Oppo A5 (AX5)

Oppo A5 (AX5)

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  • Tech

Frankly I think this phone is in the low end midranges category. The screen resolution is low pixels and the camera is below what's trending nowadays. Suitable for those are a bit tight on pocket but wanna have a trending looking phone. I rather buy oppo f7 which is a bit higher in price than this phone but with better specs.

Great phone for girls the pink collor is really adorable.

  • Ulhaqpak

Oppo User, 03 Jul 2018If Oppo has used Stock Android, I would have bought atleast... moresame here please xyz OEMs get to android one if you really want to make market we are fed up of your shitty droids

  • Oppo User

If Oppo has used Stock Android, I would have bought atleast 10 of them...


Seriously sd 450 in 2018.

  • Jarmo

Actually, Memory is doubled, RAM is doubled, Dual camera vs single camera, battery, and few things. Only SD450 is the same here...

  • Jarmo

Anonymous, 29 Jun 2018spec like LG Q Stylo 4apart from ram, lg 2gb, oppo 4gb

  • Teyy

Nice design, nicer than f7.....but camera and processor are too weak....

  • Anonymous

spec like LG Q Stylo 4

  • Muktar

Price should be 180 to 220 Euro