camera app Photos gets saved on Phone Memory you cannot change it.
3. Front Camera is not so good.

  • Jith

Since processor is less getting slowness while taking photos,playing games.taking nearly 5hrs to full chrage...but getting battery backup at least 48 hrs or more.camera quality is good when compared to other segments..

  • Akash

Power button instantly locks option is missing in this mobile. Can anyone know how to turn it on?

  • Sarwan

No direct video calling option

  • Aadi

Camera is result very very poor and service centre not accept my compalint about camera